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Know more about this multi-talented star and NFL champion Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Matthews.
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About Brittany Matthews

Born on September 1, 1995, entrepreneur Brittany Matthews is best known for her brand, Brittany Lynne Fitness.
Brittany has successfully established herself as a professional soccer player and social media star with her multiple talents. A fitness trainer, former soccer player, and businesswoman, Brittany Matthews provides health coaching services to assist her clients in their fitness journeys.
Rising to fame as the long-time girlfriend of Patrick Mahomes II, a professional NFL player, Brittany married Patrick Mahomes in 2022. Apart from that, she is famous for posting her workout videos and pictures on her Instagram account. With around 1.21 million followers in 2022, Brittany Matthews is a brand ambassador for various companies like Companion Protect and Hydrojug. Keep reading further to learn everything there is to know about Brittany Matthews!

Net Worth & Earnings

What is Brittany Matthews' net worth?

Brittany Matthews' net worth is approximately $10 million. Although the exact financial data and information on her earnings are not available publicly, this estimate is based on her personal training business, an ownership stake in a National Women's Soccer League team, and her social media partnerships.

How much does Brittany Matthews earn per year?

Apart from being the owner of Brittany Lynne Fitness and the c0-owner of a football team named Kansas City Current, Brittany Matthews is also a social media star. She earns through her collaborations with other famous social media celebrities and by endorsing products on her social media page.
Owing to Brittany Matthews' net worth, it's safe to assume that she makes around $3-4 million per year from her business and brand partnerships. However, this is an estimate and not based on a confirmed report.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brittany Matthews?

Brittany Matthews is around 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Brittany Matthews?

Born in September 1995, Brittany Matthews turned 26 in September 2021.

Childhood And Education

On September 1, 1995, Brittany Matthews was born in Whitehouse, Tyler, Texas, to her parents, Martin Scott Matthews and Diana Massey. She also has an elder brother named Devin.
As a child, Brittany attended the Whitehouse High School, Texas, where she was the soccer team captain and was named the Offensive MVP while making it to the First Team All-East Texas and First Team All-District.
After passing out of Whitehouse High School, she enrolled at the University of Texas at Tyler to complete her graduation with a bachelor of science in kinesiology. After graduating from the university, she decided to be more than just a college soccer champion and went on to play professional soccer in Iceland.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brittany Matthews' family?

Based in Texas, Brittany Matthews' parents have always been supportive of her inclination toward sports. She is often seen posing with her father, Martin Scott, on her Instagram account. Though Mr. Matthews is a healthcare professional residing in Dallas, Texas, the athletic father-daughter duo manages to arrange regular workout sessions to spend time together.
Brittany's mother, Diana Massey, does not currently reside with Brittany Matthews. She lives in a separate house in Texas. However, they both share a cordial relationship and make sure to spend some quality time with each other. After her separation from Scott Matthews, Brittany Matthews' mother married Paul Massey. However, in 2018 Paul Massey passed away.
Paul's death was a devastating experience for Brittany and her entire family. Paul collapsed during a Chief-Cardinals game at Arrowhead Stadium. Although the cause of death was not officially announced, it is known that he passed away at a local hospital later.
Brittany Matthews shared a special bond with her stepfather and was very close to him. Calling herself 'daddy's girl,' Brittany had shared photos of her with Paul on Father's Day, saying that she was lucky to have two amazing dads.
Brittany Matthews has an older brother named Devin, who is a navy sailor. The siblings share a warm relationship, and Brittany has often expressed that she is very proud of her elder brother. Just like Brittany Matthews, 28-year-old Devin is passionate about exercise and fitness.

Who is Brittany Matthews' partner?

Brittany Matthews married her long time-boyfriend, famous American football quarterback Patrick Mahomes in March 2022. Since high school, the two had been dating, and Brittany was often seen cheering Patrick during his football games.
Brittany Matthews married the quarterback on March 12, 2022. The long-time couple currently resides in their house in Kansas City, Missouri, with their one-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye, and their two dogs, Steel and Silver. 
The childhood sweethearts attended the Whitehouse High School in Texas and began dating when Mahomes was a sophomore and Brittany was a junior. Both went on to pursue their sports of choice in their respective colleges after graduating from the Whitehouse High School.
The year 2020 marked a special year in the quarterback Patrick Mahomes' personal and professional life. For starters, in February 2020, Mahomes won his first Super Bowl, which was a huge leap for his career. Apart from that, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews celebrated their eighth anniversary of being in a relationship in March 2020.
In July 2020, Patrick Mahomes was in the news for signing a 12-year extension with the Chiefs worth $503 million, which is said to be the biggest deal in the history of the NFL. This proved to be a huge milestone in Mahomes' life.
Following this huge event, Patrick Mahomes made it to the news again with his proposal to Brittany Matthews at the Arrowhead Stadium in September 2020. The couple got engaged in January 2021.
Brittany's engagement ring became the talk of the town. The engagement ring was estimated to be worth around $800,000 and had an approximately 8-10 carat emerald-cut diamond.
After getting engaged at the Arrowhead Stadium, the couple announced their pregnancy on September 29, 2020. The duo hosted a gender reveal party in October, and in February 2021, they welcomed their first child. Born on February 20, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews named their baby girl Sterling Skye Mahomes.
The famous fitness trainer and football quarterback couple tied the knot on March 12, 2022, over a beautiful weekend in Maui, Hawaii. Their daughter Sterling Skye was seen dressed as an adorable flower girl at her parents' wedding. She made an entry down the aisle in her tiny blue car.
Patrick Mahomes' brother, Jackson Mahomes, assumed the best man's duty. While Patrick's Kansas City Chiefs teammate, Travis Kelce, served as the groomsman.
Excited about her new chapter in life, Brittany Matthews shared the news of her wedding with her fans on Instagram. Posting photos with her daughter at the wedding venue, she wrote about how having your daughter as a part of your wedding 'just hits different.'

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Brittany Matthews has successfully created an athletic empire of her own through her fitness brand. After completing her studies at Whitehouse High School, she played college soccer.
After graduating from the University of Texas, Tyler, in 2017, Brittany signed up for UMF Afturelding / Fram professional soccer team in Iceland.
In September 2017, she won the championship league in Iceland and returned to Kansas City to be with her boyfriend, Patrick Mahomes, and focus on her career in fitness in the US.
In 2019, Brittany Matthews became a certified fitness trainer while launching her own fitness brand, Brittany Lynn Fitness. Through her platform, she assists people in reaching their fitness goals and provides them with personal training.
In December of the same year, Brittany Matthews became the co-owner of Kansas City Current, a new soccer team in the National Women's Soccer League. She often credits her success to the coaches that trained her at the University of Texas, Tyler. She says that they had a significant impact on her love for soccer and her decision to pursue professional soccer.
In 2022, with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Brittany Matthews will be a social media star and a successful influencer. She had famously collaborated with Katie Austin, another social media influencer, and provides fitness products via her websites.
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Brittany Matthews Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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