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Learn some interesting computer programmer facts with us today!
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Whether in the movie industry or in NASA, computer programmers have a very important role.

The diversity of their job, and the range of applications that trained computer programmers can develop, ensure that they are valued professionals in the world. Computer science is scary to some and extremely interesting to others.

However, irrespective of whether or not you like computer science, it is inevitable that you would appreciate the abilities of computers and the range of issues that it has been solving for humankind ever since it was first created. Computer programming can both be a hobby and a profession.

Computer programmers spend a lot of time perfecting their knowledge of the many computing languages that are popular today and create many applications and software that make our lives better. If you are just as interested in computer science as us and want to consider programming a career, keep reading!

The Analytical Engine

The earliest computer on which programming could have been performed was built in the 19th century. Knowing about this mighty machine is important if you want to understand computing machinery and how programming might have started.

The Analytical Engine was the first computer on which programming could be done.

Charles Babbage invented it in the 19th century.

The Analytical Engine had four compartments or units.

These units were called the 'reader,' 'printer,' 'mill,' and 'store.'

Each of the four compartments had its own unique functions.

The 'mill' can be compared to the CPU of a modern-day computer.

The store was the place where all the information would be stored on the computer.

Charles Babbage made use of card reading technology.

This technology helped him in programming the computer.

Three types of punch cards were used in the programming of the Analytical Engine, namely the variable, number, and operation cards.

This engine was set to make use of the algorithm developed by Lovelace.

The concept of programming the engine with punching cards was borrowed from a machine invented in 1810.

The project, however, could not be finished since Babbage and the chief of the project could not agree on many things.

At the same time, it is also proven that the Analytical Engine was far more flexible than any other machine that had been invented until that point in time.

This computer set the standards for modern computing.

The Idea Behind The Analytical Engine

Now that we know about the intricacies of the analytical engine and the computer scientists that dedicated their lives to its development let's understand why this machine was created in the first place. While there are many popular languages and programs on the market now, the primary purpose of the computer remains the same in essence.

The Analytical Engine was a complex machine built to solve any problems.

The primary purpose of this machine was that it would be able to solve any general calculations.

This device would also be fully automated and would create a space for the people who now perform computer programming to develop on the original idea.

This mechanical device was based on the invention of another machine programmed with the help of punch cards.

The first computer bug was an actual bug that a woman found in her personal computer.

This bug was a moth that hindered the computer from running its normal functions.

The first computer bug was found in 1947, and its meaning has changed since.

Fred Cohen designed the first computer virus.

This first virus would be capable of disrupting the computer's normal functions.

A computer virus can also destabilize the defensive methods that computers have.

The first computer game was not profitable for its creators.

This computer game was called Spacewar.

The first version of Spacewar took over 200 hours to make.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-founded a company named Apple.

In 2009, a Swedish programmer named Markus Persson created Minecraft.

The Space Shuttle requires less coding than some of the games that children play these days!

What Computer Programmers Do

Computer programming has become very important in this digital world, and hence, the value of computer programmers has also increased exponentially. Computer programming languages are pretty complex, and these masters of computer science know not only how to deal with a technical error but can also write their own code.

The most common thing that computer programmers do is that they create new programs.

Computer programmers work with other professionals in the industry, such as software engineers, in order to create applications and programs that would run smoothly.

Knowing one computer programming language is hardly enough if you want to be a computer programmer.

This is because these professionals often write a program in more than one programming language.

Computer programming languages are pretty tricky, and hence, most programmers spend a lot of time making sure that their code is flawless.

They also develop computer games, the code of which is quite complicated.

If there is an already existing computer program, it is also the duty of programmers to make sure that newer updates are introduced.

It is also their responsibility to deal with any problems in the code, any bugs, or technical errors.

They look after the smooth functioning of computer networks.

They also treat any computer virus that may have affected the code.

Becoming A Computer Programmer

Programming sure sounds exciting, but computer programmers acquire many degrees and learn many computer languages before they are capable of making their entry into the industry. If you want to build your own computer program someday, make sure to understand what qualifications you may need and the top universities of the world in terms of teaching computer programming!

Computer programming can be learned in a number of ways, starting from attending traditional schools and institutes to acquiring degrees online.

Computer programmers need at least one Bachelors degree in fields such as software development, computer science, computer systems, or information technology, among many others.

These fields of study allow people to understand their potential.

However, before choosing a course for higher education, people must decide which training program would be best suited to their own interests.

Some programmers even acquire Masters degrees in their field, which invariably adds to their chances of being hired for a great job.

Even after finishing traditional education, computer programmers are required to always be in touch with the developments in their field.

This is because programming languages are constantly changing and a new computer bug or two keeps appearing.

Only by being in touch with the developments of the programming languages can a programmer become successful!

Some of the most important skills in computer programming are advanced web development, object-oriented programming, and data warehousing.

Software development and testing and mobile applications development are also important skills for computer programmers.

People who are adept in all such important skills are very valuable in the industry.

Different operating systems have different requirements in terms of languages, and hence, computer programmers need to be adept at writing codes in different languages.

Job Outlook

Computer programmers have a lot of prospects when it comes to their career. The sheer number of industries across the globe that need computer programmers and their skill sets make these professionals highly sought after. Let's learn about a few sectors in which computer programmers can easily land a job and the salary expectations that they would be looking at.

With just one Bachelors degree and some valuable work experience, programmers can easily work as software application developers.

They would also need to have knowledge of popular languages such as Java and Python.

With an Associate's degree and the knowledge of roughly the same languages, programmers can also work as web developers.

Programmers can also become computer systems engineers with a Bachelor's degree.

A database administrator also usually holds only one Bachelors degree.

Becoming a computer systems analyst in the IT industry is also a huge possibility for programmers.

A software quality assurance engineer performs one of the most basic tasks in terms of programming - which is checking that the application runs smoothly.

All of these jobs have a tremendous median salary range and can assist people in living quite comfortable lives.

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