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Constance Ford was a popular American actress. Read more about such famous people right here at Kidadl.
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About Constance Ford

Constance Ford was a popular American star well-known for appearing in the soap opera 'Another World'.

Constance Ford began her career in the ’50s on television. This American actress is best known for playing the role of Ada Hobson for 25 years on TV's 'Another World'.

Born on July 1, 1923, Cornelia M. Ford, best known as Constance Ford, was an actress and model. Constance's birthplace is The Bronx, New York City, USA. Her parents' names were Cornelia R (nee. Smith) and Edwin J. Ford. Arthur, John, and Evelyn were her siblings.

Constance Ford studied at St. Barnabas Grammar And High School and later at Hunter College. Constance Ford initially worked as a model before becoming an actress. In 1949, she made her Broadway debut and appeared in productions including 'Say Darling' and 'Death Of A Salesman'.

In 1950, she gave performances in live television dramas such as 'Armstrong Circle Theatre' and 'Goodyear Television Playhouse'. She was also renowned for her performances in the broadway league.

In the soap opera as Ada Hobson, Constance Ford was seen working in different professions, from hairdressers to clerks and finally a restaurant owner. Constance Ford became more popular with her appearance in the film 'A Summer place', where she played the role of Helen Jorgenson.

Her other popular roles include Lynn Sherwood, Sylvia Thompson, Rose Peterson, Daisy Bronson, Eve Morris, and Laura Lovett. From 1956 - 1974, Ford appeared in nearly two dozen movies.

Constance Ford Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Constance Ford’s net worth?

Constance Ford had a net worth of $1-5 million.

How much did Constance Ford earn per year?

The exact earnings of how much Constance Ford earned in a year is not available. Her earnings mostly came from her career as an actress.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Constance Ford?

Constance Ford had a height of 5 ft 6 in (168 cm).

How old was Constance Ford?

Constance Ford came to the world on July 1, 1923. Ford died at the age of 69 years on February 26, 1993.

Childhood And Education

Constance Ford was born and raised in The Bronx, New York City. Constance Ford graduated from St Barnabas Grammar And High School. After completing high school, she joined Hunter college. Constance Ford studied acting in New York at HB Studio.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Constance Ford dating?

Constance Ford was never involved in any relationship. Ford never dated or got married during her life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ford started her career as a model for the Montgomery Ward catalog when she was 15 years old. Constance rose to fame when she was featured in the advertising campaign for Victory Red lipstick.

Constance made her Broadway debut in 1949 and appeared in several productions, including the first production of 'Death Of A Salesman'.

In 1950, Ford began her television career and appeared in many television series. In 1954, she played the character of Lynn Sherwood in 'Woman With A Past'. One of her noteworthy performances was in the American romantic drama film 'A Summer Place' (1959) as Helen Jorgenson.

In 1959, she was also seen in the Broadway production of 'Golden Fleecing' alongside Robert Elston and Tom Poston.

Ford played the role of Rose Peterson in the soap opera 'Search For Tomorrow' from 1955 - 1956. She was also seen as Laura Lovett in 'Zane Grey Theatre' in 1956.

In 1958, she made three appearances in 'Perry Mason', a drama series. She portrayed the character of Helen Reed / Joyce Mart. The episode was titled 'The Case Of The Deadly Double', she played the role of a woman with a split personality. She was seen in 'The Case Of The Plotted Planter '(1963) as Frances Walden. The role of defendant Sylvia Thompson in the episode 'The Case Of The Shitty Shoebox' (1963) was also played by Ford.

Ford was also featured in episodes of 'Kraft Television Theater', 'State Trooper', 'Bat Masterson', and many others.

In 1960, Ford appeared in an episode of 'Silver Killers' in the TV series 'Tombstone Territory' as Lily Murdock. The same year she was seen on an episode of 'Gunsmoke' playing the title role of Florida.

She portrayed the character of Daisy Bronson in the movie 'Rome Adventure' (1962). She was also cast in the 'House Of Women' (1962), 'All Fall Down' (1962), 'The Cabinet Of Caligari' (1962), and 'Shoot Out At Big Sag' (1962)

In 1963, she appeared in 'The Caretakers' as Nurse Bracken and 'The Twilight Zone' as Barbara Polk.

In 1964, Constance appeared in the TV series 'The Edge of Night' as Eve Morris, a theater owner.

Her longest-running role was as Ada Hobson in 'Another World', a daytime soap opera (1967- 1993), and is the most remembered. Her last role was in '99 and 44/100% Dead'.

What awards did Constance Ford win?

Constance Ford was awarded Outstanding Contribution To Daytime Drama from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Other Interesting Constance Ford Facts And Trivia

  • Ford left the show 'Another World' in 1992 due to her declining health. In the show, Ada Hobson was shown to be out of town, and when Ford died, the makers also ended the character.
  • Ford appeared in 'Here's Hollywood', an NBC interview program.

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Constance Ford Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Cornelia M Ford

Date of Birth


Date of Death




Place of Birth

The Bronx


168 cm




St Barnabas Grammar And High School

Net Worth



Cornelia R , Edwin J Ford


Arthur, John, Evelyn
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