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About Charles Horace Mayo

Charles Horace Mayo was a medical practitioner of American origin.

Mayo, along with his brother William James Mayo and other members, co-founded Mayo Clinic, which is one of the best medical treatment and research facilities in the world, and is located in Rochester, Minnesota. Despite being an expert in almost all surgical areas, Charles Horace Mayo's main area of specialization lay in neurosurgery and cataract operations.

In addition to this, Charles Horace Mayo is well renowned for being the inventor of orthopedic and goiter surgeries.

Charles Horace Mayo Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Charles Horace Mayo’s net worth?

There is no information available regarding Charles Horace Mayo's net worth.

How much did Charles Horace Mayo earn per year?

The yearly earnings of Charles Horace Mayo are not yet known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Charles Horace Mayo?

Charles Horace Mayo's height is not known.

How old was Charles Horace Mayo?

Charles Horace Mayo was 73 years old at the time of his death. He died on May 26, 1939, in Chicago, Illinois.

Childhood And Education

Charles Horace Mayo was born on July 19, 1865, in the Minnesota city of Rochester. William Worrall Mayo, a physician and chemist, and Louise Abigail Wright were Charles' parents.

Mayo had three sisters and an elder brother named William James Mayo. Mayo and his brother, William, used to study Latin, classics, and painting at the Rochester Training School.

During his senior year at school, Mayo assisted his father and brother in providing medical care to tornado victims in Rochester.

Later, after Charles Horace Mayo graduated from high school, he followed in his father's footsteps by enrolling in Chicago Medical College, which was later a part of Northwestern University, where he earned his degree in 1888.

The Mayo brothers helped their father on his professional trips and observed him making diagnoses and prescribing medication. They subsequently assisted him in surgical procedures. Thus, it was virtually inevitable that the brothers would study medicine, and after graduating from medical school, they joined their father's private practice. Later, after their father's retirement, they were joined by additional physicians and established Mayo Clinic. A few decades under their direction, the 45-bed surgical clinic they established in 1903 evolved into a multi-building, integrated medical center.

Family, Romance, And Relationship

Who was Charles Horace Mayo’s partner?

Charles Horace Mayo's wife was Edith Graham, whom he married in 1893. Edith was a nurse aesthetician who assisted Mayo in his first surgery at Saint Mary's Hospital. The couple had two sons named Joseph Graham Mayo and Charles William Mayo.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After completing his postgraduate studies at New York Polyclinic Medical School, Mayo joined his father, William Worrall Mayo, and elder brother, William James Mayo, in their private practice in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1888.

In 1919, Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization, was established in close ties with the University of Minnesota Medical School. Mayo specialized in thyroid and nervous system surgery.

Until 1908, Charles Horace Mayo was also in charge of the clinic's ophthalmology patients. Emphasis on safe conditions in the operating room was one of the numerous variables that led to the early surgical achievements of the medical practice.

Charles Horace Mayo was engaged in various medical and academic organizations. Mayo served as president of the Minnesota State Medical Association from 1905-1906 and of the American Medical Association from 1916-1917.

Mayo and his brother William served as chief surgical consultants for the US Army during World War I.

What awards did Charles Horace Mayo win?

Charles Horace Mayo was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal in 1920.

In 1925, Mayo was awarded the Officer of the Legion of Honour of France, the Officer of the Order of Public Instruction (Golden Palms) of France, and the Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters of France.

In addition to this, he was also awarded the Commander of the Order of the Crown of Italy in 1932.

Charles Horace Mayo’s Hobbies And Interests

From a young age, Charles Horace Mayo was inclined toward medicine and used to assist his father in his clinic.

Other Interesting Charles Horace Mayo Facts And Trivia

  • Saint Mary's Hospital and Rochester Methodist Hospital joined Mayo Clinic in 1986. The Mayo Foundation also launched a nationwide growth initiative in 1987, when Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, opened. Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, was opened in 1987. Currently, it operates a network of clinics, hospitals, and other health care facilities in Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • Mayo retired in 1930 and died in Chicago, Illinois, in 1939 of pneumonia.
  • In September 1964, the United States Postal Service issued a stamp showing Charles Horace Mayo and his brother.

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Charles Mayo Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Charles Mayo

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New York Polyclinic Medical School


Edith Graham


William Worrall Mayo, Louise Abigail Wright


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