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Cherry Wallis is a popular YouTuber of today
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About Cherry Wallis

Cherry Wallis is a Youtuber from Birmingham, England, with 772k followers on her self-titled YouTube Chanel.
Cherry Wallis is famous for her videos that include Comedy sketches, day-to-day videos, advice videos, fandom-related content, and many more. Cherry Wallis began her YouTube career in June 2009, although it was much later when she started uploading content on her YouTube channel named ‘Cherry Wallis.’
Her videos usually center around art, music, beauty and videos related to the wizarding universe of Harry Potter and makeup tutorials. Cherry Wallis opened a second YouTube channel named 'More Cherry' that caters to all the bloopers, extra content, and is more casual than her previous one.

Cherry Wallis Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cherry Wallis’ net worth?

Cherry Wallis has emerged in the growing years of YouTube channel as a valuable celebrity that has dominated the platform with fandoms based on popular fictional series such as 'Harry Potter', and 'Fantastic Beasts.' We are well aware of the huge following these fictional YouTube series have gathered on her channel. These things have contributed to her net worth calculated approximately at $1.5 million.

How much does Cherry Wallis earn per year?

Cherry Wallis is the owner of the YouTube channel 'Cherry Wallis' and 'More Cherry' that has a following of 772k and 12.4k respectively. She has continued making various videos on fantasy-related subjects and sometimes tried to depict her personal life through vlogs. Being a social media icon, she has achieved 133k followers on Instagram and 93.1k followers on Twitter. Her popularity on media sites has estimated her per year earning at $118 thousand dollars.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cherry Wallis?

Cherry Wallis height is not known according to our information.

How old is Cherry Wallis?

Cherry Wallis was born in the city of Birmingham on April 15, 1990. Her age is 32 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Cherry Wallis belongs to Britain, in the European Continent. She was born in Birmingham, England on the date of April 15, 1990. The identity of her parents and friends is not much updated for the public knowledge. The YouTuber has chosen to remain private about her personal life. Yet from her YouTube, we came to know about her sibling, Ben.
Cherry Wallis before venturing into YouTube has completed her bachelor's degree in Art and Design from Birmingham City University in her hometown. upon finishing her degree, She decided to follow her passion for making videos which led her to her present success.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cherry Wallis’ partner?

Cherry Wallis is rumored to be dating a fellow content creator called Pete Sowerby. This couple had been together with each other for the past few years and has posted pictures of their travels, time spent together. They are not engaged yet and have been living happily with each other.

Career And Professional Highlights

Cherry Wallis began her YouTube career on June 8, 2009 with her Chanel 'Ms. Cherry goes pop.' She restrained from uploading videos until the year 2011. Her first video was titled 'the truth about girls', and this commencing video strengthened her position on YouTube dominion with views surpassing 38k views, making it her one of the most popular videos.
Her content mostly revolves around fandom inspired by famous fantasy fictional books such as Harry Potter, and Fantastic beast written by J. K. Rowling, and stuff related to the DC universe. Her Youtuber series consists of items related to such fandoms, My magical kitchen, mystery box opening, comedy sketches, beauty related videos are amongst her videos that have been celebrated on her YouTube channel with many views.
Her second channel 'More Cherry' is more of the behind-the-scenes channel and lets us a closer look into both her professional life and travels and including her adventures. 'America|Florida adventure', and 'Egypt adventure' are some of its most viewed videos. Apart from being the most known vlogger in the city of Birmingham, England, She is versatile in other careers too. Her single debut 'Hero' was released in 2013, which has made her an acclaimed singer with her songs topping the iTunes charts.

Best Known For…

She is best known for her YouTube channel where she posts videos regularly and vlogs with 772k subscribers.

Charity Work

We do not have sufficient information on her charity work.

What awards has Cherry Wallis won?

The fantasy-beauty vlogger has won the nickelodeon kids choice award in 2016 for 'UK's favorite breakthrough vlogger.'

Cherry Wallis’ Hobbies And Interests

Photography, reading fantasy novels, and singing is some of her hobbies.

Other Interesting Cherry Wallis Facts And Trivia

Did you know her debut song 'Hero' has been one of the top songs on iTunes?
In 2021, in February she unboxed the star ace figure of one of the most underrated characters of Harry Potter, Remus Lupin remains her most-watched with 61, 742 views.

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Cherry Wallis Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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