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About Chris Ivery

Chris Ivery is the music producer and husband of Ellen Pompeo.
Chris Ivery has been drawing a lot of attention to his personal life for being married to one of the highest-paid television actresses. However, Chris Ivery is an experienced musician who has produced music for the past 25 years.
Chris Ivery, a Harvard University graduate started producing music a long time back before he decided to change his course of career. Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo have one of the most unique love stories of all time. The couple although lived 10 miles away from each other, did not know each other till they met at a grocery store in 2003 in Los Angeles. Initially, the couple were friends and shared a platonic relationship, and it was after six months that they began dating and finally got married. Although Chris Ivery prefers to keep his life private yet he is in the limelight. The past of Chris Ivery was a little rough as it was associated with drugs, forgery, and violations. At that time Chris was only 19 years old, but he is a changed man now who is successfully running a clothing line business. He has three children with Ellen Pompeo and has appeared on reality shows such as 'Punk'd' an MTV prank reality show and other talk shows. Besides, he has also written a song for 'Smash'.

Chris Ivery's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chris Ivery's net worth?

Chris Ivery was a music producer and later turned into a businessman owning a clothing line. His individual net worth Chris is not listed, but his combination with his spouse is approximately more than $70 million. His wife Ellen Pompeo has one of the most successful careers in television and is really famous for her role in 'Grey's Anatomy'.

How much does Chris Ivery earn per year?

The annual earnings of Chris Ivery are not listed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chris Ivery?

Chris Ivery is approximately 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

How old is Chris Ivery?

Chris Ivery was born on February 4, 1968. As of May 2022, he is 54 years old. He is one year older than his wife Ellen Pompeo.

Childhood And Education

Chris Ivery was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His original name is Christopher Ivery. He graduated from Harvard University. Regardless, Chis Ivery had a troublesome past as a teen before he became an American producer of Music. He has criminal records including credit card fraud, trafficking of drugs, theft, and more. Not many details are available regarding the father and mother of Chris Ivery.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chris Ivery’s partner?

Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo met in 2003 at an unusual place, a grocery store. 'The Grey's Anatomy', star Chris Ivery was friends with him in the beginning and soon after six months, their friendship changed into a solid relationship. However, being a private person Chris did not talk much about their relationship. It was on one birthday evening of Ellen Pompeo that Chris proposed to her and Ellen Pompeo said yes. They got married in New York City on November 9, 2007, in the presence of Michael Bloomberg, the city mayor who also became their legal witness. The couple have three children, two daughters, and one son. Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery is the eldest of all who was born on September 15, 2009. The second child of Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo is Sienna May Pompeo Ivery born in 2014 and the third child is Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery who was born on December 29, 2016.

Career And Professional Highlights

Chris Ivery was a music producer who started his career in music when he was 25 years old. However, after producing music for 25 years he decided to change his profession.

Best Known For…

Chris Ivery is best known for his career as a music producer as he dedicated 25 years of his life to that profession. He was the co-writer of the song 'Cheers' which was released in 2011 by Rihanna.
He appeared on the MTV prank reality show where he pranked his wife Ellen Pompeo, that show is called 'Punk'd'.
Besides, he was also seen on 'Entertainment Tonight'. He is now a successful businessman who has his own clothing line Sergio Tacchini, which was launched in Los Angeles. His clothing line is an Italian sportswear label. He officially launched the STLA Collection in 2019. Although he decided to change his career after 25 years when he was 50, he received huge support from his wife Ellen Pompeo.
As Chris Ivery does not have many television appearances, he is most popular as the partner of Ellen Pompeo who starred in 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Charity Work

Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo both do charity work. The charitable works of Chris Ivery are not officially listed. However, they are acknowledged for supporting charities such as the Children's Defense Fund, Cancer Society, AIDS foundation, and more.

Chris Ivery’s Hobbies And Interests

The hobbies and interests of Chris Ivery are not listed. He uses Instagram through his official handle 'chrisjivery' and is popular on Twitter as 'ChriisIvery'.

Other Interesting Chris Ivery's Facts And Trivia

  • The marriage ceremony of Chris and Ivery was very privately conducted in New York, as the couple went to Lupa for lunch. This was told by Ellen to Kelly Ripa on the 'Ryan Seacrest' show.
  • The ring that Chris Ivery proposed to Ellen was a 3.5-carat diamond ring.
  • Both Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo are fans of the Boston Celtics.
  • There were once rumors regarding Chris and Ellen's divorce, but later the couple confirmed that these all were rumors.
  • According to the birthday of Chris Ivery, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo went through the process of surrogacy for the birth of their second child Sienna May Pompeo Ivery in 2014.
  • Chris served in jail for three months in 1997 as he was caught in possession of banned substances. And he was convicted again in the following year for the same crime.
  • Before that Chris was serving at the federal prison in Pennsylvania for 15 months.

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Chris Ivery Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Christopher Ivery

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Cambridge, Massachusetts



180 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Music Producer, Businessman


Harvard University

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Ellen Pompeo
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