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Find out all about the American actor, comedian, and author from Atlanta, Georgia, Bruce Bruce.
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About Bruce Bruce

Bruce Church, better known as Bruce Bruce, is an American comedian and an actor from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Bruce Church is well-known for his comedy roles in numerous movies and TV series. Find out all about this comedian, author, and actor, with details about his age, height, net worth, annual income, early life, personal life, kids, career as a stand-up comedian, best works, appearances in television shows and films, and other interesting facts about him.

Bruce Bruce Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bruce Bruce's net worth?

Bruce 'Bruce' Church has an estimated net worth of $4 million, primarily from his work as a stand-up comedian. It also includes assets, money, properties, and income from his career in acting.

How much does Bruce Bruce earn per year?

Bruce's annual net income is not disclosed. His primary income source is his career as an actor and a comedian.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bruce Bruce?

Bruce Church stands at the height of 5.66 ft (173 cm).

How old is Bruce Bruce?

An American comedian, Bruce Church was born in February 1965. He is 57 years old as of 2022. Bruce celebrates his birthday every year on February 9.

Childhood And Education

Bruce Bruce was born as Bruce Church on February 9, 1965. He was born and raised in Bluff, Utah, USA. Chruch graduated high school from Booker T. Washington High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. This school was named after African-American education pioneer Booker T.Washington. Soon after graduation from high school, he worked as a chef.

Unfortunately, there is no information available on the names of Bruce's parents, whether he has siblings or not, or details of other family members.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bruce Bruce's partner?

Bruce Church is currently married, however, he has kept the name of his wife and other personal details private. He was previously married and had three kids with his ex-wife. Unfortunately, there is no information available on the names of Bruce Church's previous relationships, including the name of his former wife or the names of his kids.

Career And Professional Highlights

Bruce's comedy career began when he was working as a chef. He started entertaining his customers with his humor while cooking BBQ dishes. At the time, he also worked as a Frito-Lays salesman. Bruce's career in the limelight began with him performing a comedy routine at the Comedy Act Theater in Atlanta. His performance gained him an opportunity on BET's 'Coast to Coast' show when they came to town searching for fresh start-up comedians at each club in the Atlanta area.

Best Known For...

Bruce Church is best known as the self-host for BET's 'ComicView' television series. He appeared in 12 episodes of 'ComicView'. Besides this, he is also known for his appearances in comedy specials and television series.
Other recognizable movies Bruce Bruce has acted in are 'Top Five' (2014), 'Think Like a Man' (2012), 'Who's Your Caddy?' (2007), 'Idlewild' (2006), 'Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector' (2005), 'XXX: State of the Union' (2005), 'Hair Show' (2004), and 'The Wash' (2001).
The notable television appearance of Bruce include 'Maron' (2015) where he played himself in one episode, as Brother Davis in 'Family Reunion' (2021), as Uncle Bubba in 'Superstition' (2017), and as Ray in 'The Rickey Smiley Show' (2014).
In 1993, Bruce Church made his first appearance on HBO's 'Comedy Jam', following which he made a very impressive appearance at 'Showtime at the Apollo', hosted by Steve Harvey in 1994.
Bruce Church has appeared in two big-screen comedies, Mike Epps' 'The Trap' and Universal Picture's 'Undercover Brother 2'. In addition, he also starred in the Netflix comedy series 'Family Reunion' with Loretta Devine. Bruce Church has also been on national tours under the name 'The Real Mike Epps Tour' and 'LIT AF Tour' with Martin Lawrence in selected theaters and clubs.
Bruce's memorable festival appearances and movies as a comedian are numerous, and notable among them are the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago and Montreal, the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and Laffapalooza in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to acting and comedy in television and movies, he has also appeared in music video scenes. Such music videos include OutKast's 'So Fresh So Clean', Quad City DJs', 'Come on Ride the Train', and KEM's 'You're on My Mind'.
Bruce Church is active on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has more than 276,000 Instagram followers and has posted over 1200 posts. Bruce's Instagram posts include information about his stand-up comedy tours, performances, and lifestyle.

What awards has Bruce Bruce won?

It is known whether Bruce Bruce has won any wards.
However, Bruce Church has 21 IMDb credits as an actor and comedian. His credited performances in movies and TV series are as Brother Davis in 'Black Musician, in 'Undercover Brother 2' (2019), as Bruce Bruce in 'The Trap' (2019), as Bruce Bruce in 'Top Five' (2014), as Chubby Man in 'Think Like a Man' (2012), as Nathan in 'Idlewild' (2006), and as Maurice in 'xXx: State of the Union' (2005). 
IMDb credited television series and music videos of Bruce are as follows: 'Family Reunion' (2021), 'Superstition' (2017), 'Maron' (2015), 'The Rickey Smiley Show' (2014), and 'Kem: You're on My Mind' (2012).

Bruce Bruce Hobbies And Interests

Bruce Church is also an author. His first book was released by Penguin Publishing, and was called 'Baby James Brown'.
Bruce Church has also been a scriptwriter on many shows and TV series. His writing credits include 'Losin' It' (2011), '1st Amendment Stand Up' (2008), 'Def Comedy Jam' (2006), 'Just for Laughs (2003), and 'Comedy Central Presents' (2003).
Bruce Church is an avid car enthusiast and collector. He owns two luxury cars, Harley Davidson trucks, and four Buick muscle cars.

Other Interesting Bruce Bruce Facts And Trivia

  • Bruce Church, from America, has been active in the entertainment industry since 1999. He is listed among the top living comedians in America.
  • The February-born American actor, Bruce Church, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, America. His nationality is American.
  • Bruce's book, 'Baby James Brown Book', talks about his childhood stories.
  • Bruce Church worked as a chef directly after high school. He has also been a spokesman for Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits.
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Bruce Church Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Bruce Church

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Bluff, Utah



173 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Actor, Comedian


Booker T. Washington High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Net Worth

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