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Discover the little-known facts about singer-songwriter Chad Kroeger. Know more about him here in this article.
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About Chad Kroeger

Chad Kroeger is a famous Canadian singer who is the lead vocalist of Nickelback.
He is likewise a songwriter, musician, record producer, and guitarist as well; he has come up with studio albums and singles with Nickelback. Moreover, he has worked with numerous different artists creating music.
How well do you know Chad Kroeger? While possibly not much, we have assembled all you need to know about Chad Kroeger's net worth in 2022, his physical appearance, spouse, children, personal biography, and complete insights regarding his life. Indeed, assuming you're good to go, this is everything to know about Chad Kroeger as of now, so get stuck in.

Chad Kroeger Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chad Kroeger’s net worth?

Prior to getting into the numbers and knowing about Chad's net worth, we should grasp his types of revenue: music shows, songwriting, production, and singing. A well-known Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and guitarist, Chad Kroeger's ongoing assessed net worth is $65 million as of 2022, and that is not a little accomplishment using any and all means. He has been working with the Canadian musical rock band, Nickelback, since 1995, and it is his fundamental income source, despite the fact that he teams up with other artists for songwriting to creation projects.
Multi-skilled Chad Kroeger, whose real name is Chad Robert Turton, is a notable music personality in Canada. He initially began doing smaller shows, however is a part of the most renowned rock band in Canadian musical show history. In spite of the fact that his childhood was not lovely, presently, he is a star in the Canadian music industry.

How much does Chad Kroeger earn per year?

Chad Kroeger made an immense income by turning into the lead vocalist of the band Nickelback. The band has effectively released nine studio albums and many singles as well as music recordings. It has delivered numerous platinum-affirmed albums that sold over 50 million collections across the world. Chad Kroeger is extremely dynamic in his profession, and he keeps on releasing music for the songs and the fans.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chad Kroeger?

Canadian singer Chad Kroeger is 6 ft 1 in (185.4 cm) tall.

How old is Chad Kroeger?

As of now, Chad Kroeger's age is 48 years of age as he was born on November 15, 1974. His nationality is Canadian.

Childhood And Education

Chad Kroeger's birth took place on November 15, 1974, in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. He was raised by his parents Wendall Turton and Debbie Kroeger. His grandfather's name is Henry Kroeger. His father, Wendall, left the family when Chad was two years of age, so he began utilizing his mom's last name by birth rather than Turton. Kroeger has an elder brother, Mike, who plays bass for Nickelback. He also has one cousin named Brandon Kroeger. Chad's mother, Debbie, provided him with a guitar, and he figured out how to play it at age of 13. Despite the fact that the Canadian singer Chad Kroeger has been to school, he never completed his graduation from secondary school.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chad Kroeger’s partner?

Chad Robert Turton and Canadian/French vocalist lyricist Avril Lavigne became engaged in a romantic relationship in the wake of working on Lavigne's fifth collection in March 2012. Chad and Avril Lavigne became connected after just a single month of dating and hitched in the south of France on July 1, 2013, which likewise turned out to be Canada Day. The couple separated in 2015 but still are friends with each other. They divorced because of their busy schedules.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Initially, Canadian singer Chad Kroeger was an individual from the band called Village Idiot. In 1995, he collaborated with different individuals from the band and framed Nickelback. Their debut album 'Curb' became available in 1996. The cover band then delivered 'The Stated' in 1998. It sold over one million units in the United States.
Their profoundly effective studio album 'Silver Side Up' came up in 2001. After two years, Nickelback released 'The Long Road'. In 2005, the band concocted 'All The Right Reasons'. Their different albums are 'Dark Horse', 'Here and Now' 'No Fixed Address', and 'Feed The Machine'.
They have additionally come up with many hit singles including 'How You Remind Me', 'Photograph', 'Rockstar', 'When We Stand Together', and 'Lullaby'. He is likewise the organizer behind the band called The Suits XL. Kroeger has worked for the majority of artists comprising Santana, Timbaland, Avril Lavigne, and Chris Daughtry. He even recorded the vocals for a new song for the compilation album called 'Ultimate Santana'. In 2002, he concocted the single 'Hero'. Aside from this, he is a co-founder of the record name '604 Records'. His record name has delivered music for the majority of artists including Nick Carter, The Suits XL, Tommy Lee, and Carly Rae Jepsen.
Chad Kroeger made his name in the production field, and he delivered and sang a song for the film 'Spiderman' in 2002. Kroeger likewise created music for different groups, including 'Default' and 'Bo Bice'.

What awards has Chad Kroeger won?

Chad Kroeger has many followers across the world. He is known for giving the most prominent hits. Along with Nickelback, Kroeger has come up with numerous albums and singles. He has likewise won many honors and provides motivation to many. Such was his obsession with music that he even quit school.
With Nickelback, Chad Kroeger has gotten six nominations for the Grammy Awards. He is a double-cross victor of the American Music Awards alongside his band. He has likewise won two MTV Video Music Awards. In 2008, his band received the Record of the Year Award for 'Rockstar'. He has won numerous different honors including the People's Choice Awards, Juno Awards, and MuchMusic Video Awards.
Chad Kroeger is generally popular for being the guitarist and lead singer for Nickelback. Kroeger has likewise composed, created, and performed for different artists like Santana, Daughtry, Travis Tritt, Tim McGraw, and Timbaland. Nickelback has sold over 50 million collections, and the band has won five SOCAN International Achievement Awards. In 2009, it was named the best stone gathering of the 10 years by billboard magazine.

Other Interesting Chad Kroeger Facts And Trivia

Chad's sibling, Mike is additionally a part of Nickelback.
His cousin is Brandon Kroeger and was a member of the band The Village Idiots.
Chad helped Jonathan Simkin for the band The Suits XL.
Chad Robert Turton's previous partner Marianne Gurick is a boutique owner.
In 1990, the singer-songwriter Chad Kroeger fabricated a huge home on acres of land property in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The six-room, the nine-restroom manor was broadly included in a 2005 episode of MTV's 'Bunks'.
It includes an indoor hockey arena, an animal dwelling place for a few ponies, a recording studio indoor and open-air pools, and considerably more.
Chad sold the property in 2013 for a good sum.
His net worth is $65 million.
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Chad Kreoger Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Chad Robert Kroeger

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185 cm


Singer, Songwriter

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Debbie Kroeger, Wendall Turton


Mike Kroeger
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