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Find out all about the well-known UFC announcer Bruce Anthony Buffer, commonly known as Bruce Buffer.
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About Bruce Buffer

Bruce Anthony Buffer, commonly known as Bruce Buffer, is a well-known UFC ring announcer, actor, and producer.
Bruce Buffer is well-known as 'The Voice of the Octagon'. This article is packed full of information about Bruce Buffer such as his age, net worth, birthday, annual income, height, career-best performance, interests, hobbies, awards, recognitions, personal life, early life, and other interesting facts about him.

Bruce Buffer Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bruce Buffer's net worth?

Bruce Buffer has an estimated net worth of $14 million, which he has earned primarily as a professional mixed martial arts ring announcer.

How much does Bruce Buffer earn per year?

Bruce Buffer's annual net income is over $100,000. It includes his income from event hostings, sponsorship, business, and brand endorsements.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bruce Buffer?

Bruce Buffer is 5.11 ft (180 cm) tall.

How old is Bruce Buffer?

Born on May 21, 1957, with Gemini as a birth sign, Bruce Buffer is 64 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Bruce Buffer was born Bruce Anthony Buffer on May 21, 1957, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the USA, to Joe Buffer and Connie Buffer. In 1989, Bruce Buffer officially introduced his half-brother, Michael Buffer, when Buffer's father contacted Michael Buffer after he recognized him on television. Michael Buffer, Bruce's older brother, is also an American broadcaster for professional wrestling, boxing, and National Football League matches. He is well known for his catchphrase 'Let's get ready to rumble!'
Bruce Buffer was 13 years old when he began martial arts. He studied judo and acquired a green belt when living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later, at the age of 15, Buffer moved to Malibu, California, with his family. He was introduced to Tang Soo Do by two students of Chuck Norris, whom he befriended. Buffer later acquired a second-degree black belt. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bruce Buffer dating?

Bruce Buffer is currently not dating or married to anyone. However, he was married to Annie Buffer but they parted ways in 2015.

Career And Professional Highlights

Bruce Buffer began his kickboxing career in his '20s. However, because of his second concussion, Buffer was forced to give up the sport when he was 32 years old. Bruce began his career as a ring announcer in 1996. After appearing on the 'Friends' television series, he gained fame and a full-time opportunity as a UFC announcer. Bruce Buffer has also been an official announcer for the World Series of Beer Pong.

Best Known For...

Bruce Buffer is an American professional martial arts ring broadcaster for sports broadcasts and also an actor and producer. He is best-known as the official Octagon broadcaster for UFC events and is introduced as the 'Veteran Voice of the Octagon'. He is also well-known for 'Holmes and Watson' (2108), 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' (2015), and 'Here Comes the Boom' (2012).
Bruce became famous as a half-brother of professional broadcaster Michael Buffer and as president and CEO of The Buffer Partnership.
Bruce Buffer gained popularity after his announcement in the preliminary fight on UFC 8 in 1996. Following his fame, he later hosted all fights at UFC 10. In 1997, he appeared as himself in the hit sitcom 'Friends' in Season 2, Episode 24 titled 'The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion'.
Bruce had a signature move known as 'Buffer 180', which he reserved for main and co-main events. The move is described as him motioning directly across the Octagon before spinning 180 degrees. Before spinning 180 degrees, he also performs turns at 45 degrees and 90 degrees.
In 2007, Bruce Bruce also appeared on 'Entourage', an HBO comedy-drama series. He appeared in the episode 'Gotcha'. Buffer has been an official host of the PlayStation 5 video game 'Destruction AllStars'. The game was released in February 2021 and was developed by Lucid Games.
Bruce Buffer's self credited appearances aside as a UFC broadcaster include 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' (2003), '50 Hottest Vegas Moments' (2005), 'Expert Insight: Final Table Poker'(2005), 'The Ultimate Fighter' (2005), 'FightZone Presents' (2007), 'MMA Worldwide'(2009), 'X-Play' (2009), 'World Series of Poker'(2010), and 'Red Table Talk' (2021).

Charity Work

Bruce Anthony Buffer and his half-brother Michael Buffer have conducted various charity events. As part of these events, 2016 UFC memorabilia items have been auctioned off by Bruce and his brother, Michael Buffer.

What awards has Bruce Buffer won?

Whilst it is not known what awards, if any, Bruce has won, he does hav 13 IMDb credits as an actor and 228 self credits. Bruce Buffer's credited performances as an actor are as an arena announcer in 'Destruction AllStars' (2021), a fight fan' in 'Holmes and Watson' (2018), as himself in 'Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke: Its Time'(2018), as himself in 'Edge of Desire' (2017), as himself in 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' (2015), as an announcer in 'Smite'(2014), as a UFC announcer in 'Entourage' (2007), as a circuit announcer in 'The Circuit' (2002), and as a broadcaster in 'Friends' (1997).
Bruce was featured on 'Tosh. O', a central comedy show, on March 20, 2012. He was also featured as the host of online arena games like 'Smite' and 'Paladins' published by Hi-Rez Studios.

Bruce Buffer's Hobbies And Interests

Bruce Buffer is a black belt holder in Tang Soo Do. In addition, he has fought as a kickboxer. Bruce Anthony Buffer also holds a second-degree black belt in Chuck Norris' American Tang Soo Do system.
Bruce is a professional poker player. Besides being a ring announcer and famous boxer, Bruce is also a professional circuit's world-rated poker player. He has appeared on ESPN's 'World Series of Poker Main Event' along with pro players like Howard Lederer, Erick Lindgren, and Chris Moneymaker. Buffer made it to the final table on the 'World Poker Tour' in 2005. He outcasted pros like Erick Lindgren and Patrik Antonius, however, he lost to pro-player Howard Lederer in the heads-up play.

Other Interesting Bruce Buffer's Facts And Trivia

  • Bruce Buffer's catchphrase is 'It's Time!' He announces the catchphrase before every main event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
  • Bruce has been active as a UFC promotion host for over 25 years. He celebrated his 25th anniversary in 2021.
  • Bruce Anthony Buffer is the half-brother of Michael Buffer, a boxing and professional wrestling ring host. Bruce's grandfather was Johnny Buff who was a famous boxer.
  • Bruce Buffer is the president and CEO of The Buffer Partnership.
  • Bruce became his brother Michael's manager in the mid-'90s.
  • Bruce Buffer's nickname is 'The Voice of the Octagon'.
  • Buffer made an appearance on season 19 of 'Hell's Kitchen'.
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Bruce Buffer Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Bruce Buffer

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Tulsa, Oklahoma



180 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Ring Announcer

Net Worth



Annie Buffer (Ex-wife)


Joe Buffer, Connie Buffer


Michael Buffer

Annual Earnings

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