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Brighton Beach is one of the major tourist attractions of Britain.

Over hundreds of years, Brighton Beach has witnessed some of the most culturally diverse people in the world. So, if you are looking forward to a vacation of festivities and all things colorful, this is the perfect spot for you!

Brighton is famous for being extremely quirky and colorful. It is one of the biggest gay hubs in the world and has witnessed some of the extraordinary performances of world-class artists and musicians. Brighton Beach is visited by millions of people throughout the year and has accommodations for overnight stays. Keep reading to discover some amusing facts about Brighton Beach and the things that it offers!

Brighton Beach Facts

Also known as 'London on the sea,' Brighton is special for being an age-old British town along the south coast of England. To the west of Brighton Beach lies Coney Island, to the east lies Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay lies to the north, and to the south lies the Atlantic Ocean.

The first settlements at Brighton were initiated in 1086 AD, and they called the place Brigthelmstone.

Years later, during the Great Depression, Brighton was mostly inhabited by first and second-generation Jewish-Americans.

Out of 55,000 survivors of the Holocaust concentration camp who live in New York City reside at Brighton Beach.

Brighton pioneered the first electric railway in Britain, Volks Railway, in 1883. It is a railway excursion train that runs from Brighton Pier to Black Rock and still operating today.

Brighton Marine Palace Pier, commonly known as Brighton Pier, has been one of the most appealing calls of Brighton. It is considered as the Grade II pier in the entire world!

Having a well-formed labyrinth for lanes, Brighton is a popular shopping destination as well.

One of the major tourist attractions of this town is the health benefits of seawater.

Brighton houses the first operational aquarium, Sealife, which was built in 1869 by Eugenius Birch. It was a $1,80,308 (£133,000) property that will currently cost you $7.5 million (£5.5 million).

The largest underwater viewing tunnel is also present at Brighton.

Being home to a large LGBTQ community, Brighton has been rendered the official title, 'Gay Capital of Britain.' Many shops, restaurants, and bars are opened specifically in honor of the gay community.

1972 saw the birth of Brighton Pride. It is the UK's biggest Pride festival and attracts more crowds than the number of people who live there. The gay pride carnival is celebrated every year in August.

Second in line after the Brighton Pride is the Brighton festival. It is one of the premium art festivals of the world.

Europe's largest artificial marina built in Brighton, called Brighton Marina, is nearly 522720 sq ft (48562 sq m) long.

The oldest casino on land in Metropole Hotel in Britain is situated in Brighton.

Britain's oldest naturist beach was first opened in Brighton in 1979.

The Royal Pavilion, which was supposed to be Hitler's summer house after World War II, still stands tall. Later in 1811, it came to be Prince of Wales' summer residence.

Hitler loved the architecture (inspired by Indian architecture) of the Royal Pavilion so much that he had restricted the Nazis from bombing it.

Brighton theater, which is extremely popular for vaudeville, was transformed into UK's first Yiddish theater in 1919.

Brighton Beach Hotel was shut down in 1924. This is because the tourists were then able to return home with the opening of the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) Brighton Line. However, the BMT made Brighton Beach accessible all throughout the year.

Miles of Brighton beach is covered in nearly 614,000,000 stones and pebbles!

Along the Coney Island beach and boardwalk runs Brighton Beach Avenue.

The Russian-speaking heritage is honored on Brighton Jubilee, an annual festival celebrated at Brighton Beach.

Brighton Pike, also known as Brighton Beach Park, attracts extensive crowds for offering a beautiful boardwalk, amusement parks, various games and rides, and live entertainment. After this park was burnt down in 1919, the actual beach still remained popular.

Brighton Beach Music Hall is famous for being the residence of John Philip Sousa. It also witnessed the interpretations of Wagner brought by Anton Seidl and the Metropolitan Opera.

The 46th District of the New York State Assembly, Alec brook-Krasny, was elected at Brighton beach.

Brighton Beach is famous for being one of the keys mentioned in the books, namely, 'Brighton Rock' written by Graham Greene, 'The Brighton Trilogy' written by Peter Guttridge, and 'Murder on the Brighton Express' that was written by Edward Marston.

Sugar Rush that Julie Burchill wrote and Dead Simple by Peter James has also featured this place in the books.

Some of the movies that have made Brighton extremely famous are Brighton Rock, Quadrophenia, London to Brighton, Wimbledon, Requiem for a Dream, and The Damned United.

Online Vloggers such as Zoella, PewDiePie, Alfie Deyes have featured Brighton in their work, influencing many to visit this place.

One of the art prodigies, Katie Price, who is a glamour model, TV star, businesswoman, and author, was born in Brighton. She was known as 'Jordan' on Page 3.

Nick Cave, an Australian Rock singer, was born in Brighton. He is settled with his wife in the town.

Born in Brighton is another TV star and celebrity, Holly Willoughby. She is known as a well-established author for writing a number of kid's books.

Former World Champion Boxer, Chris Eubank, lives in Brighton with his son, Chris Eubank Jr. British people adore him for his accent and boxing talent.

Brighton houses most of the restaurants and pubs in the nation.

Surprisingly, the second most haunted city after New York is Brighton.

Brighton Beach Festival

Brighton Beach Festival has been extremely popular all over the world. It has birthed some of the best-known musicians and artists of all time. It is time to discover some amazing facts about this appealing festival!

Brighton Beach Festival is organized every year in the month of May.

This festival, which is a hub of talented artists, comes second to Britain's Art Festival.

Children's Parade and events such as pyrotechnics, live music, theater shows, visual arts, and many others are hosted at the beach, setting a happy-go-lucky party atmosphere combined with fantastic food and drinks.

One of the world's biggest DJs, Fatboy Slim, is a local resident of Brighton. His second music festival at Brighton Beach had to be shut down for being overly crowded by tourists.

The Brighton Dome witnessed some of the finest performances by world-class musicians such as Pink Floyd for their debut of 'Dark Side of the Moon' in 1972.

'EUROVISION,' one of the popular music contests, is held at Brighton Dome. ABBA had won the contest with Waterloo in 1974, which kick-started their long-lasting music career.

know about one of the major tourist attractions of Britain

Things To Do At Brighton Beach

There is a reason why millions of people visit Brighton Beach throughout the year. It houses some of the most interesting art, music, and theater events besides offering a wide range of restaurants and pubs. In fact, there is more number of pubs than the number of days a year has!

360° spectacular views of Brighton and the colorful rooftops can only be seen from the i360. Entry is for $20 (£15); add drinks to the ticket, and it'll cost you a total of $32 (£24) per head only.

The Upside Down house located on Brighton Beach is a major attraction for the people. A 25-year-old had built this house that costs only $6.7 (£5) for entry. Don't forget to get your camera to capture some amazingly quirky photos!

If you are planning for a lavish vacation at Brighton, the colorful beach huts are the perfect fit for you! Each hut costs about $24,424 (£18,000). The huts are lined along the beach from Hobe to Brighton. They look extremely beautiful and will never fail to charge your mood. Take a sunbath in front of your Hut on a deck chair for as long as you want!

You can visit the oldest British aquarium, Sealife, at Brighton and view the oddest and creepiest yet mesmerizing sea creatures like sharks and stingrays.

Besides Brighton Beach is the Blue Flag pebble beach which is another major tourist attraction spot of all times.

You can indulge in various sailing activities and water games, and sports at Brighton Beach.

For the ones who are interested, Brighton Beach also houses a nudist corner at the eastern edge of the paved beach walk.

Since 1896, Brighton has been attracting diverse vintage cars at the Veteran Car Run. If you wish to be a part of this fun contest, don't forget to bring your car here.

Brighton Beach also has a private club that offers a private beach for the members and several gaming counters where you can play mah-jongg, cards, and other interesting games.

Offering a wide range of British food and savories are the restaurants and pubs at the beach. The Observer Food Awards was awarded to Brighton for housing a diverse range of cuisines and maintaining proper hygiene.

For all the appropriate reasons, Brighton is considered as one of the 'Top 10 Seaside City Breaks in the World.'

Brighton also bagged the votes for being the 'Foodie Capital of Britain.'

Brighton Pier

Over 4 million tourists enjoy lavish vacations at the Brighton Pier. Read on to find out some of the lesser-known facts about this age-old architecture!

The Brighton Pier was completed in 1866 and became the most likable tourist spot in the nation.

The builder of Sealife, Eugenius Birch, also built the West Pier.

In 2003, the West Pier had burnt down due to arson. However, the main structure of the pier, that is, the wooden skeleton, is still standing tall.

The Brighton Pier lights up like a Christmas tree with 60,000 light bulbs at night. However, it looks extraordinary all throughout the day.

The Super Booster Ride is featured at the pier. It can accommodate four extremely brave people seated inside the swing that drops at a speed of 60 mph (96.5 kph) from a height of 98 ft (38 m) above sea level.

Various restaurants are present at the pier where extravagant events are hosted during the summer and house some of the traditional British dishes such as Fish and Chips, hotdogs, pizzas, and many more.

The Palace of Fun is one of the most fun places at the pier. It features various games such as air hockey tables, basketball, and so on.

The Dome has become extremely famous for kick-starting the music and entertainment careers of many popular artists across the world.

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