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Check Out These Cayman Island Facts Before Planning Your Visit

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The Cayman Islands are a part of the British Overseas Territory but are a self-governing group of three islands.

The Cayman Islands are geographically located in the Western Caribbean sea and are spread across a 102 sq. mi (264 sq. km) area. The three Cayman islands comprise self-governing states of the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and the Little Cayman, in decreasing order of island size.

The Grand Cayman island is the largest in terms of area as well as the population of all the three Cayman Islands, the capital George town is also located on the Grand Cayman. Interestingly, the head of state of the Cayman Islands is the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The Cayman Islands are infamous for being offshore financial heaven as they do not collect taxes on incomes, but at the same time, the islands are massively visited for their one-of-a-kind diving spots, marine life, and various water sports options. The Cayman islands' weather conditions make it a top tourist destination with the mean temperature lying around the range of 78 F (25.5 C). Let us now take a look at some interesting Cayman islands' facts and what makes this place a must-visit.

Discovery Of The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands were under British control since the latter half of the 17th century, as prior to that, the Cayman Islands had become a heaven for the pirates. During the mid of the 20th century, the island got separated from Jamaica and has ever since been self-governed by the island but is politically still a part of the British overseas territory.

  • It was Christopher Columbus who discovered the Cayman Islands on May 10, 1503, while he was on his way to the Americas.
  • Did you know, upon discovery, Columbus named the group of islands as 'Las Tortugas' owing to the huge turtle population on the island.
  • Later, the islands were called 'Caymans' owing to the alligator type 'caiman' present on the island.
  • Interestingly, the Cayman Islands weren't immediately colonized upon their discovery by Columbus.
  • Did you know Isaac Bodden was the first-ever permanent inhabitant of the Cayman Islands after he was born in 1661 on the Grand Cayman.
  • Did you know, in 1734, the then governor of Jamaica signed this first royal land grant, which led to the demand for slaves on the island.
  • In 1833, slavery was abolished on the island, at the time, there were around 950 slaves hailing from African descent.
  • From 1863-1962, the Cayman islands were a part of the Colony of Jamaica, following which they went on to become self-governed.
  • In 2004, Grand Cayman's dwellings were massively damaged due to Hurricane Ivan. The wind-driven hurricane debris and floods played a major role in the destruction.


Food Of The Cayman Islands

Over the past years, Cayman islands have become a considerable tourist destination, with the Cayman islands department of tourism stating the same. Due to the increase in footfall, there has been a massive rise in the quality as well as quantity of island's hotels and restaurants.

  • Did you know there are around 200 restaurants on the Cayman islands ranging from local outlets to multi-chain restaurants.
  • There are various well-maintained restaurants that serve authentic Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, and Australian cuisine.
  • Some of the must-try local foods at the Caymanian cafes include a variety of seafoods, conch fritters.
  • Coconut shrimp is one of the most well-liked food dishes on the Cayman islands. This nutty-flavored dish is usually ordered as a starter.
  • Did you know there is an authorized turtle farm on the Cayman islands where turtles are raised for meat and shells.
  • Turtle stew is an indigenous dish of the Cayman islands usually served alongside rice and beans.
  • You must have eaten fruit cakes at some point of time or other, but the fruit cake you get on the Cayman islands are unique and one of a kind.
  • Did you know the dates, raisins, prunes, and currants used in making this fruit cake are soaked in rum, and it takes months to make a fruit cake.
  • Did you know the famous cocktail Mudslide was born on the Cayman islands during the '80s.
Did you know, in 2009, the Cayman government created a new artificial reef off the Seven-mile beach near the Grand Cayman island.

Tourist Attraction Of The Cayman Islands

Whether it is the Brac and little cayman islands or the Grand Cayman, tourist attractions are available in plenty on all of these islands. Interestingly, each of these islands has a specialty of its own when it comes to tourism.

  • Did you know you can swim along with friendly stingrays in open water in a place called the Stingray city, located a short distance from Grand Cayman.
  • The Seven Mile Beach is undoubtedly one of the rated and most visited places in the Cayman Islands, and rightly so. The beach is considered one of the best in the Caribbeans.
  • Wreck diving, snorkeling, and shallow diving are some activities for which the Cayman islands are especially famous.
  • You can also visit Spotts Beach to take a glimpse of turtles swimming in the clear waters.
  • Did you know you can spot the endangered Blue iguana at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park on Grand Cayman island.
  • If you enjoy art and artifacts, you can spend your time visiting the National Gallery and National Museum of the Cayman islands in George town.
  • Another place which the tourists in Cayman islands visit pretty often is the Bloody Bay Marine Reserve located on the Little Cayman island featuring the renowned Bloody Bay Wall.
  • If you are a fan of caves, you must visit the second-largest island of the three, Cayman Brac. Caves such as Peter's Cave. Rebecca's Cave, Skull Cave, and many others are found on the Cayman Brac.
  • You can also take a look at the coral reefs of this island from the many dive spots at the Cayman Brac.

Specialties Of The Cayman Islands

Cayman islands have grown increasingly popular since the turn of the century, and there are a lot of reasons that have led to the Cayman islands becoming this popular. Let us take a look at some of the special features or astonishing facts about the Cayman islands.

  • Did you know the Cayman islands are actually part of a mountain with a flat top known as the Cayman Ridge.
  • Being so flat, the highest point of the island known as The Bluff is merely 141 ft (43 m) above sea level, located in the Cayman Brac's eastern part.
  • Did you know studies show that Cayman islands have been affected by more hurricanes than any other region in the Atlantic basin owing to the tropical location of the island.
  • Did you know the main airport of the Cayman islands is the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM), located in George Town on the Great Cayman islands.
  • Flights from Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica, London, Toronto, Havana are directly available to this island.
  • The official language of this island is English, and the currency used throughout is Caymanian Dollars (KYD).
  • The GDP of this country is a whooping US dollar 43,800, and the islands experience a GDP real growth rate of 1.7%
  • The island is accessed by various money men owing to its lenient taxation policies, which has led to the island being really expensive.
  • Did you know George town ranks 61 on the list of most expensive places in the world, speaking leaps, and bounds about the cost of living on these islands.
  • The three islands together have a population of 61,994 according to the latest census, with Grand Cayman being the most populous of all three.
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