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Can Chickens Eat Apples? Apples Can Be Your Chicken's Tasty Treat!

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Chickens are farm animals who have been a part of the domestic animals' group for years.

All over the world these birds are being domesticated and farmed for their meat and eggs. Chickens love to eat tasty treats rich in protein and vitamins, added to their feed.

Chickens do not need intensive care. A good clean shelter, an open space to run around, and a balanced diet are enough for raising healthy chickens. It is important that chickens eat enough protein so that they can lay their eggs. Chickens need a regular diet rich in vitamins and minerals without too much sugar content. Chickens are omnivores and have been found to have incredible memories. They can remember up to 100 words.

Poultry must be protected from harm and therefore steps need to be taken to fortify their pen and provide them with a healthy diet. Members of a flock have several different vocalizations signifying a plethora of things. There are particular voices to alert their fellow hens about incoming harm, a separate voice for eating food, and another for calling out the other hens to a particular place. Different species of chickens have different genetic material and therefore the color of the eggs they lay also differs. The health of a chicken depends heavily on the care taken and the kind of diet maintained.

Chickens can eat several fruits including apples and bananas. Feeding ripe apples to these birds with or without peels makes for a tasty treat for these birds. Apples are proven to be safe for chickens and chickens can start to eat apples from the age of two weeks old. For chickens to eat their meals properly, it is important to determine what foods they like and amend their meals accordingly. It is important to remember that chickens can eat apples but not apple seeds. The skin and the fruit of apples have nutrients within them that are excellent for the birds, however, they should be given in moderation. After you have understood if you can feed apples to your chicken as a treat, you must also check out can chickens eat asparagus and can chickens eat avocado?

Are apple seeds safe for chicken?

Apples can be fed to chickens by cutting them into small pieces to make them easier for them to eat. Chickens can eat up to two tablespoons of apple pips at a time.

Chickens love to eat apples and should be served apples as part of their daily diet. Like all other fruits, apples must also be fed in moderation. Apples contain high amounts of sugar which are harmful to chickens. However, since this fruit is rich in proteins, it is a good addition to their daily diet as they need high amounts of proteins to ensure that their eggs are healthy.

Apple seeds are strictly prohibited. They should not be consumed by hens, at all. The seeds of apples contain cyanide and excess of it can lead to the death of your poultry. Seeds are not safe for these birds so it is vital that any apple seeds are removed before serving to keep your chickens healthy. While apples can not kill a chicken, the seeds certainly can.

What other fruits can chickens eat?

Hens raised in the backyard tend to be fed with fruits readily available to the owners. If the owners have gardens and grow fruits there, they would prefer not to buy them. There are several fruits that hens can eat that will keep them healthy however, it is advisable to keep a major part of the hens' diet dependent upon commercial chicken food.

Commercial chicken food contains nutrients in exact quantities needed by chickens. In addition to this, hens can also be served fresh fruits and vegetables. For chickens to eat fruits and vegetables properly, it is important to make the feeding process and their diet creative and new.  Chickens eat apples very happily and are able to absorb vitamins and minerals well.

Fruits and vegetables that chickens love to eat include bananas, apples, berries, vegetable peels, carrots, bok choy, silver beet, spinach, cabbage, and broccoli. Poultry can be given these fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that they receive a proper flow of vitamins and minerals. Fruit treats are rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins, helping the chickens to stay healthy and lay good quality eggs. Apples can be chopped into pieces and the seeds should be removed to provide proper nutrition. Grapes are another fruit that chickens love. Hanging a bunch of grapes makes the eating process more creative for the chickens. Grapes are rich in vitamins A, B, and C. However, the entire bunch should not be given all at once. Grapes contain high levels of sugar and therefore it is better to serve them no more than once a week.

Strawberries are another component of the fruit diet of chickens. Other known common fruits eaten by hens include cherries, citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples, and blueberries. Although all of these fruits are healthy and contain good levels of vitamins, minerals, and proteins within them, they should be given in moderation. Regular consumption of these fruits in unregulated quantities can do more harm than good. Chickens can also consume vegetable kitchen scraps and the skin or peels of bananas (if prepared properly) but they can't eat plum pits.

Chickens can feed on a variety of foods to meet their nutrition requirements.

Can chickens eat apple peels?

Chickens can eat all the fruit and vegetable scraps and skins. They can eat everything that is not toxic for their systems. A huge range of vitamins and minerals along with proteins are required by the chickens in order to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Feeding apple and apple peels are perfectly safe for poultry three to four times a week. They do not contain any toxic substances and are filled with nutrients. There are certain fruits whose skins or peels are poisonous and must be avoided, however, apple peels are safe to consume. Some hens love to eat apples and their peels, while there are others who do not like any part of the apples. Sometimes chickens may find it difficult to eat the apple peel as it might be too hard for them. It is a matter of habit. If the chicken is habitual and has been eating apple peels since they were a baby, then they are more likely to eat the apple peels, otherwise, it might take some time to consider this new food item. Always remember to clean the leftovers as they can attract insects and bugs which can lead to illnesses and diseases among the poultry.

Should you give apple cores to chickens?

No, you should not give apple cores to chicken. Treats can be fed to the flock but it must be safe for them. There are precisely two main reasons for not serving the apple core to members of your flock. Firstly, the seeds contained in the core of an apple have cyanide within them. Cyanide is a harmful and poisonous chemical that can lead to the death of hens that consume it and can also affect the quality of eggs laid by the infected hens. Secondly, it is tough for the chickens to break down the core and eat it. Sometimes, the pieces of the apple core may remain too large and can choke the chicken.

If you wish to feed the core to your flock, cut the apple core into smaller pieces and remove the seeds properly before serving it. Although, it is better not to give the core to the poultry altogether to ensure that there are no risks involved, especially because it has no additional nutritional value attached to it. You can add peanut butter, sunflower seeds or make a garland or strings with the apple pieces to make the flock more interested in consuming them and making their diet nutritious and safe.

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