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Originally Published on Aug 25, 2022
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About Caitlin Murphy Miles

Caitlin Murphy Miles is a well-known celebrity makeup artist from Chicago who derived a huge buzz after marrying the famous American actor Joe Minoso.

Joe Minoso is a popular face of the TV show 'Chicago Fire' which aired on October 10, 2012, on NBC, where Caitlin has worked with him in the makeup department. Her talent and skill have made her at the top of the list of the best American makeup artists.

She has a significant personality with multiple interesting aspects, especially in the art style.

Caitlin Murphy Miles Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Caitlin Murphy Miles’s net worth?

Caitlin Murphy Miles' net worth, as per the record, is $1-5 million.

How much does Caitlin Murphy Miles earn per year?

The annual income of Caitlin Murphy Miles is dependent on how many projects she deals with every year. Though we could not figure out the number of her annual projects, we can say that she charges around $20,000 per contract.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Caitlin Murphy Miles?

The height of Caitlin Murphy Miles is still to be discovered, as she has never mentioned it anywhere.

How old is Caitlin Murphy Miles?

Caitlin Murphy Miles was born in 1986, so in 2022 her age will be 36 years.

Childhood And Education

Not much is known about Caitlin Murphy Miles' childhood. She was born on August 2, 1986, in the United States of America. Her nationality is American.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Caitlin Murphy Miles’s partner?

When it comes to this famous makeup artist's personal life, it can be said that half of her fame belongs to her husband, Joe Minoso. Joe Minoso is a renowned actor who has appeared in many theatres, movies, and television series.

Her husband is famously known for his performance in 'Chicago Fire' broadcasted to NBC on the date on October 10, 2012. Both of them were introduced to themselves on the very set of this series, where Joe Minoso was in the lead role, and Caitlin was a makeup artist.

Other than that, Joe Minoso has been seen doing minor parts in movies and drama series like 'Prison Break', 'Shameless', 'The Beast', 'Chicago PD', 'Chicago Fire', 'The Chicago Code', 'Chicago Med' and so on.

Joe Minoso was introduced to acting by his first girlfriend when they were in Lincoln High School. He wanted to be associated with acting, so he, later on, decided to join the stage crew and also kept auditioning for roles.

His interest in acting took him to Adelphi University, where he earned his fine arts bachelor's degree. His university degree was attained from Northern Illinois University in fine arts only.

He has also worked at Chicago Teatro Vista before television series and movies. As an actor, he has great recognition that helped his wife Caitlin Murphy Miles to get popularity after their marriage.

They had an intimate yet lavish wedding ceremony that took place on October 16, 2016. This husband and wife duo has worked together on multiple projects in their respective departments.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Caitlin Murphy Miles is primarily known for her makeup skills. She has 25 credits under her name.

She has worked as a makeup artist in movies and TV series like 'Chicago Justice', 'Chicago Fire', 'The Exotic', 'Search Party', 'The Lookalike', 'Dawn Of The Planet', 'The Outsider', 'Suit Up', 'Ghost Shark' and so on.

Caitlin Murphy is also known for being the owner of Willow & Brick Ink. It is a tattoo shop where she is recognized as a paramedical tattoo artist.

Charity Work

Since 2017 both the husband and wife have participated themselves in helping the Shrine Hospitals for Children to create awareness about the dangers caused by accidental fire outrages.

They also support the 100 Club of Chicago.

Caitlin is a dog lover, and with her actor husband, she is involved in activities made by the Fetching Tails Foundation that helps dogs to find permanent homes.

Caitlin Murphy Miles’s Hobbies And Interests

Caitlin is a dog lover and is very active on social media with her pets.

Other Interesting Caitlin Murphy Miles Facts And Trivia

  • Caitlin's zodiac sign is Leo.

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Caitlin Murphy Miles Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Caitlin Murphy Miles

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Makeup Artist, Tattoo Artist.

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Joe Minoso
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