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About Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann was born Clara Josephine Wieck or née Wieck on September 13, 1819, in Leipzig, Germany, and was a famous German pianist, composer, and piano teacher.
Clara belonged to the Romantic Period of Western classical music. She was a woman with creative talent in the field of music.
Even after marrying Robert Schumann at the young age of 21 and having eight children in quick succession, she continued producing excellent music. The composer was instrumental in getting her, and her husband's works recognized.

Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What was Clara Schumann’s net worth?

No data is available on her exact net worth.

How much did Clara Schumann earn per year?

No data is available on her exact earnings per year.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall was Clara Schumann?

No information is available on her height.

How old was Clara Schumann?

Clara was 76-year-old when she died on May 20, 1896.

Childhood And Education

Clara was born Clara Josephine Wieck on September 13, 1819, in Germany. Musicians in her family surrounded the young Clara Wieck. Her father, Mr. Friedrich Wieck, happened to be a piano teacher, whereas her mother, Mariane Bargiel, was a concert pianist. Clara's father made sure that Clara trained in piano, violin, music theory, vocals, counterpoint, composition, and harmony. She studied at Leipzig University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who were Clara Schumann's parents?

Clara's father was Friedrich Wieck, and her mother was Mariane Bargiel.

Who was Clara Schumann’s partner?

Clara was married to Robert Schumann from 1840 to 1856. They had eight children together.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Clara is best known for being a very famous German composer and pianist.
Clara Schumann was already a famous musician and composer by reaching her teens. Clara Wieck performed in 1835 with the Leipzig Gewandhaus. She had the honor of performing a string of recitals in Vienna when
she was 18. She performed for the first time in England in 1856 in a London Philharmonic Society.
She toured Dresden and Leipzig alongside violinist Joseph Joachim in 1857 and achieved great fame. In later life, she became a teacher at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany. She remained in this position from 1878 to 1892. During her short but dazzling career, she composed solo piano pieces, chamber music, songs, a concerto, and choral pieces.
Her contributions to the modern technique of playing the piano are undeniable. This great German pianist appeared for the final time at a public concert in 1891 in Frankfurt.

What awards did Clara Schumann win?

The Austrian government awarded her the highest musical title of Royal And Imperial Chamber Virtuoso in March 1838.

Other Interesting Clara Schumann Facts And Trivia

  • For a time, Clara was a more respected name than her husband, Robert Schumann, in Europe. She was thought to be a better piano player than Robert and was given the nickname 'Queen of the Piano.'
  • After listening to him play the piano, Clara and Robert Schumann took Johannes Brahms under their tutelage.
  • Even though Brahms was in love with Clara, the two were never married.
  • Lady Schumann was renowned in the musicians' group that included notable names such as Joseph Joachim, Pauline Viadrot-Garcia, Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient, and Johannes Brahms.

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Clara Schumann Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Clara Josephine Wieck

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Date of Death





0 cm

Child Star?



Composer, Pianist, Piano Teacher


Leipzig University


Robert Schumann


Mariane Bargiel, Friedrich Wieck


Ernst Amadeus Theodor Eugen Bargiel, Victor Wieck, Gustav Robert Anton Wieck, Woldemar Bargiel, Clemens Wieck, Cäcilie Bargiel, Marie Wieck, Marie Wieck, Cäcilie Wieck, Clementine Bargiel, Friedrich Alwin Feodor Wieck
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