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Charles VII of France was given the title of Dauphin at the age of 14.
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About Charles VII Of France

Charles VII of France ruled France from October 21, 1422, to July 22, 1461 (until his death).
He was sworn as a king on July 17, 1429. Earlier in his rule, he was marked by his irresoluteness decisions, but his ruling period is considered very important in French History.
Because the 'Hundred Years of War', which was continued for the past several decades, were finally brought to an end during his period. After becoming Dauphin, he faced threats to his life. Duke John's soldiers 'The Fearless Burgundy' attempted to capture Paris.
In 1420, the 'Treaty of Troyes' was signed by the father of Charles VII of France, Charles VI. It was mentioned that King Henry V of England's infant son Henry VI would be the next king of France. But many people considered the treaty invalid. Because the mental health of Charles VI was unstable and contemplated Dauphin Charles to be the legal heir. 

Childhood And Education

Charles VII of France, also known as 'Charles The Victorious' (le Victorieux), was born on February 24, 1403, at the Royal House of Valois, Paris, France.
His parents were Charles VI of France (Father) and Isabeau of Bavaria (Mother). He was their fifth son and eleventh child. His father was mentally unstable and had a mental disorder.
Charles VII of France had four other elder brothers. However, all of them died at an early age and had no children.
Charles VII was the only inheritor of the Throne, and at the age of 14 years (in 1417), in his early life, he was known as Dauphin (heir to the throne).
Charles VII of France, before becoming a king, commanded an army against England with the tri-colored French Flag (red, white, and blue).

Family and Relationship

Charles VII of France married Marie of Anjou (daughter of Queen Yolande of Aragon) on December 18, 1422; she was his second cousin. Both were the great-grandchildren of King John ii of France and his first wife, Bonne of Bohemia.
Charles VII of France and his wife had fourteen children. He had five mistresses also.

Career And Professional Highlights

Charles VII of France inherited the throne of France under several stressful circumstances but was never crowned.
He became the King when 'The Hundred Years of War' was going on, and the forces of the English Kingdom and the Duke of Burgundy captured Guyenne and northern France, including Paris and Reims. His father, Charles VI, was mentally unstable and disowned Charles VII in 1420 and appreciated Henry V of England and his heirs as the actual successors of the French Crown. A civil war between the Burgundian Party, allied to the English, and the Armagnacs, supporters of the House of Valois, started.
After the death of Charles VII's elder brother John (1417), he became the Dauphin of France and Lieutenant-General also. He and his court wanted to stop the civil war and removed it to Bourges, the south of Loire River, and thus was contemptuously called the 'King of Bourges.' Burgues occupied these areas with the cooperation of Duke John the Fearless of Burgundy. At last, at Montereau, the Duke of Burgundy was murdered by the Armagnacs in the presence of Charles VII of France.
His military and political power were improved, and in the year 1429, a teenage girl Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d'Arc), a sacred religious leader of France, met Charles VII on February 23 in Chinon. Interaction with her and influenced by her spiritual faith in the French Monarchy, Charles VII gained his confidence as a king. Charles VII considered Joan of Arc as ‘Noble Dauphin.’
Joan of Arc and other leaders built a force- French Troops stand for Carles VII. They lifted the Sieges of Orleans and other cities on the Loire valley. They annihilated the English king at the Battle of Patay. The regional English troop was scattered, and the people of Reims were free. For which he was quickly crowned at Reims Cathedral in 1429.
After six years, Charles vii Signed the 'Treaty of Arras' with Burgundy, which ended the English-Burgundian alliance. He fully recovered Paris in 1436 and re-conquest of Normandy in 1440 with the help of a newly organized, skillful army and modernized cannons.
In 1453, by the Battle of Castillon, he and his newly formed army removed the English troops from all their conquered areas in France, excluding the Pale of Calais.

Best Known For…

During the Hundred Years of War between France and England, France became split. During the period of Charles VII of France, the country became united. He smashed the civil war of France.

Charity Work

There are no historical pieces of information on the charity works of Charles VII.

What awards did Charles VII Of France win?

He was awarded as 'The Count of Ponthieu' at an early age.

Charles VII Of France’s Hobbies And Interests

There are no historical pieces of information on the hobbies and interests of Charles VII.

Other Interesting Charles VII Of France Facts And Trivia

  • Charles VII of France was born on February 22, 1403, in Paris, France died on 22nd July 22, 1461, in Mehun-Sur-Yevre, France, at the age of 58 years.
  • Joan of Arc was considered a noble figure in Charles VII's life, and he was Catholic by religion.
  • He was buried on August 7, 146,1, in Saint-Denis Basilica.
  • His successor was Louis XI.
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