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Continue reading for some fun facts about the NBC Sports TV network reporter Britney Eurton and find out if she is dating Aaron Rodgers!
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About Britney Eurton

Britney Eurton is an American horse-racing analyst, reporter, and journalist.
You can catch Britney Eurton in action on the NBC news TV network and the TVG network, where she has been covering the Breeder's Cup and Triple Crown championships. She learned horse riding at a young age from her father, horse jockey Peter Eurton, and followed in his footsteps, taking up a profession in the horse-racing world.
Britney Eurton began her career as a paddock host, interviewing jockeys as they prepared for their races. Please continue reading if you are eager to learn more interesting facts about this reporter's career and personal life.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Britney Eurton's net worth?

Britney Eurton has a net worth of around $400,000, which is quite a lot. She is the unofficial ambassador for all horse racing events and a keen analyst, making her quite popular among horse racing and betting fans!

How much does Britney Eurton earn per year?

Britney Eurton's earnings per year as a horse racing analyst and reporter are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Britney Eurton?

Britney Eurton stands at 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Britney Eurton?

Britney Eurton was born on September 4, 1987, making her 34-years-old as of 2021. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Childhood And Education

On September 4, 1987, Britney Eurton was born to Peter Eurton and Lisa Eurton in Glendora, California. Her father was a jockey and horse trainer for over 35 years, and she inherited her love and interest in horse racing from him. According to sources, they would make small bets on horse races growing up, which played a part in Britney's future career as a horse racing journalist and analyst!
Britney Eurton attended the University of Southern California for her higher education, where she earned her bachelor's in Business Administration and Marketing degree. She has attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in Southern California, presumably to attain her Master's degree.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Britney Eurton dating?

Unfortunately, there is not much information about Britney Eurton's dating life. She was rumored to be dating the American football quarterback Aaron Rodgers. However, no confirmed information is available as of yet. Aaron Rodgers himself was linked to Danica Patrick before this. So we can assume that Britney Eurton is currently single and focusing on her career as a reputed journalist!

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Britney Eurton harbored an interest in horse racing from a very young age, influenced by her father, Peter Eurton, who had an illustrious career as a horse trainer and horse jockey. She began her journalism career in 2014, starting at the TVG network as an analyst and paddock host.
As a paddock host, she interviewed jockeys as they were preparing for their races. She slowly progressed in her field before ultimately bagging a position at NBC Sports, even debuting as a reporter for the Triple Crown races in 2017. Today, she is the official reporter for both the Triple Crown and Breeder's cup championships.
She takes advantage of her social media presence as an ambassador for horse racing. She is still part of the TVG network and reports on all thoroughbred horse racing both in the United States and internationally.
Britney Eurton also has some acting credits in her name, mainly 'Echo and Nellie' (2012), 'MVP' (2017), and 'Breeders Cup' (2019).
Britney Eurton currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

What awards has Britney Eurton won?

Britney Eurton is a recipient of two Best Racing Analyst awards at the Fan's Choice Awards, so it's pretty clear that she is fantastic at her job! Her charismatic nature and style of reporting have earned her a lot of fans, who closely follow her on NBC Sports and the TVG network.

Charity Work

Britney Eurton is the founder of the Hippity Hop Derby- a charity event established in 2014 that raises funds for the horse-racing industry to support the horses and their riders every year. She loves hosting the event, as it brings lovers of the sport together and increases the solidarity between riders and the fans.

Britney Eurton's Hobbies And Interests

It comes as no surprise that Britney Eurton enjoys horse riding and spending time with them! She also loves watching movies, playing bass guitar, dancing, snowboarding, practicing Muay Thai (a form of martial arts from Thailand), and photography! It's clear that Britney Eurton is exceptionally talented and loves doing her job.
There is a chance one might find her chronicling her adventures on social media. Britney Eurton has an excellent social media presence and is quite active on Twitter and Instagram. 

Other Interesting Britney Eurton Facts And Trivia

Britney Eurton began her journey as a part-time reporter at the TVG network, but her love for the subject and enthusiasm on camera quickly made sure that she was hired as a full-time reporter and host for races!
Britney Eurton's favorite things are to cheer on horses with her father, Peter Eurton, and the rest of her family from the grandstands at horse races.
Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
Her favorite racehorse was the thoroughbred stallion Dancing with Fate, with her current favorite being Lady Eli. Her favorite horse-racing event is the Royal Ascot in England.
Her favorite horse tracks are Del Mar in San Diego, Keeneland, Saratoga, and Santa Anita. She loved accompanying her father to the Del Mar race track during summer as a child and held many fond memories of the place.
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Britney Eurton Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Britney Eurton

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175 cm

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Dark Brown

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Horse Racing Anchor


California Polytechnic State University

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Peter Eurton, Lisa Eurton
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