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CleRenda McGrady works mainly to support women to receive education.
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About CleRenda McGrady

CleRenda McGrady is an American philanthropist, best-selling author, television host, inspirational speaker, and lifestyle coach.
CleRenda McGrady was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. McGrady is the wife of retired basketball player Tracy McGrady.
CleRenda McGrady holds a degree in Communications and is a postgraduate in Education in Speech-Language Pathology. She is currently seeking a doctorate in Leadership and Organisational Change at Baylor University. CleRenda McGrady is the bestselling author of the book 'Push Thru'.
In 1998, McGrady worked as a speech therapist and she is the founder of P.U.S.H. (Purpose-led Unstoppable Success-bound Hope-filled), a scholarship program. CleRenda McGrady is married and has four children.

CleRenda McGrady Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is CleRenda McGrady's net worth?

Details regarding CleRenda McGrady's net worth are presently unavailable.

How much does CleRenda McGrady earn per year?

Details regarding CleRenda McGrady's annual earnings are unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is CleRenda McGrady?

Details regarding her height are unavailable, although it can be seen from photos that she is significantly shorter than her husband!

How old is CleRenda McGrady?

McGrady was born on November 24, 1974, in Winston-Salem, United States. She is currently 47 years old and will turn 48 in November 2022.

Childhood And Education

On November 24, 1974, CleRenda McGrady was born in Winston-Salem, Nort Carolina. She is a graduate in Communication and holds a postgraduate degree in Education in Speech-Language Pathology. CleRenda McGrady is married to Tracy McGrady, a former basketball player, and they have four children, Layla, Laymen, Layden, and Laycee. CleRenda and Tracy dated for 10 years and married in 2006.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is CleRenda McGrady's partner?

CleRenda McGrady married Tracy McGrady, a former basketball player, on September 12, 2006, in Los Cabos, Mexico. They live together in Mexico and have four children, Layla, Laymen, Layden, and Laycee.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

CleRenda McGrady is a best-selling author, lifestyle coach, philanthropist, and speaker. She is also known as the wife of retired basketball player, Tracy McGrady. In 1998 McGrady worked as a speech therapist. However, in 2006, CleRenda rose to fame when she published her first book 'Push Thru'.
McGrady is the founder of a nonprofit organization for the scholarship program, named P.U.S.H. Moreover, CleRenda McGrady and her husband are founders of a nonprofit organization, The Tracy and Clerenda McGrady Foundation. She is a potent advocate for women's empowerment.
CleRenda McGrady appeared as television host of 'Thryv 360'. McGrady conducted a PUSH empowerment experience conference in 2017 to help women reconnect with the world and themselves.

Charity Work

CleRenda McGrady is the founder of P.U.S.H., a scholarship program, and Tracy McGrady and CleRenda McGrady are the founders of The Tracy and Clerenda McGrady Foundation, a nonprofit organization to support children.

What awards has CleRenda McGrady won?

'Houston' magazine enlisted CleRenda McGrady as one of their top 50 influential women. Also, she won the best-dressed award by 'The Houston Chronicle'. Furthermore, McGrady has won the Impact Award of Audrey H. Lawson, Sweet 16 Women Making a Difference Award, Inspire Women Community Leader Award, and T.W.E.F. International Empowerment Award.

Other Interesting Clerenda McGrady Facts And Trivia

  • CleRenda McGrady's project, P.U.S.H. Girls Academy, is a scholarship program that aims to empower girls and develop their skills.
  • In 2017 CleRenda McGrady held a P.U.S.H. empowerment experience conference, where the theme was 'Reconnect to yourself. To others. To the world'.
  • Evelyn Lozada and CleRenda McGrady are best friends and they both are partners of sports players.

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