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Chris Sarandon's birthday is on July 24 and his zodiac sign is Leo. He is the voice of Jack Skellington.
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About Chris Sarandon

The full name of Chris Sarandon is Christopher Sarandon Jr.
Chris Sarandon is a versatile American actor. He has portrayed varying roles, from playing the role of Jesus Christ to being a vampire.
Chris Sarandon is also famous for being nominated for The Academy Awards and The Golden Globe Award for playing the role of Prince Humperdinck in the movie 'The Princess Bride' and Detective Mike Norris in the movie 'Child's Play'. Chris Sarandon is also famous for lending his voice to the movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. In this movie, he gave the voice for Jack Skellington. Keep reading to learn more interesting facts about Chris Sarandon!

Chris Sarandon's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chris Sarandon's net worth?

Chris Sarandon is a famous actor, and his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

How much does Chris Sarandon earn per year?

Chris Sarandon earns per year around $850,000. His per month salary is estimated to be around $70,833.33 and his per week salary is around $16,346.15.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chris Sarandon?

Chris Sarandon is around 6 ft (185 cm) tall.

How old is Chris Sarandon?

Chris Sarandon was born on July 28, 1942. He is 78 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

Chris Sarandon went to Woodrow Wilson High School, Beckley. In his early life days, he was a backup singer and used to play the drums for a local band popularly known as 'The Teen Tones'. Their band used to go on tours and play as backup artists for 'Danny & The Juniors', 'Gene Vincent', and 'Bobby Darin'.
In 1960, after graduating, Chris Sarandon joined West Virginia University. In 1964, he passed out with a major in speech. During his years at university, he was involved in musical productions like 'The Music Man'.
After his university years at West Virginia University, he went to the Catholic University of America (CUA), Washington, DC, where he completed his master's degree in theatre. Chris Sarandon was also a member of the National Players of the university and traveled all around the U.S. with the troupe to present plays.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Chris Sarandon was born in Beckley, West Virginia. His father is Christopher Sarandon, and his mother is Cliffie (née Cardullias).
Chris Sarandon's parents owned a restaurant. His mother was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and her parents were Greek immigrants. Chris Sarandon's father is also a Greek descendent, born in Istanbul, Turkey.

Who is Chris Sarandon's partner?

Chris Sarandon has been married three times. He got married to his first wife, Susan Sarandon (an American actress), in 1967. Susan Sarandon and Chris met when they went together to the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. However, the pair divorced in 1979.
Chris Sarandon got married to his second wife, Lisa Ann Cooper, in 1980, who was a fashion model. With Lisa Ann Cooper, he had a son and two daughters. His daughter Stephanie was born in 1982, Alexis Sarandon was born in 1984, and his son Michael Sarandon was born in 1988. The couple got divorced in 1989.
He got married to his third wife, Joanna Gleason, in 1994, an actress and singer. During their performance, Chris Sarandon and Joanna Gleason met in Broadway's short-lived 1991 musical 'Nick & Nora'. The couple returned to the stage together again in 1998 to perform 'Thorn and Bloom'. He currently lives with her in the U.S.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chris Sarandon toured and performed many spontaneous acts at the beginning of his career without any scripted preparation. Before getting into the film industry, Chris Sarandon was also involved in regional theater and performed in an outdoor drama in 1961, 'Honey in The Rock' at the theatre in West Virginia's Grandview.
Chris Sarandon made his first T.V. movie debut in 1965 in the play 'The Rose Tattoo'. He even worked with The Long Wharf Theatre Company for one season.
In 1968, Chris Sarandon went to New York. He made his debut on television in the series 'The Guiding Light' from 1973-1974. He played the role of Dr. Tom Halverson.
In the 1970s, Chris Sarandon made his Broadway debut in 'The Rothschilds' and 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona'. He appeared in several films.
In 1974, Chris Sarandon appeared in 'Thursday's Game' and 'The Satan Murders'. He made his debut in the movie 'Dog Day Afternoon' in 1975.
In 1976, Chris played a negative role in the motion picture 'Lipstick'. He played a demon role in 1977 in 'The Sentinel'. He even portrayed Jesus Christ (title role) in the 1980 movie 'The Day Christ Died'. Chris Sarandon's other movies include 'A Tale of Two Cities' (showing his charm as Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton), 'The Osterman Weekend', 'Protocol' and 'Fright Night' (a horror movie, played as Jerry Dandridge).
In 1987, Chris Sarandon played the villainous role of Prince Humperdinck in the movie 'The Princess Bride.' In 1988, he played Mike Norris's role, an investigating officer in the movie 'Child's Play'.
In 1993, Chris Sarandon gave voice to the Pumpkin King, or Jack Skellington, in the famous Disney animated movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.
In 1991, Chris Sarandon worked in Broadway's musical 'Nick & Nora' with actress and singer Joanna Gleason. The couple later got married. After their marriage in 1994, they co-starred in many movies like 'Edie & Pen', 'American Perfekt', 'Road Ends', and 'Let the Devil Wear Black'.
In 2006, Chris Sarandon performed in Broadway's plays 'Cyrano de Bergerac' and 'The Light in the Piazza'. In 2016, he performed in 'Preludes' which is an Off-Broadway musical.
Chris can also be seen in 'Orange Is The New Black' (T.V. episode 2016) as Kip Carnigan.

Charity Work

On Sunday, September 13, 2020, the beloved cast of Rob Reiner's movie 'The Princess Bride' met for a fundraising event for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

What awards has Chris Sarandon won?

Chris Sarandon hasn't received any awards, but he was nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globe awards. In 1975, Chris Sarandon was nominated for Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role at the Oscars. In 1976, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award For The Best Acting Debut Award.

Chris Sarandon's Hobbies And Interests

Chris Sarandon's hobbies include reading, learning, traveling, photography, internet surfing, etc. He is also a sports enthusiast and likes spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Other Interesting Chris Sarandon Facts And Trivia

  • Recently, Chris Sarandon has also appeared in many TV shows and in a drama series called 'E.R.' as Dr. Burke; in a legal drama 'Judging Amy', he played the role of Judge Barry Krumble; and in a fantasy series 'Charmed' as Armand, a demon.
  • In 1997, Chris Sarandon co-produced the crime thriller 'Road Ends'.
  • Chris Sarandon is the advisory board member of the Green Valley Theatre, West Virginia.

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Chris Sarandon Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Christopher Sarandon Jr.

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Beckley, West Virginia



185 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Film Actor, Voice Actor, Stage Actor


Woodrow Wilson High School

Net Worth



Joanna Gleason


Christopher Sarandon, Cliffie (née Cardullias)


John Peter Sarandon

Annual Earnings

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