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About Cash Garner Warren

Cash Garner Warren is a famous American producer.

Exclusively known for his work assisting Tim Story in his projects like the 2004 'Taxi' and the 2005 'Fantastic Four', Cash Garner Warren has gathered a huge net worth from his work. Let us take a look at the life of this producer.

Cash Garner Warren is also known for being the husband of the iconic American actress Jessica Alba. The couple has always created a buzz whenever they are spotted together. In more recent news, the couple and their children were seen on the red carpet of Beverly Hills. He has also co-founded several entertainment production houses, which are responsible for making essential docu-series in the entertainment world. Do keep reading to take an insight into his net worth and living!

Cash Garner Warren Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cash Garner Warren’s net worth?

Cash Garner Warren has garnered a massive net worth of an estimated $21 million throughout the course of his career.

How much does Cash Garner Warren earn per year?

The primary source of income for Cash Garner Warren is his career as a film producer. However, his average annual income is not known in public records.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cash Garner Warren?

Cash Garner Warren stands at an average height of 6 ft (183 cm tall).

How old is Cash Garner Warren?

Born on January 10, 1979, Cash Garner Warren is 43 years old as of January 2022.

Childhood And Education

Cash Garner Warren was born on January 10, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Sue Narramore and Michael Warren. His father, Michael Warren, is best known for his performance in the television series 'Hill Street Blues.'

Warren completed his schooling at the Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California. During his school years, his classmate was the famous actress Kate Hudson. He even played basketball alongside his buddy Baron Davis, who went on to become a professional basketball player. He completed his college from Yale University in 2001. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in political science.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cash Garner Warren’s partner?

Cash Garner Warren is happily married to Jessica Alba. The couple got hitched in a secret ceremony in 2008 and has been together ever since. The couple has three children together, Honor Marie Warren, Haven Garner Warren, and Hayes Alba Warren.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After graduating from Yale University, Cash Garner Warren went on to get a job as an assistant producer in the 2004 film 'Taxi.' The film went on to become a massive hit at the box office. Later on, in the same year, on the sets of 'Fantastic Four', he met his future wife, Jessica Alba. In the 'Fantastic Four' movie, Warren was an assistant producer. This movie was also an instant hit at the box office.

Soon, Cash Garner Warren co-founded the 'Verso Entertainment' company. He is also the co-founder of the digital media group named 'Apoko.' Apart from that, he is the founder of a game website named '' By 2014, Cash Garner Warren became a full-on entertainer who came to be known as 'Pair Of Thieves.' Apart from these, this American producer also was the executive producer of a BET series 'Being Terry Kennedy.' His Verso Entertainment company is responsible for creating beautiful documentaries on several social issues, which are released on OTT platforms as well as on the big screen. His company 'Apoko' is responsible for connecting celebrities with fans and people. Another of his company, 'Pair Of Thieves', is responsible for creating ready-to-use products for everyone. Cash Garner Warren co-produced the 2014 film 'In The Blood.'

What awards has Cash Garner Warren won?

The American producer has personally not won any significant awards. However, his first film 'Taxi' collected over $12 million at the box office. His film 'Fantastic Four' was nominated for several was selected for several awards, including the Saturn Awards for Best Science Fiction film and the MTV Awards for Best On-Screen team and Best Hero.

Cash Garner Warren’s Hobbies And Interests

Cash Garner Warren loves to read and travel. His favorite food is Italian, and his favorite travel destination is Miami. Warren considers his favorite actor to be Mark Ruffalo and his favorite actress to be Angelina Jolie.

Other Interesting Cash Garner Warren Facts And Trivia

  • The father of Cash Garner Warren, Michael Warren, has ancestry from Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi. On the other hand, his mother has ancestry from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany.
  • Cash Garner Warren is the brother-in-law of Joshua Alba, as he is married to the famous American actress Jessica Alba.

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Cash Warren Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Cash Warren

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Los Angeles



183 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Yale University

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Jessica Alba
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