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If you are a fan of Clara Wilsey and follow her religiously on social media, these are a few Clara Wilsey facts that you must read.
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About Clara Wilsey

We love to binge-watch Netflix and chill, and sometimes we are extremely impressed with the actors and their acting skills.
Similarly, in 2019 a Netflix original movie was released called 'Tall Girl,' and Clara Wilsey played the role of Kimmy Stitcher. Although she was not the lead actress in the movie yet, she received much recognition for her role.
Clara Wilsey is not just an actress but also an American model and a social media personality. She has a strong social media presence with 164 thousand followers on Instagram. However, 'Tall Girl' was not her debut film; although it made her famous, her acting debut was in 'Ballers,' where she played the role of Jessica. Clara Wilsey was born in Napa, California, and was raised in Texas. She is a September born, and her zodiac sign is Virgo.
She has worked with several brands and was featured in magazines like No Ties L.A. and GQ. Currently, she is auditioning for new roles and continuing her career as a model, and she has also worked with Charlie Puth. Besides 'Ballers' and 'Tall Girl,' she was back again in 'Tall Girl 2', that has recently released in February 2022, only on Netflix. 
Please continue reading to learn more about this Netflix actress, Clara Wilsey, including her early career, net worth, and family life.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Clara Wilsey’s net worth?

Clara Wilsey is a newcomer in the world of acting, and she has not done plenty of movies. She has worked with various brands, magazines, and modeling and has thousands of followers on Instagram. Therefore her net worth comprises all the factors, which sum up to $1.5 million approximately. 

How much does Clara Wilsey earn per year?

Clara Wilsey can be seen posting her modeling-photoshoot stories, brand advertisements, and various other endorsements on her Instagram. However, her annual earnings are still not listed. Also, there is no information regarding her assets. 

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Clara Wilsey?

Clara Wilsey is around 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall. She is an American model; hence her body stats are well proportionated. 

How old is Clara Wilsey?

Clara was born on September 18, 1997; thus, she is currently 24 years old and will be turning 25 in September 2022. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, according to her date of birth. 

Childhood And Education

Clara Wilsey is from Napa, California; however, her family moved to Texas soon after her birth. She was born to Clint Wilsey, her biological father, and Dana Wilsey. Clara Wilsey has two siblings. Carlo Wilsey is her younger brother, and her sister's identity is not listed yet. The bond that she shares with Carlo Wilsey is beautiful, evident from her Instagram posts. Clara was fond of playing guitar from a very young age. However, quite early, she was discovered by a talent scout who was present at a trade show in Miami. Clara Wilsey is a high school graduate, but the name of her school is not listed. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Clara Wilsey dating?

The relationship status of Clara Wilsey is not confirmed by her. However, there were rumors of her dating Lil’Jordan Humphrey who is an NFL player, but none of them have announced it officially. It remains a mystery.

Career And Professional Highlights

Clara Wilsey started her modeling career when she was in high school.
She was discovered at a trade show in Miami by a talent scout.
Clara Wilsey has worked with some popular magazines like GQ and brands like Revolve, Pacsun, and Boohoo.
In 2017, she was named by GQ magazine as one of their favorite Instagram models.
She made her acting debut in 'Ballers' on HBO, a comedy sports series where she played the role of Jessica.
However, in the Netflix film 'Tall Girl' that aired in 2019, a screenplay by Sam Wolfson and directed by Nzingha Stewart., she can be seen sharing her screen with Marin Ireland and Jadah Marie
In 2020, Clara Wilsey was featured in a short music video, 'Girlfriend' by Charlie Puth.
In 2021' she was featured in a short drama composed by Lev Justen called 'Through April.'

Best Known For…

Clara Wilsey is an emerging actress and has not done plenty of projects.
She made her debut with the television series 'Ballers,' and her role received appreciation.
However, it was the Netflix film 'Tall Girl' that made her famous. Many loved her character Kimmy Stitcher as Clara Wilsey justified her role; although her role was negative yet, she received some positive feedback from the audience.
As she has thousands of followers on the social media platform Instagram, she is a very famous social media personality too.
She can be seen in the short music video for 'Girlfriend.' 

Charity Work

The charity works of Clara Wilsey are not yet listed. 

Clara Wilsey’s Hobbies And Interests

The hobbies and interests of Clara Wilsey are not officially stated by her. But when she was young, she liked playing guitar.
She is fond of spending time with her family, and whenever she gets a break from her work, she travels back to her hometown to spend time with her family.
Clara Wilsey is fond of traveling as well as she posts plenty of travel vlogs on her Instagram. 

Other Interesting Clara Wilsey Facts And Trivia

Clara Wilsey is a huge fan of Rihanna.
Although Clara Wilsey has spent most of her life between Napa, California, and Texas, the model and actress is currently living in New York. 
If not a model, she would have pursued her career in the restaurant industry as she is fascinated by fantastic food and wine. 
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Clara Wilsey Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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