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California State Capitol Facts: Things You Haven't Read Before!

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The California State Capitol is a historic building in the capital city of Sacramento, and truly an impressive sight to behold.

It's the home to the state government of California, and it's full of rich history and interesting artifacts and memorials. The architecture, inspired by Roman-era buildings, is simply gorgeous, and the grounds are breathtaking!

If you're looking to plan a visit here, or just curious about the Capitol Building, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we shall explore some amazing facts that you probably haven't heard about the California State Capitol before!

History Of Capitol State Building

Sacramento became the seat of government power in California in 1854, after which the idea of building the Capitol Building was born. The job of designing the Capitol State Building was given to the architects Reuben Clark, who was a prominent member of Clark and Kenitze, one of the oldest architectural firms in San Francisco. After, he designed the blueprints for the building, it was constructed within a span of 1860-1874. The building was modeled to resemble the White House in Washington, DC, and the architecture is inspired by Roman temples.

The building houses the seat of the governor of California in the East Annex, which was built between 1949-1952, during the expansion of the original site.

The capitol, as well as its grounds, were included on the National Register of Historic places in 1973, because of its beautiful architecture and pristine gardens, and it was declared a California Historical Landmark not long after in 1974.

The Capitol Building underwent restoration and renovation between 1975-1982, to add to earthquake safety and beautify the building further. The building was previously hit by two earthquakes in 1892, which compromised its structural integrity and caused damage.

Importance Of Capitol State Building

The Capitol State Building of California is an extremely important building- it denotes the seat of power in the state of California. It serves as the seat of the governor of California, as well as houses the California State Assembly chambers, which include the Senate as well as the Assembly. It also doubles as a museum, showcasing the extensive and rich history of the State of California. Visitors can take part in tours of the building and marvel at the different artifacts, murals, and paintings displayed along with the West Wing and East Annex, as well as relax in the lush green gardens.

The museum hosts a number of glass dioramas and items showcasing the 50 different counties of the state, as well as a collection of flags including some from World War I, the Civil War, and even the Spanish American War!

The Capitol State Building of California is where the state Senate and Legislature meet.

Constructions And Design Of Capitol State Building

The Sacramento Capitol State Building is built to resemble the White House in Washington DC from the outside, with its beautiful white dome. The portico at the front is supported by eight Corinthian columns, with seven archways at the base. Below the dome, a decorative cornice (the triangular structure above the portico) features a statue of Minerva, the Ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and war. She is flanked by smaller statues depicting Mining, Education, Justice, and Industry- all of which are important elements and values to the state government.

The dome hosts a lantern within a second smaller dome, which is topped with a finial covered in decorative gold leaf.

The interior of the building houses the Governor's office in the East Annex and the Senate chamber. The chamber can hold all forty members of the Senate and is decorated in red, the color is inspired by the British House of Lords. The chamber's interior also features a gallery, which is supported by smaller Corinthian-style columns carved from granite- visitors can watch legislators at work from here if in session. The chamber also houses a statue of the goddess Minerva, and a portrait of Geroge Washington. The chamber boasts beautiful wide, arched windows, which are framed by rich red curtains.

The third floor of the building houses paintings of all the past governors of the state, as well as contains legislative committee hearing rooms.

The California Assembly chamber is located on the opposite end of the building, and is decorated in green tones- this room is inspired by the British House of Commons (also known as the Lower House Of Parliament).

The Capitol State Museum is housed inside the museum, with some parts of the grounds included. The museum also covers the legislature and the governor's office.

The Capitol is known for its lush, beautiful grounds- which are collectively known as the Capitol State Park. The grounds cover around 10 city blocks, and on the grounds, you will be able to see many historic monuments, like the El Soldado Monument, and the California Firefighters Memorial.


How old is the California State Capitol Building?

The California Capitol State Building was completed in 1874, making it 148 years old today.

What happens at the California State Capitol?

The California State Capitol Building serves as the seat of government for the State of California, the state governor's office as well as a museum showcasing the history of the state.

What is the California State Capitol made of?

The California State Capitol Building is made out of two types of granite- a darker gray from Folsom and a lighter stone brought in from Penryn.

What is California State Capitol called?

The California State Capitol may also simply be called the Capitol Building when in California.

What can I take into the California State Capitol?

Visitors to the California State Capitol Building may carry their normal belongings, including personal electronics, however, using them in the museum building for photography is prohibited. Unsafe items like peppers sprays, knives, guns and other weapons are also not permitted inside.

How far is Rocklin from the California State Capitol?

The city of Rocklin is around 25 mi (40 km) away from the California State Capitol.

How big is the state capitol in Sacramento California?

The State Capital Building has three floors and covers an area of 0.05 sq mi (0.12 sq km). The grounds cover an area of 10 city blocks.

Why was the California State Capitol Building built in California?

The Capitol Building serves as the working seat of government for the State of California, hence it was built in Sacramento, the capital city of the state.

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