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Everything to learn about the TV star Brianna Gentilella.
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About Brianna Gentilella

Brianna Gentilella is a well-known TV actress, voice actress, singer, and dancer born on February 23, 1995. 
The TV actress, Brianna Gentilella, is best known for voicing 'Bubble Guppies,' an animated series as Molly on Nickelodeon. Her nationality is American, her birthplace is New York, and she is one of the wealthiest personalities in America. 
The zodiac sign of the New York-born star Brianna Gentilella is Pisces as per astrology. Brianna Gentilella has not revealed any details about her family life and siblings. The New York-born actress wants to maintain privacy when it comes to her family. 

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brianna Gentilella’s net worth?

The net worth of the TV actress, Brianna Gentilella, stands approximately at $1.5 million as per ForbesBrianna Gentilella's net worth is accumulated from doing several acting roles, voice roles, as a singer, etc. 

How much does Brianna Gentilella earn per year?

Brianna Gentilella's earnings per year stand at $400,000 as per Forbes. 

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brianna Gentilella?

The TV actress born in New York, Brianna Gentilella, is 5 ft (155 cm) tall. 

How old is Brianna Gentilella?

The TV actress, Brianna Gentilella, is 27 years old. 

Childhood And Education

At the age of 7, Brianna started her acting career, and she landed in different roles. Brianna Gentilella did Broadway in 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' by Dr. Seuss and joined the cast for voices on ‘Blues Clues.’
From The Pace University Dyson School of Performing Arts, the TV actress Brianna, whose native place in New York, received her BFA in acting. Brianna Gentilella completed her graduation Magna Cum Laude.
Later on, the model studied at Howard Fine Studios in Los Angeles and The Groundlings School of Improv. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brianna Gentilella dating?

There is no information about who the 'Christmas' movie personality, Brianna Gentilella, is dating. Brianna prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight, so no reports are published regarding whom she is dating. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brianna Gentilella, a native of Bronx, has performed in numerous regional theatrical productions, such as 'Hairspray,' 'Gypsy,' and 'The Music Man.' 

Charity Work

There is no exact information about the charity details of the American ethnicity celebrity Brianna Gentilella. But a report claims that Brianna Gentilella is associated with 'Broadway Kids Care.' This organization is devoted to teaching young children how to pay back to the community. 

What awards has Brianna Gentilella won?

After becoming famous for the role of Molly, Brianna Gentilella, the 27-year-old celebrity, won Nick Jr.'s Emmy award.

Brianna Gentilella’s Hobbies And Interests

Apart from playing different roles and generating new content, Brianna Gentilella has interests in writing lyrics, composing music, and drawing. Also, the celebrity loves to teach various tricks to Xena, her dog, with whom she spends a good amount of time. 

Other Interesting Brianna Gentilella Facts And Trivia

  • Popular artists like Lady Gaga did collaborate with Brianna Gentilella for song covers. 
  • Brianna, whose birthplace is New York, is the only one to play her role in the series 'Bubble Guppies' through singing. 

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Brianna Gentilella Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Brianna Gentilella

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New York



155 cm

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A Television Actress, Voice Actress, Actor, Dancer, Singer

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