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Christine Ebersole has received three nominations for Tony Awards
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About Christine Ebersole

Born in Illinois, Christine Ebersole is an American actress and singer.

She is best known for starring in the Broadway production of '42nd Street.' Also, for making an appearance in 'Grey Gardens.'

Christine Ebersole has also been nominated for three Tony Awards and received one Emmy Nomination in her career. She was a part of Saturday Night Live and was also present in the CBS Comedy Series 'Bob Hearts Abishola.' Let us take you through the life and work of this famous actress and singer!

Christine Ebersole Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Christine Ebersole’s net worth?

Christine Ebersole has garnered a massive net worth of an estimated $2.5 million throughout the course of her career. She earned most of her net worth from her films and product endorsements.

How much does Christine Ebersole earn per year?

The primary source of income for Christine Ebersole is her career as an actress and singer. She is known to be earning an average of $75,000 per month from her work as an actress and singer. This sums up to an average of $9 million per year,

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Christine Ebersole?

Christine Ebersole stands at an average height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).

How old is Christine Ebersole?

Born on February 21, 1953, Christine Ebersole is 69 years old as of February 2022.

Childhood And Education

Christine Ebersole was born in Winnetka, Illinois, to parents Marian Esther and Robert Ebersole. Her father, Robert 'Bob' Ebersole, was a famous personality, the president of a steel company in Milwaukee. In 1971, Christine Ebersole was known to have graduated school from the New Trier High School in Illinois. After school, Christine Ebersole joined MacMurray College in Jacksonville as the batch of 1975. After graduating from MacMurray College, she went on to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She started her acting career during her time at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1972 when she met Marc Shaiman. Shaiman became the musical director of her first club act in the same year when her career took flight.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Christine Ebersole’s partner?

As of 2022, Christine Ebersole is married to Bill Moloney. The couple got married in 1988 and has been together ever since. They have also adopted three children and are currently known to be living in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Previously, Christine Ebersole had married actor Peter Bergman. She was married to Peter Bergman from 1976 to 1981 before proceeding with their divorce.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

As mentioned earlier, Christine Ebersole made her film debut in the year 1972. Since then, she has acted in over 22 films. Let us take a look at the movies and the roles that she has acted in since then!

She acted as Linda in the 1982 'Tootsie', Caterina Cavalieri in the 1984 'Amadeus', Janie Pointer in the 1984 'Thief Of Hearts', Janet Cruise in the 1988 'Mac And Me', Carol in the 1990 'Ghost Dad', Lydia Larsen in the 1991 'Dead Again', Arlene Aldrich in the 1992 'Folks!', Cynthia Lewis in the 1992 'The Lounge People', Rose Zsigmond in the 1994 'My Girl 2', Regina Rich in the 1994 'Richie Rich', Governor Evelyn Tracy in the 1996 'Black Sheep', Mom Dunlap in the 1996 'Pie In The Sky', Beebee Moss in the 1997 ''Til There Was You', Mrs. Brown in 'My Favorite Martian', Bridget Rossiter in the 1999 'True Crime', Bossom Buddies Singer in the 2010 'The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie', Muffin in the 2013 'The Big Wedding', Leah Belfort in the 2013 'The Wolf Of Wall Street', White Diamond in the 2019 'Steven Universe: The Movie', Linda in the 2019 'Driveways', and Lucille Doolittle in the 2021 'Licorice Pizza.'

Not only is Christine Ebersole a film actress, but also she is a terrific television and theater actress as well. She has acted in over 46 television series. Let us take you through the characters that she portrayed in the television world. She made her television debut with Lily Darnell in the 1977 'Ryan's Hope.' She played various roles in the 1981 'Saturday Night Live.' Later from 1982 on, Christine Ebersole played the character of Nurse Loring in 'Love, Sidney', Maxie McDermott in 'One Life To Live', Miss Vashinski in 'The Dollmaker', Barbara Goodwin in 'Valerie', Lee Snyder in 'Acceptable Risks', Kit Cavanaugh in 'The Cavanaughs', Kathleen in 'American Dreamer', Maddy in 'Murphy Brown', Laura in 'Empty Nest', Rachel Gunn in 'Rachel Gunn, R.N.', Cheryl New in 'Dying To Love You', Tessie Tura in 'Gypsy', Lana Vail in 'Hey Arnold!', Marie Stokes in 'Ally McBeal', Ruth Whitney in 'An Unexpected Family', Margo Langhorne in 'Just Shoot Me!', Peggy in 'Double Platinum', Cecile Andrews in 'Mary And Rhoda', Candy Pruitt in 'Will & Grace', Pat Dixon in 'The Electric Piper', Sandy in 'An Unexpected Love', Mrs. Maguire in 'Crossing Jordan', Renee in 'Related', Sunny Fields in 'Boston Legal', Lily Parrish in 'Cashmere Mafia', Maureen in 'Lipstick Jungle', Hilary Regnier in 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', Amy in 'Samantha Who?', Ms. Newberg in 'Royal Pains', Frances in 'Ugly Betty', Susan in 'Retired at 35', Carol Walsh in 'Sullivan & Son', Anna-Lee Leighton in 'American Horror Story: Coven', Helene in 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt', Lydia Dalton in 'Madam Secretary', Eve in 'Crisis In Six Scenes', Mariel in 'Search Party', Bobbi in 'Pose', White Diamond in 'Steven Universe' and 'Steven Universe Future', Lena Janko in 'Blue Bloods', Dorothy Wheeler in 'Bob Hearts Abishola', and Estelle in 'The Kominsky Method.'

American actress Christine Ebersole has also been a theater artist and has acted in over 13 theatricals. She played the character of Nancy in 'Angel Street' at Lyceum Theater, Agnes in 'On The 20th Century' at St. James Theater, Ado Annie in 'Oklahoma!' at Palace Theater, Guenevere in 'Camelot' in the New York State Theater, Greta Granville in 'Harrigan 'N Hart' in the Longacre Theater, Dossie Lustig in 'Getting Away With Murder' in the Broadhurst Theater, Mabel Cantwell in 'Gore Vidal's The Best Man' in Virginia Theater, Dorothy Brock in the '42nd Street' in the Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Millicent Jordan in 'Dinner At Eight' in Vivian Beaumont Theater, M'Lynn in 'Steel Magnolias' in Lyceum Theater, Little Edie Beale in 'Grey Gardens' in Walter Kerr Theater, Elvira in 'Blithe Spirit' in Shubert Theater, and Elizabeth Arden in 'War Paint' in the Nederlander Theater.

As a singer, Christine Ebersole has performed in several concerts in New York and other states, including Cafe Carlyle and Cinegrill. She also performed alongside Michael Feinstein and Aaron Weinstein.

What awards has Christine Ebersole won?

Christine Ebersole won the Tony Award for Best Actress in the Broadway production of '42nd Street' in 2001. She again won the Tony Award for her two roles of Edie Beale and Edith Bouvier Beale in 'Grey Gardens' in 2007. She was nominated for a Tony Award for best actress in 2003 for 'Dinner At Eight.' She also earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for being the cast member of 'One Life To Live.'

Other Interesting Christine Ebersole Facts And Trivia

  • Christine Ebersole was featured in the concept album of 'Bright Lights, Big City.'
  • In 2015, Christine Ebersole was seen to be touring with her 'Big Noise From Winnetka.'
  • Christine Ebersole made an appearance in 'The Alex Jones Show' in 2012. 

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Elijah Moloney, Mae Mae Moloney, Aron Moloney

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