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Originally Published on Aug 29, 2022
Let's know about Busy B ASMR who is a famous YouTube star!
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About Busy B ASMR

Busy B ASMR's real name is Raven Chantal Gaudreau.

She was born on June 29, 1995, in the United States. Busy B ASMR is a well-known social media celebrity, content creator and YouTube star.

Busy B ASMR's nationality is American. She rose to fame mainly through her YouTube channel which is named Busy b ASMR. She makes ASMR videos and in a very short time period she has gained a lot of popular support and appreciation for her work. No wonder most people don't know her by her actual name but by her channel's name!

Busy B ASMR uploaded her first YouTube video in the month of February 2018. Her first video was named 'ASMR Tapping & Crinkle Assortment//Whisper Ramble' and was released on her ASMR YouTube channel.

Busy B ASMR Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Busy B ASMR’s net worth?

Busy B ASMR earns quite well. Her estimated net worth is $1-5 million as per reports.

How much does Busy B ASMR earn per year?

Her annual salary is not fixed, it is variable and dependent mainly on her ASMR YouTube channel. She also earns through her social media posts and collaborations.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How Tall is Busy B ASMR?

Information about Busy B ASMR's height is not available.

How Old is Busy B ASMR?

Busy B ASMR is 27 years old as of now in 2022.

Childhood And Education

No information about Busy B ASMR's childhood and early life is available.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Not much is known about Busy B ASMR's mother, father and relatives although she once shared an Instagram photo with her sister in June 2019. She has a sister but we don't have any other information about her family and education. She lives at her residence in Milford, New Hampshire, United States.

Who is Busy B ASMR’s dating?

Busy B ASMR has not revealed anything about her relationship status yet. She is not married and has no children as per sources.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

She is most popularly known as a YouTube content creator specializing in ASMR content. She has more than 350 clips on her channel already. Busy B ASMR is a youth star and social media sensation. Busy B ASMR's autonomous sensory meridian response relaxation videos have taken her to great heights and made her reach 90,000 subscribers.

Busy B ASMR's first recording which exceeded one million views was released in 2019 and was known as 'Medical exam by Dr. B Doctor ASMR RP // Soft spoken.'

Charity Work

There is no information about any charity work done by Busy B ASMR.

What Awards has Busy B ASMR Won?

Busy B ASMR is yet to win an award but her viewers really appreciate the content she creates. She is one of the top-rated YouTubers currently. Busy B ASMR posts twice a week mostly and her videos cover day-to-day topics.

Busy B ASMR’s Hobbies and Interests

Even though Busy B ASMR is a brilliant YouTube star she has many hobbies. She likes reading, photography and surfing the internet. She has a keen interest in travelling too.

Other Interesting Busy B ASMR Facts And Trivia

  • Recently in 2021, she released her debut single titled 'undercover'.
  • Busy B ASMR's sun sign is Cancer and the element is water according to astrologers.
  • Busy B ASMR produces distinct content for her patrons on Patreon too.
  • People can buy YouTube star Busy B ASMR's merchandise on Teespring.
  • Busy B ASMR is very active on social media, being a social media celebrity she shares things about her personal life here. She once shared an Instagram photo with her sister.

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Busy ASMR Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Raven Chantal Gaudreau

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