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Christina Pazsitzky is one of the most popular comedians in America.
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About Christina Pazsitzky

Under the stage name Christina P., Christina Pazsitzky is a renowned television personality, comedy writer, internationally recognized stand-up comedian, and has a number of other achievements under her belt.
Apart from getting extraordinary recognition and success as one of the most loved stand-up comedians in America, Christina has also hosted numerous podcasts. Her podcast 'Your Mom's House', gained much appreciation and got Christina several nominations for Best Comedy at the Stitcher Awards.
Christina Pazsitzky was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on June 18, 1976.
Though she was born in Canada and then moved to the United States, she is of Hungarian descent. Her parents left Hungary and moved to Ontario in 1969, where Christina was born. When Christina was barely five years old, her family moved to southern California in the United States from Canada, providing a whole new life to the little girl.

Christina Pazsitzky Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Christina Pazsitzky’s net worth?

It is estimated that Christina and her husband Tom Segura have a joint net worth of about $12 million. Of that amount, Christina holds her share of about $5 million.

How much does Christina Pazsitzky earn per year?

The annual income of Christina Pazsitzky is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Christina Pazsitzky?

Christina Pazsitzky is about 6 ft (182 cm) tall.

Childhood And Education

Pazsitzky's parents were Hungarian and moved to Ontario before Christina was born. After that, they moved to the United States and settled in southern California.
Being a stand-up comedian was not something Pazsitzky always aspired to be. In fact, before turning into a full-time comedian, Christina Pazsitzky graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in philosophy. Christina also attended Oxford University.
After graduating, Christina went to study law, but only a few days into law school, she decided to drop out.
Christina Pazsitzky also worked as a writer for animated shows and movies, before completely dedicating her time to becoming a professional comedian.

Family, Romance, And Relationship

Who is Christina Pazsitzky’s partner?

Christina Pazsitzky met her husband, Tom Segura, in 2003, in a Los Angeles comedy club. They started dating and after almost five years together, the pair married in November 2008.
Christina gave birth to their first child, Ellis, in 2016, and in 2018, she gave birth to their second son and named him Julian.
Christina's husband, Tom Segura, is also in the same profession as his wife. The pair even hosted a podcast together in 2011, called 'Your Mom's House'. The podcast revolves around various day-to-day events, comedy, life, and many other topics.
In 2016, the couple jointly invested in a $1.6 million luxury home in Woodland Hills, California. They also invested about $6.65 million in another luxury home in Los Angeles, which serves as the current residence of the couple.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Christina Pazsitzky gave her first performance as a comedian at the Comedy Store, Los Angeles in 2001. It was then that the comedian realized her true potential and started her new career.
Christina Pazsitzky's acts were widely acknowledged on several humor shows like 'Red Light Comedy', the stand-up comedy shows by Nuvo TV and TV Guide Channel.
Christina even provided the voice of several characters in a show for DIC Entertainment.
Chelsea Handler organized a late-night talk show called 'Chelsea' on the E! Channel, in which Christina Pazsitzky contributed as the show's writer and as a round table member. Pazsitzky also contributed to several other shows as a writer, namely, the TBS show that was hosted by Marlon Wayans, 'Funniest Wins'.
Christina Pazsitzky was also selected as a cast member for the sixth season of the MTV series 'Road Rules: Down Under', for which she had to travel to Hawaii where the show's filming took place.
Due to Christina's extraordinary audience interaction skills, she was selected as a commenter for many popular shows, which immensely contributed to her stardom, especially, VH1's 'Countdown' shows and TruTV's 'World Dumbest'.
She conducts her comedy shows globally, including in the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Afghanistan, and also South Korea.
Christina made her first blockbuster performance in 'National Lampoon's TV: The Movie', in 2006, where the casted team criticizes various commercials and television shows. Christina also performed her comedy acts at several festivals such as Aspen Comedy Festival, Sketchfest, Gilda's Fest, Moontower Comedy Festival, and Just for Laughs.
Her podcast 'That’s Deep Bro', which was released in 2014, was critically acclaimed. Christina Pazsitzky also released two Netflix specials, 'Mother Inferior' in 2017 and 'The Degenerates' in 2018.
Apart from that, Christina also conducted two other specials as a standup comedian, 'It's Hard Being A Person', in 2011 and 'Man of the Year', released in 2015.

Charity Work

Christina Pazsitzky is an active participant of United States Organization Inc., a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide enjoyment to military personnel and their kids.

What awards has Christina Pazsitzky Won?

For her podcast 'Your Mom's House', Christina was nominated for the Best Comedy category at the Stitcher Awards.
For her excellent contributions as an animation writer, she received the Up and Coming Writer Award, from 'Animation Magazine'.
Apart from that, there is not much of a record of the awards and achievements of Christina Pazsitzky.

Christina Pazsitzky’s Hobbies and Interests

Christina Pazsitzky is a comedy writer, a podcast host, a comedian, and a doting mother.

Other Interesting Christina Pazsitzky Facts And Trivia

  • Born on June 18, Christina's zodiac sign is Gemini. 
  • Apart from her podcasts and television appearance, Christina Pazsitzky is also very popular on social media and has about 560,000 followers on her Instagram handle, @thechristinap. She is quite active there and uses the platform for marketing her career as a comedian by uploading humorous video snippets and jokes.
  • Christina Pazsitzky also acted in several movies such as 'Countdown' and 'Jackass Number Two', as a cast member.
  • Christina Pazsitzky lives in Austin, the state capital of Texas, with her husband and children.
  • She is one of the richest June-born comedians.
  • In 2021, Christina Pazsitzky had to cancel a show because she fell down the stairs which resulted in a fractured fibula and dislocated ankle. Later she was taken to the hospital and had to undergo surgery. The injury happened in the middle of the night when she heard one of her children through the baby monitor and had to rush to check up on them.
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Christina Pazsitzky Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Christina Pazsitzky

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Windsor, Ontario



182 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Stand Up Comedian, Podcaster, Writer


University of San Francisco, Oxford University

Net Worth



Tom Segura
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