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Bruce Hornsby is a maverick musician and pianist from Virginia. Learn more about his birthday, family, and net worth.
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About Bruce Hornsby

Bruce Randall Hornsby is an American musician who became famous for playing the piano.
Bruce Hornsby was born in November 1954, near Williamsburg, Virginia. During his career, he won four Grammy Awards and was nominated multiple times.
Bruce combined the piano with genres such as pop, jam band, jazz, blues, and country music, and many consider him a pioneer in fusion music. The musician is currently 68 years old and continues to perform on stage.

Bruce Hornsby Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bruce Hornsby’s net worth?

The pianist, whose career began in his local clubs, now has a net worth of $6 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bruce Hornsby?

Bruce Hornsby is 6 ft 3 in (193 cm) tall.

How old is Bruce Hornsby?

Bruce Hornsby was born on November 23, 1953. He is currently 68 years old and will turn 69 in November 2022.

Childhood And Education

The renowned pianist, actor, and musician, Bruce Hornsby, was born on November 23, 1953, near Williamsburg, Virginia.  He was the second child of Lois Saunier and Robert Stanley Hornsby. Robert was a well-known former musician, builder, and attorney by profession. His mother, Lois, is also a professional pianist and worked as a community liaison officer at the local church. Bruce has an older brother named Robert and a younger brother named John.
He attended James Blair High School in Virginia until 1973, where he was a successful basketball player. Bruce Hornsby then chose to attend the University of Richmond, where he studied for one year.
The pianist joined the Berklee College of Music and studied Music for a couple of semesters. Berklee College is a privately owned music college in Massachusetts and is the most significant private music college globally. Bruce Hornsby finally graduated in Music Studies from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami in 1977.
In 1980, Bruce and his younger brother, John Hornsby, spent three years in Los Angeles, where they tried their hand at scripting. The Hornsby brothers also pursued a career in singing and recorded several promotion tracks for other recording artists. The duo worked together on several songs, such as 'Mandolin Rain', 'Jacob's Ladder', and 'The Valley Road'. John Hornsby and his older brother returned to Williamsburg in 1983.  

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bruce Hornsby’s partner?

Bruce Hornsby is married to Kathy Yankovic and the couple has twins named Keith Hornsby and Russell Hornsby, born in 1992. They were named after musicians and both of them are professional athletes.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Having learned the trade tricks from Berklee College and from performances in Los Angeles, Bruce Hornsby began his career with Ambrosia. In 1982, he was seen performing in the band's video, 'How Can You Love Me'. He later joined his friend, Joe Puerta, and became a touring member of Scottish pop sensation, Sheena Easton. Her band's video, 'Strut', featured Bruce on the piano.
In 1984, the pianist formed the band, Bruce Hornsby and the Range, and in 1985, they signed up with RCA Records. Other troupe members included George Marinelli on the guitar, David Mansfield playing the violin and mandolin, John Molo on the drums, and Joe Puerta on the bass guitar. 
They released their debut album, 'The Way It Is', which turned out to be a huge success. It came out in 1986 and included hit singles, 'Every Little Kiss', 'The River Runs Low', and 'Mandolin Rain'. 'Mandolin Rain' was an instant hit and reached number one on the Billboard charts, and won the band the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Bruce Hornsby became a household name and that album was his stepping stone to success.
Their following album, 'Scenes From The Southside' (1988), included hit singles, 'Jacob's Ladder', 'Look Out Any Window', 'The Show Goes On', and, more importantly, 'The Valley Road'. 'The Valley Road' was hugely popular and reached number one on the Billboard charts.
At the 1990 Grammy Awards, 'The Valley Road' won Best Bluegrass Recording. 'Jacob's Ladder' was written by Bruce and his brother, John Hornsby, for Huey Lewis. Huey released the song, along with his album, 'Fore!' and his version became a Billboard hit.
In 1989, the Hornsby brothers co-wrote the hit single, 'The End Of The Innocence', for Don Henley. The song featured Bruce on the piano and Don working the drums and the vocals. It topped the US Billboard charts and was in the top 10 songs in several countries, including Canada. 'The End Of The Innocence' won the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in 1990 and 1991, and was nominated for a Grammy Award.
Their next album, 'A Night On The Town' (1990), featured 'Across The River', 'Barren Ground', and 'A Night In The Town'. 'Across the River' was nominated for a Grammy and the album hit the top 100 charts in several countries, including the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.
By the late '90s, Bruce Hornsby started using both jazz, rock, folk, jam band, and bluegrass elements in his songs. He collaborated with other musicians, including Bob Dylan, Squeeze, Robbie Robertson, and The Grateful Dead. In 1991, Bruce worked with Leon Russell and came out with 'Anything Can Happen'. 'Anything Can Happen' was considered Leon's comeback album and was released by Virgin Records, produced by Bruce himself.
In the late '90s, Bruce Hornsby began appearing with The Grateful Dead in their live performances. The Grateful Dead guitarist, Jerry Garcia, and pianist, Hornsby, complemented each other well. Together, they produced fantastic songs that were a fusion of psychedelic rock, folk music, jazz, and pop. Between 1988 and 1995, the duo appeared in over 100 shows together, but unfortunately, Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995. Bruce continued his association with the rest of the rock band crew, including Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh.
In 1992, Hornsby collaborated with Mitchel Culpepper on the bass drums, and saxophonist, Branford Marsalis, and came out with 'Barcelona Mona'. It was Bruce's first solo album and 'Barcelona Mona' won him the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1994.
In 1995, he released the album, 'Hot House', which featured hit songs, 'Spider Fingers', 'Walk In The Sun', 'Cruise Control', 'Country Doctor', and 'The Longest Night'. 'Country Doctor' featured Chaka Khan on vocals and the album featured legendary jazz artist, Charlie Parker.
By the late '90s, Bruce Hornsby and his whole band changed, and the new crew came to be called The Noisemakers. The band consisted of Bobby Read on the saxophone, John Thomas on the keyboards, Sonny Emory on the drums, and Doug Derryberry on the guitar. In 2002, they came out with an experimental album, 'Big Swing Face'. It featured significantly less piano and relied on editing tools. 
Having been with RCA Records all those years, Bruce Hornsby moved over to Columbia Records and released 'Halcyon Days' in 2004. It had guest performances from musical legends Elton John, Sting, and Eric Clapton. His 2006 album, 'Intersections', featured many of his old songs and a new one called 'Song H', which went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award. 
In 2007, Bruce Hornsby and an old friend, Ricky Skaggs, came out with a new bluegrass album, 'Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby'. The album was a superhit, topped the billboards, and stayed on the top bluegrass genre list for several weeks. Bruce returned with the remaining Grateful Dead crew and played old classics at a fundraiser.

Charity Work

Bruce Hornsby has performed at many fundraisers to help Americans affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a genetic disorder. He also contributes to the Shadow Hands collaboration between Everyman (research to find a cure for male cancer) and NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). He is also active in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bruce Hornsby’s Hobbies And Interests

Bruce Hornsby is an avid basketball player and has been so since his childhood.

Other Interesting Bruce Hornsby Facts And Trivia

  • Bruce Hornsby played basketball for the University of Miami.
  • He has been nominated for 10 Grammies and won four.

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Bruce Hornsby Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Bruce Randall Hornsby

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193 cm

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Singer, Pianist

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