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Brittney Powell attended the Los Angeles premiere of 'Raising Helen' on May 26, 2004
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About Brittney Powell

Brittney Powell is a German-American actress and writer known for her work in 'Trouble Is My Business' and ‘Safety Geeks: SVI.’
Brittney Powell has starred in many films and TV series, including 'Airborne,' 'That Thing You Do!', and 'Trouble Is My Business.' She has also guest-starred in many TV series including, 'NCIS,' 'Friends,' 'The Sentinel,' 'Tarzan: The Epic Adventures,' 'Silk Stalkings,' 'The Commish,' 'California Dreams,' 'Harry And The Hendersons,' and ‘Invention With Brian Forbes.’
Powell has also co-written the noir crime thriller 'Trouble Is My Business,' which she also starred in with Tom Konkle. She also goes by the name of ‘Brittney Rache.’
Brittney Powell started her career as a model for Playboy. She later moved on to acting, starring in several movies and TV series. Brittney Powell has also starred in the short-lived American soap opera 'Pacific Palisades,' where she played the role of Beth Hooper. She also appeared in the third season of the American action-adventure/drama TV series 'Pensacola: Wings Of Gold' between 1999 and 2000 as Janine Kelly.
Brittney Powell is best known for her role as Jennifer Montemar in the 2018 noir crime thriller 'Trouble Is My Business.' Brittney Powell was also one of the scriptwriters of the film. 'Trouble Is My Business' was critically acclaimed and went on to win several awards at various film festivals, including several Best Director and Best Film awards.
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Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brittney Powell's net worth?

Brittney Powell has chosen not to disclose her fortunes to the media, so it isn't easy to estimate her net worth accurately. However, several sources speculate her net worth and present figures that range widely between $1-22 million.

How much does Brittney Powell earn per year?

The exact annual income of Brittany Powell has not been shared with the media, and because of the many variables involved, it cannot be estimated either.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brittney Powell?

Brittney Powell is 5 ft 6 in (166 cm) tall.

How old is Brittney Powell?

Brittney Powell was born on March 4, 1972, and she is 50 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Brittney Powell was born to a German family on March 4, 1972, in Wurzburg, Bavaria, in what was then known as West Germany (after the reunification in 1989, Wurzburg is now a part of Germany).
Not much else is known about Brittney Powell's childhood. Her parents most likely raised her, but it is unknown who they are or where they are now. Powell's siblings, if she has any, are a mystery too. The actress has chosen to keep details about her personal life hidden and has never revealed much to the media.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brittney Powell dating?

Although not much is known about their marriage, Brittney Powell was married to Kevin O'bannon. The two had a son together, whom they named Tyson O'bannon. Sometime after Tyson's birth, Brittney Powell divorced Kevin O'bannon.
After her divorce, Brittney Powell was dating actor, comedian, and stunt performer Verne Troyer. He was best known for playing the role of Mini-Me in the 'Austin Powers' film series. Verne suffered from cartilage-hair hypoplasia or CHH, which causes dwarfism. He served as a stunt double in many films, including 'Baby's Day Out,' 'Dunston Checks In,' and 'Men In Black,' along with comic roles in many others. The two dated for 11 years before Verne's untimely death in April 2018. Since then, Powell has not been dating, and not much is known about her personal life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Brittney Powell started her career in the entertainment industry with 'Playboy: Girls of Spring Break,' a Playboy feature film that follows young college students enjoying their spring break. Playboy is a famous American lifestyle and entertainment magazine.
'The Girls Of Spring' video highlighted Brittney Powell and thus helped her get a role in 'The Round Trip To Heaven' in 1992. The film was, unfortunately, a commercial failure. Following her unsuccessful film debut, Powell landed a role in an episode of 'Harry And The Hendersons,' along with a guest appearance in '2000 Malibu Road'.
After this, Brittney appeared in the American sitcom show 'California Dreams.' She had a more significant role here and appeared as a recurring character in three episodes.
Powell followed with roles in TV series like 'Saved By The Bell: The College Years' and 'Eden' in 1993, and 'The Commish' and 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class' in 1994, along with a regular appearance in 'Weird Science' between 1994-1997.
Next came a guest role in the popular American sitcom 'Friends' in 1995, after which Brittney Powell started appearing in movies more. She acted in Tom Hanks' 'That Thing You Do' and other films like 'Fled,' 'LA Johns,' 'Misty & Sara,' 'A Tribute to Big Red,' and, most recently, 'Trouble Is My Business' for which she was also one of the writers. Powell played a leading role in this film, which went on to be critically acclaimed and won several awards at various film festivals.
In 1997, Brittney Powell got an excellent opportunity. She was cast as one of the prominent cast members of a new American soap opera called 'Pacific Palisades.' She played the role of Beth Hooper. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after just 13 episodes, despite Joan Collins being cast as one of the main characters in an attempt to improve ratings.
Brittney Powell also played the role of Summer Halloway in another famous American soap opera, 'General Hospital,' although she worked there in a contract role between 2002 and 2003.
Her other TV appearances include 'Pensacola: Wings of Gold,' where she played the character Janine Kelly, 'Xena: Warrior Princess,' where she played the role of Brunnhilda, and 'Titans' where she appeared as the recurring character Maureen Keller.
Brittney Powell also appeared in two episodes of 'Tarzan: The Epic Adventures' as Emma. She also appeared in two episodes of the popular American teen drama 'Beverly Hills, 90210' where she played the role of Robyn.
There were a lot of series where Brittney appeared in a single episode. These include: 'Bram & Alice', '18 Wheels Of Justice', 'The Sentinel', 'Boy Meets World', 'Dark Horse', 'Renegade', 'The Client', and 'High Tide'.
After her success with 'Trouble Is My Business,' Powell went on to star in the thriller drama 'I May Regret' in 2018. This film was also a favorite with the critics and won several awards, such as the Best Director and Best Screenplay awards at the Prague Independent Film Festival, the Best Narrative feature at San Diego International Film Festival, and the Best Director and Grand Prix awards VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival.
In 2018, Brittney Powell also starred in 'Aaah! Roach!' a sci-fi thriller. The movie was not very popular and did not receive any awards, but it is an entertaining one-time watch if the reviews are anything to go by.
The 50-year-old actress has had quite an illustrious career in both television and film. Currently, there is no credible information about her upcoming projects, so it is unknown whether Brittney Powell has retired from the entertainment industry or not.

What awards has Brittney Powell won?

Brittney Powell has won the Stella Adler Award for Acting for her role in the film 'Trouble Is My Business' at the Action on Film International Film Festival, the USA, in 2018.
She was also nominated for the Best Screenplay, and the Best Actress award for 'Trouble Is My Business' at the Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival in 2018.

Other Interesting Brittney Powell Facts And Trivia

  • According to her birth month of March, Brittney Powell's zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Brittney Powell was born in Wurzburg, Germany, in a German family and still holds German citizenship.
  • Brittney's son Tyson O'bannon is also an actor and has appeared in her films 'Trouble Is My Business' and ‘Devils Inside.’
  • The film 'Trouble Is My Business' starring Brittney Powell, was nominated for 25 different awards at various other film festivals, out of which it won 13.
  • Besides being an actress, Brittney Powell is also a scriptwriter. She co-wrote the film 'Trouble Is My Business' and was the director of the film Tom Konkle, who also played one of the lead roles.

Brittney Powell Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Brittney Powell

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166 cm

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Actress, Model
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