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Can Dogs Eat Skittles? Benefits, Hazards, And Fun Facts

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Everybody knows about Skittles, the small sugary candies that are available in many flavors and colors.

But what if your dog ate these sugary candies? Would they need a visit to the veterinarian?

Many people love Skittles, and at some point, one might wonder if it would be safe to treat their dog with this colorful candy. Surprisingly, unlike chocolates, Skittles are not toxic for dogs when eaten in small quantities. One colorful skittle is OK to be given as a rare treat. A caring dog-owner must avoid giving them to their dogs repeatedly as too much can do significant harm to the health of a pup and a dog. Read on to learn about the ingredients in Skittles and how much and the side effects it can cause.

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Are Skittles safe for dogs?

Skittles are colorful candies that come in many colors and varieties to satisfy different kinds of cravings. They come in small colorful packs and wild berry, fruity, and extra sour flavors. These candies are especially popular during Halloween time. Everyone loves eating them because of their tasty flavors. But can dogs eat Skittles without the candy causing any harm? Yes, a dog can eat less than 10 mg of skittle without facing serious consequences.

However, vets do not recommend Skittles to be given to a pup or a dog as it is a sour candy containing xylitol, a harmful substance for dogs. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is an ingredient present in these candies. Xylitol can lead to hypoglycemia, which is a condition in which the body has low blood sugar. Xylitol poisoning can also occur if a dog consumes too many Skittles. Its symptoms include convulsion and loss of balance. Liver failure and death can also happen if a dog eats many sour Skittles.

Food colorings are also added to these candies, which are not suitable for a dog's health. Therefore, sugary sour Skittles must be given in lesser quantities only as then they do not cause any serious harm to your dog. If you suspect that their dog has eaten many sugary treats, it must be rushed to the vet immediately as a large quantity could cause severe damage.

Should you feed your dog Skittles?

As a rare treat, you can feed your pet dog less than 10 mg. Feeding candies regularly would be a bad idea as candies are not healthy and contain many artificial flavorings. These treats can also make your dog sick. A dog could even be allergic to Skittles as they have corn syrup and corn starch, which can trigger an allergic reaction.

Different dogs react in different ways when they consume sugar candy. Some would get sick after ingesting a few treats, while others look fine even after eating a packet. However, it is important to keep in mind that even if your dog is fine after eating candy, you should not feed it to them regularly. A dog owner should not provide Skittles or any candy that may contain processed sugar. A dog may even become addicted to sugar if it eats sweet treats regularly, which is a serious problem.  

Dogs can be allergic to Skittles as they have corn starch and corn syrup in them!

Ingredients Of Skittles That Are Harmful To Dogs

Skittles are made of food coloring and a lot of sugar. They can cause gastrointestinal issues in dogs due to their high sugar content. Feeding your dog one to two Skittles will not harm it and would satisfy the dog's desire. However, you must not feed your dog Skittles regularly and in large amounts as it can give your dog sugar. If a dog consumes a packet of Skittles, you should immediately take it to the vet to get checked. Eating a large quantity of Skittles can cause hypoglycemia. Ingesting a lot of sugar can cause weight gain, cavities, and diabetes.

Skittles will cause no harm to the dog's health if ingested in small amounts. Candy treats that contain sugar should only be fed to a dog only in small quantities. However, there are a few types of candy treats that you must not feed to a dog and should be kept out of a dog's reach, such as chocolate. Chocolate must be kept far away from dogs as it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and can even cause death.

The Potential Risk Of Feeding Dogs Skittles

Skittles do not have any nutritional benefits and aren't healthy. However, they are not highly toxic for dogs and are OK to be given to them in a small quantity. Sometimes, a pet dog may eat a piece when its owner is not looking. One piece won't cause any problem, but it is worrying if the dog has consumed a whole pack.

If a dog eats many Skittles, it can cause an upset stomach due to the high sugar level. Symptoms like bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea may also occur. As Skittles contain high sugar levels, they can also cause dental health to deteriorate. A dog may also go through metabolic and hormonal problems, or even diabetes, due to the processed sugar in candies. It would also be a problematic issue if a dog eats Skittles but also swallows the plastic packet. The candy wrapper will cause the dog's intestines or throat to get blocked. This is a life-threatening situation, and you must rush your dog to the vet.

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Rhea Nischal

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