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About Carmen Aub

Carmen Aub Romero hails from Mexico and has made a name for herself in her birthplace of Mexico City as well as in Hollywood.
She is well known for her role in the movie 'El Chema' and 'Una Mujer Sen Filtro' and has also worked in various television series famous in Mexico. Carmen Aub brings a specific persona of herself when in front of the camera.
Her roles always portray a beautiful but bad-girl vibe. Beginning her career as an actress with the children's program 'ECOLE' in 1999 at just nine years of age, Carmen Aub started at an early age. She also acted in the show 'Plaza Sesamo' in 2000, which gained an overall positive review.
However, her career started its never-ending incline when Carmen Aub performed a recurring role in the Spanish-language drama 'Donde Esta Elis?' which made her very popular and gained her success. This led to Carmen Aub landing her first leading role as one of the bad girls in the Colombian soap opera 'Ninas Mal' in 2010.
For those who do not know, a soap opera is a television or radio drama series focusing on the daily events in the life of the same group of characters.
With the new-gained popularity and success, Carmen Aub went on to act as the co-star in another soap opera, 'Esperanda Del Corazon' a year after. Her role as Krista Cabal Dupris was so well-handled and represented by Carmen Aub that she got nominated for the Female Revelation Award by TVyNovelas.
After doing more soap opera shows, Carmen Aub won two different awards for her prolific acting in 'El Senor De Los Cielos' in 2014. Recent works of the famous Mexican actress include the TV series ‘Lord Of The Skies.’
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Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Carmen Aub’s net worth?

On account of the famous movies and TV series Carmen Aub has acted in, she has been able to create a net worth of more than $3 million today.

How much does Carmen Aub earn per year?

The primary source of income for Carmen Aub is her acting career, though she is also known to work in model shoots and endorsements. However, there is no information as to how much she earns annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Carmen Aub?

Carmen Aub stands at 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) tall.

How old is Carmen Aub?

Born on October 24, 1989, Carmen Aub is 32 years old in 2022.

Childhood And Education

On October 24, 1984, Carmen Aub was born in Mexico City, D.F., Mexico. She was born to journalist Max Aub and Luisa Fernanda Romero among three children. Carmen Aub started her acting career at the age of just nine years old as she was the reporter in the children's program ‘ECOLE.’
There is no information on Carmen Aub's school or her educational qualification. Her family life is also kept private except for the fact that they live in Mexico City.


Who are Carmen Aub's siblings?

Carmen Aub was the second child of the three daughters. She has two sisters, Luisa Aub and Maria Fernanda Aub, and they live in Mexico City along with their parents.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Carmen Aub dating?

Carmen Aub is known to have been in a relationship with Armando Torrea, who is also an actor from Mexico.
Carmen Aub is now dating Nicolas, who is a resident doctor. The couple is very happy with their relationship, which is currently two years old.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Carmen Aub is best known for her acting, where she brings her acting skills and a bad-girl vibe to her character. The actress is well known for playing a role where the character is carefree and outgoing.
Carmen Aub started her career very young and has appeared on the big screen many times. Starting her career in 1999 at the age of 9 years old, Carmen Aub is famous for her role in the soap opera Hope Heart.

Charity Work

Carmen Aub has donated money to the charity Arcia which helps people with HIV to receive treatment, care, and support.

What awards has Carmen Aub won?

Carmen Aub has had a prolific career and has received big awards and achievements on account of the same. The actor was first nominated for Female Revelation Award by TVyNovelas in 2012 for her role in the soap opera Esperanza Del Corazon.
The actress played a role in 'El Senor De Los Cielos' and won the Premios Tu Mundo 2015 Award for 'Best Bad Girl' in a series. She also won the award for Best Supporting Actress In A Series. Moreover, Carmen Aub was also nominated for Premios Tu Mundo 2016 Award for Favorite Lead Actress: Series.

Other Interesting Carmen Aub Facts And Trivia

  • Carmen Aub has her podcast named Con Carmen, where she talks about her life and emotions so that her fans can connect more.
  • Born on October 24, Carmen Aub's zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • The Mexico-born actress uses her official Instagram and Twitter handle carmenaub to connect on social media.

Carmen Aub Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Carmen Aub Romero

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Mexico City, Distrito Federal



168 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?




Net Worth





Max Aub, Luisa Fernanda Aub


Maria Fernanda Aub, Luisa Aub
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