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Chrys Howard is a writer and editor.
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About Chrys Howard

Writer and editor, Chrys Howard is known for writing 14 books, editing more than a hundred, and being a mother to the 'Duck Dynasty' heroine, Korie Robertson.
Chrys Howards has a degree in elementary education and has taught kids with learning disabilities for over ten years. Her experience and love for her work encouraged her to write fourteen books related to the family, such as 'Motivationals for Moms' and 'Hugs for Daughters'.
The mother of 'Duck Dynasty', Korie Robertson, Chrys Howards is a celebrated writer and editor. She is the lead editor and creative director of her family-owned publishing house called Howard Publishing.
She is credited for writing fourteen novels and editing more than a hundred books. She has cowritten and edited Ms. Kay's 'Duck Commander'. Her published novels are available in six languages internationally. Chrys Published her first novel in 2001.

Chrys Howard Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chrys Howard’s net worth?

According to varying sources, Chrys Howard has a net worth of around $100k-$1 million.

How much does Chrys Howard earn per year?

Chrys Howard's annual earnings are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chrys Howard?

Chrys Howard's height is not known.

How old is Chrys Howard?

Chrys Howard was born on March 13, 1953, according to which the writer is 69 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Chrys Howards was born on March 13, 1953. She has a Bachelor's Degree in elementary education and has used the degree to teach children with learning disabilities for about 10 years.
She manages her family-owned business in the role of senior editor and creative director, which also inspired her to write her first book.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chrys Howard’s partner?

Chrys Howard is currently married to her husband John and they have three children together; Ashley Nelson, Ryan Howard, and the 'Duck Dynasty' star, Korie Robertson.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chrys Howard wrote her first novel 'Snips and Snails And Puppy Dog Tails' in 2001, after which she wrote 13 others that are now being sold in six different languages.
Chrys Howards is also known for her books, 'Motivationals for Moms' and 'Hugs for Daughters'. In addition, she co-wrote the book 'Duck Commander' which gained popularity as a 'New York Times' bestseller.

Charity Work

Chrys Howard delivers free self-help resources and blogs to help people make their way through daily lives and struggles.

What awards has Chrys Howard won?

Chrys Howards has won a J. C. Penney Golden Rule Award and a Silver Angel Award awarded by the Excellence in Media organization.

Chrys Howard’s Hobbies And Interests

When she is not writing, Chrys Howard likes to spend time with her grandchildren.

Other Interesting Chrys Howard Facts And Trivia

  • Chrys Howard has 11 grandchildren, whom she adores.
  • Chrys Howard has worked for 'Simon & Schuster' as a senior editor.
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