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Charles Baudelaire was in a brief relationship with the actress, Marie Daubrun.
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About Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire was a French poet, essayist, art critic, and philosopher.
Charles Baudelaire was born on April 9, 1821, in Paris, France, and his art reviews were very popular. His first published work was an art review titled 'Salon Of 1845', and it was published under the pseudonym of Baudelaire Dufay.
Charles Baudelaire made several attempts to rejuvenate romanticism in France. His works include 'La Fanfarlo,' 'Les Fleurs du mal,' and many others. Charles Baudelaire was also the advocate of modern literary movements, and his attempts were always notable in the history of literature.
Charles Baudelaire was known as a dandy among his friends, who are also associated with literature and art. His poignant art reviews were always subject to study, and he is one of the great poets and art critics the literary world has ever seen.

Charles Baudelaire's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Charles Baudelaire's net worth?

The net worth of Charles Baudelaire is unknown.

How much does Charles Baudelaire earn per year?

Adequate information regarding the annual income of Charles Baudelaire is unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Charles Baudelaire?

The height of Charles Baudelaire is unknown.

How old was Charles Baudelaire?

Charles Baudelaire was 46 years old when he died on August 31, 1867 as he was born in April 1821.

Childhood And Education

Charles Baudelaire was born on April 9, 1821, in Paris, France. His parents were Joseph- Francois Baudelaire and Caroline. His father was an amateur artist in Paris. His father died in 1827. He was raised by his mother and stepfather, Jacques Aupick. He also had a half-brother named Claude Alphonse Baudelaire who was born in the year 1805 to Jeanne Justine Rosalie Janin and Joseph-François Baudelaire. Baudelaire attended a reputed school in Lyon, and his mood swings made his studies sometimes erratic and sometimes idle. Charles Baudelaire also attended Lycée Louis-le-Grand to study law in Paris. He was sent to Calcutta, India, by his stepfather in 1841, and he was so inspired by seeing the sea and ports there. After returning to Paris, Charles Baudelaire wrote some poems in the collection named 'Les Fleurs du ma.'.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Charles Baudelaire dating?

Charles Baudelaire had relationships with Jeanne Duval, the actress Marie Daubrun, and Apollonie Sabatier but was not married to anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Charles was best known for being the author of 'Les Fleurs du mal' or 'The Flowers Of Evi,', published in 1857.

What awards did Charles Baudelaire win?

It is not known if Charles Baudelaire received awards and acclamations during his lifetime. However, his works were critiqued by various famous critics, and many poets and novelists such as Marcel Proust and Arthur Rimbaud considered Baudelaire to be one of the greatest poets of his time.

Charles Baudelaire's Hobbies And Interests

Art and literature were the major interests of Charles Baudelaire. He liked to travel and critique art. He was interested in photography as well.

Other Interesting Charles Baudelaire Facts And Trivia

Charles Baudelaire was a renowned poet, art critic, essayist, and philosopher. Charles Baudelaire's first work was a review titled 'Salon de 1845' or 'Salon Of 1845', and he wrote that under the pseudonym of Baudelaire Dufays.
He published a novella titled ‘La Fanfarlo.’
Charles Baudelaire's most famous work is the volume of poems named 'The Flowers Of Evil' or 'Les Fleurs du ma,' published in the year 1857.
Charles Baudelaire was an efficient writer, but all the time, he suffered from stress, illness, and emotional and mental distress.
Some of the poems in 'The Flowers Of Evil' were already published in 'Review Of Two Worlds' or ‘Revue des deux mondes’. Auguste Poulet Malassis, a friend of Baudelaire's, published them in 'Review Of Two Worlds' in the year 1855.
The poems in the work reached a large audience, and there was an attempt to rejuvenate romanticism.
The major themes of the poems were death, metamorphosis, corruption, and melancholy, among others. Charles Baudelaire used imagery widely, and he used this figurative language mostly to represent fragrance and smell.
His art reviews were very poignant, and many critics particularly observed his art reviews.
In his final years, Charles Baudelaire worked on the adaptation and translation of the famous autobiographical work by Thomas De Quincey.
Charles Baudelaire’s studies on Gustave Flaubert were very popular.
He was in a relationship with Jeanne Duval, who was one of his muses, but their relationship was not so happy.
The major part of Charles Baudelaire's works were published after his death.
The French romantic poets highly inspired his poems.
His poignant criticisms revealed in his art reviews were always a subject to study.
He translated many stories by the famous poet and writer, Edgar Allan Poe.
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Charles Baudelaire Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Charles Pierre Baudelaire

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Poet, Essayist, Art Critic


Lycée Louis-le-Grand


Joseph-François Baudelaire, Caroline Baudelaire


Claude Alphonse Baudelaire
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