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Here are some facts about the net worth, career, and personal life of former WWE wrestler Cesaro that you will love.
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About Cesaro

Cesaro, born Claudio Castagnoli, is a Swiss professional wrestler who found success with WWE.

He began wrestling in 2000 and entered the wrestling scene as part of a tag team. He quickly rose through the ranks until he was spotted by WWE, who signed him on in 2011.

He has since then participated in many a match and tournaments and was even a member of the famed 'Kings of Wrestling' faction. To read more about this famous wrestling personality, Cesaro, please continue reading.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cesaro's net worth?

As of today, Cesaro has a net worth of $3 million, which he has accumulated through his various wrestling matches, tournaments, and endorsements.

How much does Cesaro earn per year?

According to sources, Cesaro received an annual salary of $500,000 from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). However, now that Cesaro has retired from the WWE, his current salary is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cesaro?

Cesaro is exceptionally tall at 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)! His height helps make him look extremely foreboding and threatening to his competitors in the ring, and adds to his wrestling persona.

How old is Cesaro?

Cesaro was born on December 27, 1980, which currently makes him 41 years old as of 2022. Cesaro has been in the WWE game for over 20 years, making his debut at the age of just 20.

Childhood And Education

Cesaro was born Claudio Castagnoli in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland on December 27, 1980. Cesaro was an extremely active child and participated in many sports like basketball, tennis, and football during his school days. Besides wrestling, Cesaro is still known to be training in these sports in his adult years. Not much is known about his school life and educational qualifications, but he spent most of his childhood in Switzerland.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cesaro dating?

Cesaro is supposedly dating former WWE wrestler and wrestling training Sara Del Ray, popularly known by her stage name Sara Amato. Sara lives and works in Orlando, Florida, where Cesaro currently resides, and has also worked as his manager previously. The rumored couple has been spotted spending a lot of time together, but neither has confirmed their relationship to the public yet.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Castagnoli made his wrestling debut in 2000, at the age of 20. Before making his debut in a Westside Xtreme Wrestling event, he received initial training from the Swiss wrestler SigMasta Rappo. He was part of a wrestling tag team called Swiss Money Holding with fellow Swiss wrestler Marco Jaggi, who goes by the stage name Ares. They performed at many events in Europe before meeting professional wrestlers Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush, who invited them to compete in wrestling competitions in the United States of America.

Castagnoli moved to America in 2004, leaving Ares behind to continue as part of Swiss Money Holding with Marc Rodin. He began to regularly participate in Ring of Honor and Chikara wrestling promotions.

Castagnoli soon partnered up with Arik Cannon to form tag team AC/CC, and the two entered and won the 2005 Tag World Grand Tag Prix. The two formed the King of Wrestling faction with Chris Hero, which turned into a tag team after Cannon left at the end of 2005. The two were the champions of the 2006 Tag World Grand Tag Prix, and participated in Combat Zone Wrestling together from 2o04-2006.

They also won 'Last Team Standing' in 2006. However, the two fell out afterward, and Castagnoli decided to go solo. Castagnoli and his former partner Hero engaged in a two-year-long feud, during which Castagnoli was forced to rejoin Kings of Wrestling after Hero defeated him in a match. The feud finally ended on December 9, 2007, after Castagnoli defeated Hero.

Over the years, Castagnoli has been part of a number of wrestling teams and tournaments, including the Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Pro Wrestling Noah, before he signed a contract to join the WWE in 2011.

On joining the WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) division, he took on the stage name Antonio Cesaro, which was subsequently shortened to Cesaro, the name by which all Cesaro fans know him today. He made his FCW television debut on October 24, 2011, against fellow wrestler Mike Dalton.

He made his WWE television debut on April 20, 2012. Cesaro would go on to stay in the WWE for the next 11 years and left recently on February 24, 2022, after his contract with them expired. His last match to be televised was on February 11, 2022, against Happy Corbin.

What awards has Cesaro won?

Cesaro has won many tournaments and titles over his 20-year-long career as a wrestler.

His WWE accomplishments include winning the WWE United States Championship, WWE Raw Tag Team Championship five times, and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship twice.

He also won the André the Giant Memorial Trophy in 2014, the Slammy Award for Best John Cena U.S. Open Challenge in 2015, and the WWE Year-End Award for Tag Team of the Year in 2018 with his partner Sheamus.

He has also won the tag team tournaments Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas, JCW Tag Team Championship, and the CZW World Tag Team Championship.

Cesaro's Hobbies And Interests

Asides from wrestling, Cesaro loves playing tennis, football, and basketball.

He is also multilingual and is fluent in English, German, Swiss-German, Italian, and French.

He has also shared that he loves coffee and spending time in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients. He has a YouTube channel and blog called 'Claudios Cafe', on which he posts about his visits to and experiences with coffee shops around the world and other culinary musings.

Cesaro is known for his impressive natural strength, which he attributes to his dedicated workout schedule which includes Olympic standard weightlifting.

He is also an avid animal lover.

Other Interesting Cesaro Facts And Trivia

  • Cesaro has appeared in many WWE video games as a playable character, appearing in all games from WWE 2013-2022.
  • Cesaro also appears regularly as a guest star on YouTube channel 'UpUpDownDown', which is run by professional wrestler Xavier Woods.
  • His nickname is 'The Swiss Superman'.

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