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Find out how Carmen Flood went from performing in theaters to starring in movies and shows.
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About Carmen Flood

Carmen Flood is a famous American actress, theater artist, and social media personality from Topanga, California.
Carmen was born on January 23, 1997. She is an American on-screen character who is most known for playing the newbie in the Netflix series 'Brews Brothers'.
Carmen was continually enthralled by motion pictures and series that were broadcast on television. Soon, she chose to pursue a career in acting and thrived at it too.

Carmen Flood Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Carmen Flood’s net worth?

Carmen Flood's net worth, combining her salary and assets, is estimated to be around $300,000.

How much does Carmen Flood earn per year?

The American actress has not yet disclosed her annual earnings.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Carmen Flood?

Carmen Flood is 5 ft 4 in (162 cm) tall.

How old is Carmen Flood?

Carmen Flood turned 25 on January 23, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Carmen Flood was born in Topanga, California in the United States of America on January 23, 1997.
Melanie Kareem is Flood's mother, and Steve Flood is her father. After her parents divorced, the actress spent most of her youth with her mother.
Carmen Flood graduated from Malibu High School before going to Carnegie Mellon University and receiving a BFA degree. Melanie Kareem, the actress's mother, was the owner of Topanga Canyon's Melanie Kareem Middle Eastern Dance School. She was always there for her mother's lessons as she grew up. Her passion for the entertainment business began throughout her college years.
Carmen Flood started her acting career by performing in theaters. Her efforts and hard work soon gained popularity. Carmen built her confidence and stepped into doing work for movies and television shows also.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Carmen Flood dating?

Carmen Flood is not publicly open about her personal life.
It is assumed that Carmen Flood is currently single, as there are no public records of her dating life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Carmen Flood was determined to make a career as an entertainer, so she never missed an opportunity.
She worked in a few theaters while she was a college student. Carmen referred to it as an experimental technique in which she improved her skills and put them to the test.
Carmen Flood is known for her roles in movies like 'Dog' (2015) and 'Antonio Bellaire' (2015). The American actress is a lively entertainer who aspires to work in the film industry. She studied acting and dramatization and focused on becoming an on-screen figure.
Carmen Flood made her first appearance in the film 'Pooch' in 2015, where she received a lot of praise for her performance. Her perseverance and passion for acting resulted in her working on the Netflix Original Series 'Brews Brothers', which is a parody. She also proceeded to Carnegie Mellon University to study acting and drama once she finished her tutoring. She received her diploma in the summer of 2019.
Her next big break came in the 2019 film 'Antonio Bellaire'. When Flood's presentation was screened, everyone was completely mesmerized and couldn't stop wishing her well. Her performance in the two films earned her the role of Sarah in 'Brews Brothers', which was given to her by Netflix in a one-of-a-kind deal arranged by Greg Schaffer. The creators of the show, Greg Schaffer, Jeff Schaffer, Jonathan Stern, and Keith Quinn had a significant influence on the rise of American actress. After the final season aired in August 2021, Carmen Flood landed her third major project, and she was highly dedicated to it.
Carmen Flood considers her hard work and passion as an entertainer to be the keys to her success in the acting industry.

Carmen Flood’s Hobbies And Interests

Carmen is a natural-born entertainer and enjoys her work.
She has not revealed much about her personal life. However, Carmen's dream vacation spot is Paris, France.
Carmen also takes an interest in sports; she even played football while she was in high school. Carmen prefers a healthy diet and likes to maintain herself. She loves Italian dishes the most.

Other Interesting Carmen Flood Facts And Trivia

Carmen Flood earned a Bachelor's degree in fine arts with a concentration in acting. She was a clarinetist for nine years before she found her love for acting. Carmen also learned belly dancing.
Carmen Flood shared the screen with Mike Castle in 'Brews Brothers'.
Carmen celebrates her birthday on January 23. Her zodiac sign is an Aquarius.
Carmen spent most of her youth with her mother, Melanie Kareem.
Carmen is health conscious and likes to eat light and healthy foods. Carmen Flood's favorite cuisine is Italian.
Carmen Flood is currently living in Los Angeles.
Carmen's favorite celebrities are Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Lady Gaga.

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Carmen Flood Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Carmen Flood

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162 cm

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Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

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Steve Flood, Melanie Kareem
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