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Learn more about Bunji Garlin, the illustrious soca artist, through these facts!
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About Bunji Garlin

Ian Antonio Alvarez or commonly known as Bunji Garlin was born on July 14, 1978.
Bunji Garlin was a stage name given to this incredible soca musician. His birth name is Ian Alvarez. and he was born in Arima, Trinidad (Trinidad, and Tobago).
The reggae singer belongs to a family that is of Sant Lucian and Venezuelan descent. Garlin in his early life made a name for himself by performing at local events and theaters before becoming famous in the music industry in 1998. Bunji garlin song 'Brrt' was featured in the famous series of games quite famously known as, Grand Theft Auto. His Youtube is Bunji Garlin.
In 2017, Garlin's album 'Turn Up' got him the highest ratings in the U.S, and the songs reached the number three spot on the Billboard Reggae chart. Bunji Garlin plays in his native country and does foreign tours as well. This popular singer spends the vast majority of the year after Carnival season is done in Trinidad.
His fan feedback is usually positive, as they respond enthusiastically to his energetic shows, as well as his lyrical confidence and articulacy displayed in his fantastic ability to flow off freestyle lyrics with a level of finesse few others can pull off.
Garlin won the Soul Train Award for Best International Performance for the song 'Differentology', which features Nigel Rojas on guitar.
Patrice Roberts is also a soca singer from Trinidad and Tobago. She currently collaborates with Montano, the band formed by fellow soca artist Machel Montano. Patrice Roberts is also Garlin's cousin.
In 2005, she first made a name for herself as the featured vocalist on Bunji Garlin's 'The Islands', which was written by Roberts and produced by Noel and used in government tourism-promotion films sponsored by the Tourism's Ministry. Bunji Garlin's net worth is $1 Million.

Bunji Garlin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bunji Garlin’s net worth?

Bunji Garlin's net worth or net income is estimated to be between ($1- $5) million dollars.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How old is Bunji Garlin?

Bunji Garlin is 43 years old.

Childhood And Education

Garlin went to Arima Senior Comprehensive School, where he often demonstrated his distinctive chanting abilities whenever possible.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Bunji Garlin’s spouse?

Bunji Garlin got married to Fay-Ann Lyons in 2006 and they have a daughter named Syri Lyons Alverez. Fay-Ann Lyons is a soca and reggae singer and songwriter from Trinidad, she is the daughter of acclaimed soca and reggae singer Superblue, also known as Austin Lyons.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Bunji Garlin has released several albums to date. His first album was titled 'The Chronicles' and was released in 1999. Garlin's other famous album came out in 2007 and was called ‘Global’. In 2014, he released his acclaimed album called ‘Differentology’.
Bunji Garlin released his last album which was titled ‘Turn Up'’ and it came out in 2017. All of these albums have been extremely popular and Garlin subsequently rose to fame. Bunji Garlin has cemented his place as one of the leading soca artists in the world.

Charity Work

In 2007, Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons distributed hampers to the disadvantaged people of Point Fortin in collaboration with Point Fortin Corporation.

What awards has Bunji Garlin won?

Garlin is widely regarded as one of the greatest reggae soca musicians of all time and has won the Reggae Soca Monarch competition in both 2000 and 2001 when it was held. Garlin won the Young King title in 2001 and reclaimed the Soca Monarch (International) two years later as a soca musician. He then reclaimed his title for three further years as well.
The reggae singer has also won the Hummingbird Silver Award and in 2013 he received the Soul Train Award for best performance (International). The song for which he got the award was 'Differentology'.

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Bunji Garlin Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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