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Chip Foose is famous as the host of the American automotive reality series 'Overhaulin'.
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About Chip Foose

On October 13, 1963, Chip Foose was born in Santa Barbara, California, and is an automobile designer.

Chip Foose is a business owner and also a hot rod enthusiast. He was inducted at a very early age into the Hall of Fame of hot rods in 1997.

Chip Foose became famous when a documentary was made on his design and creation by the TLC channel. He had redesigned and modified the 2002 Thunderbird and called it Speedbird. After the documentary was completed, the TLC channel started the show 'Overhaulin', which starred Chip Foose. The show aired for five seasons, and Chip Foose had reimposed 80 vehicles. He had designed vehicles for NASCAR and many such well-known companies.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chip Foose's net worth?

The net worth of Chip Foose is said to be around $18.5 million earned throughout his career as an automobile designer.

How much does Chip Foose earn per year?

Chip Foose's annual earnings are not revealed in the media, but his earnings come from his automobile designs.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chip Foose?

Chip Foose stands at the height of 5 ft 11 in (180 cm).

How old is Chip Foose?

Chip Foose, a famous automobile designer, fabricator, and entrepreneur, was born on October 13, 1963, and is 58 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

On October 13, 1963, Chip Foose was born in Santa Barbara, California, to Sam Foose and Terry Foose. Chip Foose has two siblings, Amy Michelle Foose and Jodi Foose. Sam Foose was a car enthusiast and owned a company called Project Design, and Chip Foose's mother was a housewife.

Chip Foose, from his childhood, had developed an interest in cars. As a child, he did tinkering with his father's cars and enjoyed doing it with his father next to him to guide and support him. While working in his father's company, Chip Foose learned to draw from his father and tried to copy his designs initially but later began to draw designs of his own.

Chip Foose attended the Art Center College of Design but had to drop out due to a financial crisis. He then worked in Clenet Coachworks for four years and returned to Art Center College of Design to complete his graduation. He graduated in 1991 and joined Hot Rods by Boyd.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chip Foose's partner?

Chip Foose has been married to Lynne Foose since 1991, whom he has been dating since his college days. Lynne Foose has been there with him through thicks and thins. They have two children, Brock Foose and Katie Foose. Chip Foose is a family person and spends most of his time with his wife and children.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chip Foose, an automobile designer from Santa Barbara, California, started working at the age of seven in his father's company. He was working in two companies at the same time. Chip Foose did full-time work in a company called Sternberger Designs and part-time for Boyd Coddington.

He later quit Sternberger Designs and joined J Mays at Ford but continued working for Boyd Coddington. Chip Foose then worked full-time in Boyd and became the president at Hot Rods by Boyd. He worked there for a long time. In 1998, Hot Rods by Boyd went bankrupt, due to which Chip Foose left his job with the company.

Chip Foose and his wife moved to Huntington Beach in California and started a new automotive and design company named Foose Designs. Chip Foose became popular when the TLC channel made a documentary on his design and creation called Speedbird. After the documentary, TLC also launched a show named 'Overhaulin', which starred Chip Foose.

The show was first aired in 2012 on Velocity and Discovery network. The show continued for five seasons, and Chip Foose had restored around 80 vehicles. In 2019, the show was revamped and returned on Motor Trend. Chip Foose hosted the show along with Chris Jacobs.

Chip Foose has also contributed to the movies in various ways. He assisted Pixar studios in preparing the graphic designs and schemes for the movies 'Cars' and 'Cars 2'. He was also the judge of the reality series on television called 'Ultimate Car Build-Off.'

Chip Foose is an automobile designer who has designed many cars. Chip Foose's father gifted him a Volkswagen, his first car. His first project car was designing cars like Boydster and Boydster II. Also, he designed a modified version of the 2002 Ford Thunderbird, which he named Speedbird and 0032 Roadster. He also has various modified versions of cars like Hemisfear, Mustang Stallion, and 1969 Camaro.

Chip Foose has been in the automobile field for more than 30 years now, and he is still successfully running his business. Chip Foose is the world's top Hot Rod designer who owns the company Foose Design, headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. This company modifies and builds customized cars. Chip Foose's car to be hand-built takes six years and costs more than $1 million.

Charity Work

Chip Foose is the vice-chairman of the California chapter of the Progeria Foundation for research. Chip Foose's youngest sister passed away due to Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome. Chip Foose is also actively involved in several charities related to children, like Childhelp Camp. He was also conferred with the title of Grand Marshal at a charity event for children.

What awards has Chip Foose won?

Chip Foose has received several awards in his area of work. Awards received by Chip Foose are Goodguys Street Rod of the Year, America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award, SEMA Hall Of Fame, Hot Rod Hall Of Fame, Ridler Award, Grand National Roadster Show Hall Of Fame, and others.

Chip Foose's Hobbies And Interests

Chip Foose is a family person and loves spending time with his wife and children whenever he is not working.

Other Interesting Chip Foose Facts And Trivia

Chip Foose's real name is Douglas Sam Foose.

Chip Foose became friends with a famous designer for Ford and Preston called Alex while working in his father's company. Alex inspired him to become a designer.

Chip Foose got inducted into around 12 different halls of fame in 2002.

Chip Foose was the designer who created the iconic film car, Eleanor, for the movie 'Gone In 60 Seconds'.

Chip Foose started working in his dad's company at the age of seven, and he earned 17 cents per hour.

From earning 17 cents per hour to a net worth of $18.5 million, Chip Foose's journey to success is incredible.

Hemisfear, a limited production vehicle by Chip Foose, also known as Foose Coupe, was auctioned at the Baret-Jackson auction in Palm Beach.

The Santa Barbara entrepreneur, Chip Foose, was the youngest to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the age of 34.

Chip Foose was also part of shows like 'Ultimate Car Build-off' in 2010, 'Rides' from 2004 to 2005, 'Inside Overhaulin', and 'Overhaulin' from 2004 to 2015.

Chip Foose is also active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

A company called Unique Performance copied Chip Foose's popular and award-winning designs, including Grandmaster and Impression.

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Chip Foose Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Douglas Sam Foose

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Santa Barbara



180 cm

Child Star?



Automobile Designer, Entrepreneur, Artist, Fabricator


Art Center College of Design

Net Worth



Lynne Foose


Sam Foose, Terry Foose


Amy Michelle Foose, Jodi Foose
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