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Can Chickens Eat Broccoli? Yes, This Greens Can Be A Healthy Choice!

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Vegetables are great for the skin and body of humans but how about birds?

Should you be feeding vegetables and fruits to your chickens? Is it safe for the chicken coop to eat veggies like broccoli?

Broccoli is a vegetable from the brassica family, which also includes cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and a number of other vegetables. These veggies are full of nutrients and a very healthy treat, even for your chickens. That’s right. Your chickens can eat these green plants as their food. It is totally normal and also very healthy for them. Now that we know the answer to the question: ‘can chickens eat broccoli?’ we can go and feed the chickens lots and lots of broccoli, right? Absolutely not.  We should also explore how much broccoli chickens can eat. Your chickens need to feed on a variety of food items to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Vegetables like broccoli are a means to do that. So let us understand how to feed broccoli to chickens and also what health benefits there are by feeding chickens broccoli? Afterwards, do read about can chickens eat cabbage and can chickens eat cherries?

How do you feed broccoli to chickens?

Can chickens eat broccoli? yes, they can. Broccoli is a healthy green vegetable and is a great addition to their diet. Now that we know that chickens can eat broccoli among other vegetables in their diet, how do you feed broccoli to chickens?

Chickens do not have teeth so it is important that the broccoli, especially the stems, are cut into smaller bite-sized pieces so that the chickens can digest them more easily. If the vegetables are easy to digest, chickens will be more healthy. These vegetables can be fed either raw or cooked as chickens eat green vegetables in both raw and cooked forms. More often they get cooked food as part of our table scraps. When it comes to broccoli, this can be cooked as a leftover of the table scraps or it can be given in its raw form.

If you are contemplating feeding broccoli to egg-laying chickens, then you may certainly do so but in limited quantities. Broccoli helps improve the egg yolk color as well as the egg production capacity of the bird.

Bowl of raw broccoli

How much broccoli can a chicken eat in a day?

So we know that broccoli is a great green food for chickens. It has nutritional value and many health benefits. But just because these greens are healthy doesn't mean that it is all that chickens need to keep their bodies healthy. There is a limit to how much broccoli chickens can eat. So, in a day, how much broccoli can chickens eat?

For a chicken's daily diet, fruits and vegetables should be at least 10% of their food intake. There should be a variety of fruits and vegetables to make sure that the chicken gets the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This means that the broccoli that is fed to the chickens, either cooked or raw, should be given in moderation. Chickens can eat broccoli two to three times a week to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. Even if your chicken flock loves these vegetables, feeding them too much can affect their body along with the eggs that they will produce. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, moderation is key for these birds. You can safely feed the chicken broccoli along with other seasonal foods to keep them healthy. It is extremely important not to overfeed on these foods because they can become toxic and makes the birds sick.

Is cooked broccoli good for chickens?

Broccoli in its raw and cooked form is great food for chickens. Chickens can eat broccoli in both of these forms and get the vitamins and minerals that broccoli contains. Feeding these birds cooked foods in their diet is not a cause of concern. They love eating these foods, it doesn’t matter in what form.

Chickens can eat broccoli when it is cooked in different ways. The broccoli can be steamed, boiled, blanched, or baked. They will love eating broccoli in any of these forms. It is not important if the vegetable is cooked or not. What is more important is that they are getting the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from these foods. However, it is important to ensure that while cooking these foods you avoid adding oil, salt, and any other spices to the broccoli. Humans might find plain broccoli a bit bland to eat, but for chickens eating foods in their plain form is much better. Adding extra oils and spices can be toxic for your chicken and so should be avoided. But that being said, the chicken flock will definitely appreciate a well-cooked broccoli meal in its plain form. So please don’t hesitate in cooking these green vegetables for them.

What nutrients do broccoli provide chickens?

Chickens eat broccoli, this we know. We also know that when chickens eat broccoli, there are many health benefits for them. What are these health benefits? What nutrients do these foods contain?

Broccoli is a great treat for your chickens due to all of the goodness they contain. Broccoli is high in fiber and protein while being low in fat and carbohydrates. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, zinc, and potassium. All of these minerals and nutrients in broccoli give the chicken flock great immunity and can help with bone formation and the prevention of bone-related illnesses. The broccoli florets contain more protein compared to other grains. The stalks of the broccoli have high fiber content. Instead of the question of how can chickens eat broccoli, the question should be how can they not eat this highly nutritious food packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants?!

Apart from the chicken feed, your chickens should be eating other foods even if it is just fruit or a vegetable. A healthy balanced diet will lead to a healthy chicken which will eventually make a healthy you. So let your chickens eat broccoli and fill their body with these nutrients. Although be mindful of how much you are feeding them. Like we have already discussed, moderation is the key to a healthy balanced diet.

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