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Originally Published on May 14, 2022
Caleb Maddix is one of the biggest icons among the entrepreneurs of the world.
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About Caleb Maddix

The ingenuity and creativity of entrepreneurs are what make them one of the biggest celebrities in the world!
While one would think that a successful entrepreneur is one who has years of experience, this individual in question might actually just surprise you! Caleb Maddix is a young entrepreneur, setting an example for aspiring business creators!
Caleb Maddix is of the many entrepreneurs that work in the business world. His contributions to the world of business are not only an indicator of his success but go on to inspire kids all over the world. His story tells kids that age is not a limit to success, and if you put in the right amount of hard work with the right ideas, you can be successful as well!

Caleb Maddix's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Caleb Maddix's net worth?

First, let us look at his net worth. The net worth of Caleb Maddix is put somewhere in the region of $3 million. This net worth has been amassed through his success in his business. This net worth contains several assets that the popular entrepreneur has come to own over the years.

How much does Caleb Maddix earn per year?

While we have talked about the net worth of Caleb Maddix, let us now take at how much he earns annually. Caleb Maddix makes somewhere between $500k-$800k every month. This puts his annual salary at roughly $6 million. This just goes on to show the success Caleb Maddix has found.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Caleb Maddix?

Caleb Maddix is 5 ft 9 in (175.2 cm) tall.

How old is Caleb Maddix?

Caleb Maddix was born on December 13, 2001. This puts his age at 20. In 2022, Caleb Maddix turns 21.

Childhood And Education

Let us now take a look at the family life of Caleb Maddix.
Caleb Maddix was born on December 13, 2001. This December born celebrity was born in St. Petersburg, Florida country. One of the parents of Caleb Maddix is Matt Maddix, who is also an entrepreneur. This played a part in the growth of Caleb Maddix as an entrepreneur, and Caleb wrote and published his first book at 13 when he was in grade school. This first book was just the beginning of his journey.
Due to his popularity, his parents thoughts it was best to have him homeschooled. Additionally, Caleb Maddix also takes online classes at Cardone University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Caleb Maddix dating?

A part of his personal life is Caleb Maddix's relationships. While it may sound unusual, this December-born celebrity is not dating anyone at all. He was seeing someone in the past, but Caleb Maddix chose to keep the name of his partner private. Caleb has always been an individual who was driven by his passion. By not dating anyone at the moment, Caleb Maddix has been able to divert more of his time and energy to his career.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Caleb Maddix's work began when he was young. He started out when he published books from the age of 13. He has published books such as: 'How to Make Money for Kids,' 'How to Have a Positive Attitude for Kids,' 'The Relationships Guide,' 'How to have Success and Still Keep Your Childhood,' 'How to Have Unstoppable Confidence,' and ‘How to Make Money as a Kid.’
These books are available on different e-commerce websites such as Amazon, as well as in different book stores. He has found much success in his career as an author. Caleb also makes videos on YouTube alongside his father.
In addition, Caleb is also a founder. He is the founder of an organization called 'Kids 4 Success'. He has also worked as a motivational speaker alongside Kevin Harrington. His motivational speeches take him all around the world, and he speaks at various different schools and other events.

Charity Work

Caleb Maddix has helped non-profit organizations that aid people with the problem of homelessness, as well as aid single mothers.

What awards has Caleb Maddix won?

Caleb Maddix has appeared on the 'Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30', as well as 'The Top 20 Most Motivational People on the Planet'. He is a successful entrepreneur who worked hard to get where he is despite such a young age.

Other Interesting Caleb Maddix Facts And Trivia

Caleb Maddix is a young entrepreneur who has climbed the ladder of success.
He became successful by working hard.
Caleb Maddix has written several books, specifically 10 books.
Caleb Maddix was born in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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