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Can Chickens Eat Green Beans? Yes, Here's Why It Is A Must Have

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Have you ever wondered if your chickens would like green beans?

In the countryside, people are used waking up with the roosting alarm sound of chickens. The morning roost we hear from these chickens is their excitement for breakfast and to get out of their coop for free-range fun and some short flight.

The hen chicken gets ready to lay eggs in the morning while singing this egg song. You will see the, become rowdy if they are not let out of their coop. Many humans find a chicken's crow irritating because many take it as their alarm clock as it happens so early in the morning. However, it's not just in the morning that a chicken crows. They roost around 12-15 times a day. The days might become long with the constant noise, but we still need them to provide our vitamins and minerals. These winged short-flight birds are noisy but important in our survival because they provide nutrition. They are grown in large quantities because of this reason. If you want to turn the sound of their crowing down, this won't be possible because it is a natural behavior. However, you can blackout their coop using a box and tie a collar around their neck.

To keep your chicken healthy, you need to keep feeding them sprouts and green beans. These are full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Also remember that healthy treats for chickens needs to be given in moderation with the rest of chicken feed. Follow the rule of 90/10, where you feed 90% chicken feed and10% healthy treats everyday. Also, if you feed them green beans which are full of Vitamin C, protein and minerals, they will develop a liking for green beans and ask for more. Chickens eat green beans and they are good for them as beans contain protein, vitamin C, and minerals. As long as the green beans offered are fresh and plain, feeding these to your your chicken is ok. It has also been found that it is better to serve them cooked, rather than raw. The reason being raw beans generally contain certain toxics, known as lectins, which can cause digestive issues in your chickens if they are consumed in excess.

Chickens avoid plants that are toxic to them. If you are confused whether to feed your chickens with raw or cooked green beans, it’s better to be safe and offer them cooked beans and cooked food. Green beans are a treat for your birds or chickens, but it is recommended to feed them with cooked green beans. Green beans carry a natural toxic element called lectins, which is poisonous to chickens, if they are served raw or undercooked. It is better to thoroughly cook the raw beans before serving this food to your flock.

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Are frozen green beans good for chickens?

Frozen green beans, which are cooked, can be given to your chickens for consumption in small amounts. Uncooked frozen green beans should be avoided. They enjoy them raw, but too many raw seeds may become toxic for your flock.

Feeding them with raw frozen green beans will mean exposing them to a poisonous element called lectins which is naturally present in raw green beans. It is better to give them seeds to eat raw in moderation. Feed your flock with cooked green beans, foods, vegetables like broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, chards, cilantro, thyme, basil, roses, and ferns. Chickens are foragers in nature. Chickens cannot eat or tend to avoid plants or a plant that is not good or toxic for them.

Can baby chickens eat cooked green beans?

Juvenile or baby chickens, whether hens or cocks, are called chicks. They are cute and adorable winged birds. Baby chickens are hyper-active and tend to eat what their mother eats. Yes, it is safe to serve a baby chicken some cooked green beans but baby hens or chickens should not be fed with beans as frequently, even if they are cooked. In moderation, green beans act as their treat. You can feed your chickens with foods, fruit, or fruit peels like banana peels. Chickens love banana and the best part is they can eat this fruit and the peel raw, meaning you do not have to boil or cook a banana when feeding chickens.

Over ripe banana is a great source of food for your flock, chicks including hens, cocks, and baby chickens. Do not feed your chickens with green potato peels, dry or raw beans, candy, or rotten food. Always cook the green beans before serving them to your birds. Before serving your chickens with green beans, ensure that you wash them carefully after sourcing fresh beans because they could be covered in mud or chemicals. Do not give canned or preserved green beans. After washing, cut the tip of the beans and cut the beans into a smaller size, normally into three to four parts. This makes it easier for chickens to eat and quicker to cook. After you cut the green beans put them to boil in plain water. Boil them for 10-15 minutes. Boiling the green beans will destroy the toxic compound of beans and will be easy for chickens to eat. After they are boiled, rinse them off with fresh, normal water and let them cool. Serve them once it is cold enough for your chicken to eat the green beans.

read if your chickens like green beans

What nutrition do green beans offer to chickens?

Chickens can develop a great liking for green beans if you serve them everyday. They are good for them if they are cooked properly and served. They have many vitamins and minerals for your bird's health. They contain fiber, protein, carbohydrate, water, fat, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. It is fine to let them eat green beans cooked, however as semi-cooked or un-cooked bean are toxic to chickens.

You can also add other food to your bird's diet including vegetables, lettuce, seeds and fruits. Chickens love bananas. Dark leafy greens as a food for you chicken will result in richer, darker yolks. Lettuce, turnip greens, chard, and kale are also some good greens options. Strawberries, watermelon, and blueberries can serve as healthy and nutritious snacks for your chickens. Feeding your chickens with a complete, balanced, and healthy diet is quite simple and possible if you implement the 90/10 rule. Begin a complete feed and stay alert and careful so that you do not over-treat your chickens. When offering them treats, choose healthy, nutritious, wholesome treats that complement the diet of the chickens. Ensure that any food your serve them is in moderation.

How to feed green beans to your chicken?

Greens beans can be mildly toxic if served raw to your chickens. Therefore, always serve them cooked green beans. Uncooked green beans contain toxics, including lectins, which can cause digestive issues in your birds if they are consumed in excess. Source fresh beans and do not buy canned, frozen, or green beans preserved in salt or other additives. Also, do not serve your birds green beans that are starting to go off as thats when they start to discolor and go slimy. Do not offer your birds anything rotten. Rotten food is toxic for your birds. Buy fresh and organic beans and wash them properly before cooking. Boil them in water because this will remove the toxic elements from the green beans. Also, washing ensures all the dirt and debris are removed from the beans, vegetables, or fruits.

After washing the beans, cut the tips off, because the tip of beans are sharp and hard with little nutrition and can choke your chicken to death. After this, cut the beans into thirds because this will help in cooking faster. The beans will also be easier for your chickens to eat. After cutting them, boil the beans in plain and fresh water for 10 minutes. Keep the temperature at 212 F (100 C). At this temperature, the toxic elements in the green beans will be destroyed. Then, carefully take them out of the water, drain them, and give them sufficient time to cool down. One they are cool and cold enough, serve them to your chickens. They will relish the treat because it will improve their health by providing them much needed Vitamin C.

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