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About Chino Moreno

Chino Moreno is a popular American songwriter, guitarist, and singer.
Moreno is the lead singer of the path-breaking metal band 'Deftones.' He has cut through the metal scene with his unmatched vocal range and a voice that has inspired millions of young singers and bands alike.
Chino Moreno was born in California, USA, to a Chinese mother and Mexican father. His multicultural upbringing and a vast musical diet comprising legends like 'The Smiths,' 'Mogwai,' 'Duran Duran,' and 'Sade' cemented his position as the front-man of the metal veteran ‘Deftones.’
He has composed and sang many songs for this band which has topped the world charts for weeks and has fetched him a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. His vocal range, expanding from a mild tenor to a blood-curling scream, has given him a legendary status in the music industry.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chino Moreno’s net worth?

Chino Moreno is an American rock and metal singer. He has gained terrific fame courtesy of his metal and rock songs and has a net worth of approximately $7 million. He generates most of his earnings from his concerts and music albums.

How much does Chino Moreno earn per year?

Chino Moreno has had a long career in the music industry. Most of his songs are incredibly popular worldwide, and he enjoys a global fan following. This American singer is wealthy owing to his contribution to rock and metal music, and his net worth is around $7 million. However, we couldn't find his annual earnings as it not listed on the internet.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chino Moreno?

American Singer Chino Moreno has a height of about 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

How old is Chino Moreno?

Chino Moreno was born on June 20, 1973. He was born in the small city of Sacramento in California, USA. His current age is 48, and he will celebrate his 49th birthday in 2022. Chino Moreno's zodiac sign is Gemini.

Childhood And Education

On June 20, 1973, Chino Moreno was born in Sacramento, the USA. At the time of birth, he was named Camillo Wong Moreno, after his parents Camillo Moreno and Deborah Wong. Chino Moreno’s mother is Mexican-Chinese, and his father, Camillo, is Mexican. His uncles fondly referred him to as Chino, meaning the little Chinese one, as he looked more Asian than Mexican. This name caught on and later became his stage name. Chino Moreno has four siblings, and he is the second eldest. We know nothing else about his personal life.
Chino Moreno grew up in the Oak Park area in California with his brothers and sisters. He attended McClatchy High School. Since childhood, Chino has been into skateboarding and was a member of the school’s skateboarding team.
In school, he met his bandmates, Abe Cunningham and Stephen Carpenter, who were his fellow skateboarders. Abe and Chino were classmates, and Stephen was a few years older than them. The three of them formed an instant bond which led to the formation of 'Deftones' in 1988.
Chino Moreno, in an interview, fondly said, reminiscing about his school days, that the band was formed in the garage of Stephen Carpenter, where they would spend long hours after school banging drums and screaming to death metal songs.
Before becoming the lead singer and songwriter of 'Deftones,' Chino Moreno worked at the Tower Record’s shipping department. He was not a fan of metal music and referred to it as devil music. 

Family, Romance, And RelationshipsWho is Chino Moreno's partner?

Chino Moreno is married to his longtime girlfriend, Risa Mora. They started dating in 2010 and tied the knot on March 7, 2012. Chino and Risa have been together for 12 years and are blessed with two children. Not much is known about Risa Mora. However, Risa posts many pictures with her husband on her Instagram page.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chino Moreno is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the band 'Deftones.' Chino founded the band in 1988 with his school friends Abe Cunningham and Stephen Carpenter. Deftones released their first album, ‘Adrenaline’ in 1995. The album wasn’t an instant hit, but the band’s extensive promotion and world tours eventually earned them a dedicated fan base.
Listeners worldwide loved the music videos for the songs ‘Bored’ and ‘7 words.’ In 1997, the band released their second album, ‘Around The fur,’ which propelled the band to fame, and Chino Moreno became a popular name in the metal music scene. His guitar lines and unconventional way of screaming in the band’s music earned him a worldwide fan base.
Chino Moreno has also been a part of several side projects like 'Team Sleep,' 'Crosses,' and 'Palms.' He is still working as a metal singer and songwriter on new albums for 'Deftones' and other projects. He continues to be one of the most famous names in the metal music industry. 

Charity Work

Chino Moreno and his band 'Deftones' have launched a charity called Adopt A Dot. It is a global relief fund to help the live music crews whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What awards has Chino Moreno won?

Singer and songwriter Chino Moreno's band 'Deftones' won the Grammy Award for the Best Metal Performance for the song 'Elite' in 2001. He has also won several other music awards. 

Other Interesting Chino Moreno Facts And Trivia

Chino Moreno's band 'Deftones' is sponsored by popular labels like Warner Bros and Maverick Studios.
Chino Moreno has dark brown eyes. He has a tattoo of Baphomet on his hand.

Chino Moreno Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Camillo Wong Moreno

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




175 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Singer, Songwriter, Musician


McClatchy High School

Net Worth



Risa Mora


Deborah Wong, Camillo Moreno
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