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About Chad Dawson

Chad Dawson is a professional boxer who was born on July 13, 1982, in Hartsville, South Carolina, USA.
He is most known for being a three-time former light-heavyweight champion and one of the top boxers in the division. All of his efforts have contributed to his current net worth.
John Scully, popularly known as Iceman, is his coach. Dan Birmingham, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Eddie Mustafa Muhammad were among his previous trainers.
The Ring listed Dawson as the tenth best active boxer in the world, pound for pound, in 2010.

Chad Dawson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chad Dawson’s net worth?

It can be estimated that he has a net worth of $2.8 million, which he has accumulated primarily from professional boxing prowess. He is considered the tenth best boxer in the world pound for pound.

How much does Chad Dawson earn per year?

The exact amount is not known, but Chad Dawson earns a good amount manually from boxing.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chad Dawson?

Chad Dawson is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall.

How old is Chad Dawson?

Born on July 13, 1982, Chad Dawson is 39 years old as of April 2022.

Childhood And Education

Chad Dawson is the son of Rick and Wanda Dawson, a former boxer with a professional record of 2–6–1.
Chad Dawson has two sisters and four brothers. Rick and his family relocated to New Haven, Connecticut in 1988 in pursuit of jobs.
From 1996 until 2000, Chad attended James Hillhouse High School.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chad Dawson’s partner?

Chad Dawson has been married to Crystal since 2007 and they have three sons, Sir-Chancellor Dawson, Royal-Champion Dawson, and Prince-Chadwick Dawson. New Haven, Connecticut is where the family resides.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chad Dawson is a professional boxer from the United States. Between 2006 and 2013, he claimed multiple light heavyweight world titles and was one of the most highly rated boxers in the division.
Chad Dawson began his career as an amateur boxer, with a 67-13 record. In 2001, he won a national title for under-19s and a silver medal in the world championships. After that, he made his pro debut as a middleweight, then moved up to super-middleweight, defeating Carl Daniels and Ian Gardner. After failing a post-drug test for marijuana in 2004, he was banned from fighting for six months.
This, according to Dawson, was a motivating factor in his journey to light heavyweight. As a result, Dawson's fourteen-match winning streak came to an end on March 27, 2004, when his win over Aundalen Sloan was overturned to a no contest. After that, he moved up to the light-heavyweight class, where he had a 14-fight winning streak before losing to Aundalen Sloan.
Dawson earned a unanimous decision over former title challenger and fellow southpaw Eric Harding on June 2, 2006, to claim the regional NABF light heavyweight title.
Chad Dawson first gained international attention and rose to prominence on the world stage in 2007, when he defeated Tomasz Adamek in a fight to win the WBC light heavyweight title. After vacating the title, he overcame Antonio Tarver to capture the IBF and IBO titles in Las Vegas in 2008 and then defeated him again in 2009.
Dawson and Tarver had a rematch in 2009 where Dawson earned the sole knockdown of the fight against Tarver with 2:11 remaining in the final round. Dawson won by unanimous decision, receiving scores of 117–110 from two judges and 118–109 from the third judge. Dawson received $800,000 for the bout, while Tarver received $1 million.
Dawson's first career setback came in 2010 when he was defeated by Jean Pascal.
On October 20, 2011, the TKO ruling was ruled a Technical Draw by the WBC, and Hopkins remained the champion. In 2012, Chad defeated Bernard Hopkins to win the WBC title for the second time, as well as the Ring magazine and lineal belts.
Chad Dawson went down to super middleweight in 2012, a division in which he hadn't fought since 2006, to face Andre Ward for the unified WBA (Super), WBC, Ring, and lineal belts. Ward gave him his second loss after it became evident that Dawson could no longer compete at a lower weight. Dawson was tired due to his weight loss and was knocked out in one round by Adonis Stevenson in 2013, after returning to light heavyweight to defend his championships.
The boxer took a break from the sport until returning in 2014 to fight George Blades in the cruiserweight class, where he defeated Blades and declared himself back in the light heavyweight division. Later in the year, he was defeated by Tommy Karpency.
Dawson's career took another damage when he lost a split decision against Tommy Karpency on October 4, 2014. During the bout, Dawson appeared listless, demonstrating little of his once-famous athleticism. Dawson claimed after the fight that he damaged his left hand in the third round, preventing him from throwing combinations.

What awards has Chad Dawson won?

According to his professional boxing record, Chad Dawson has won 36 times and has five losses.

Interesting Chad Dawson Facts And Trivia

Chad Dawson's father was also a professional boxer for a short time.
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Chad Dawson Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Chad Dawson

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185 cm

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James Hillhouse High School

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Crystal Dawson


Rick Dawson, Wanda Dawson


Ricky Dawson
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