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Learn interesting facts about Cora Alvillar, a popular American YouTube star.
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About Cora Alvillar

Cora Alvillar (born September 20, 1985) is an American make-up artist and Instagram personality who gained notoriety thanks to her YouTube video content.
Cora Alvillar is well-known for her daring and creative makeup tutorials. In 2007, she started uploading cosmetics videos on YouTube as a hobby, but it soon became a full-fledged passion and job.
Her YouTube channel named ‘Vintageortacky’ has over 368,000 subscribers until May 2022. She posts content like makeup tutorial, skincare tutorial, product reviews, and fashion tips. She is a major supporter of plus-size fashion products, which can be seen in all of her videos. Continue reading to find more interesting facts about her life, family life, and YouTube career.

Cora Alvillar Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cora Alvillar’s net worth?

Specific sources claim that Cora Alvillar's net worth is estimated to be around the figure of $1.5 million. Although her exact net worth is unknown to the public.

How much does Cora Alvillar earn per year?

It is uncertain as to how much Cora Alvillar makes in a year. However, most of her earnings come from her career as a YouTube star and brand endorsements. She has also worked for brands as a makeup artist on fashion shows and TV shows.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cora Alvillar?

Cora Alvillar's height is presently unknown due to a lack of public information.

How old is Cora Alvillar?

YouTube star Cora Alvillar turned 36 years old in the September of 2021. Her birth date falls on September 20, 1985. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Childhood And Education

Cora Alvillar grew up in the Central Valley and the North Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, California, and currently resides in the East Bay. Information about her childhood like details on which high school she attended or what her parents’ names are, is currently unknown. She does have siblings but the names of her brothers and sisters are also unknown.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cora Alvillar’s partner?

In a March 2011 video titled 'Husband/Boyfriend Tag Starring Mikey!' Cora Alvillar fans were introduced to her husband Micheal ‘Mikey’. Since then Micheal has been featured in many of her videos, teaming up to review products, do challenges, Q&A videos, and even do a solo video about men's skincare tutorials, as seen in the video ‘Man Care Monday With Mikey’. It seems that the couple has been happily married for more than 10 years now.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

YouTube star Cora Alvillar is a make-up artist who rose to fame as a result of her YouTube videos. She promotes her makeup videos, fashion tutorials, and lifestyle blog on her YouTube channel named ‘Vintageortacky’.
California-born Cora Alvillar began uploading cosmetics videos to YouTube as a hobby in 2007. It soon turned into a passionate job that landed her many opportunities in her career and more than 368,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her video content mainly comprises makeup tutorials, beauty and fashion product reviews, and a general lifestyle blog.
The Instagram personality Cora Alvillar is a major supporter of plus-size fashion and is seen frequently promoting plus-size fashion tips in her ‘Fashion + Plus Size Style’ series of videos. Her ‘Plus Size Swimwear’ series of videos showcase different ranges of swimwear tailor-made for plus-sized folks.
Cora Alvillar has many series’ on her channel that tackle any and every makeup problem you may face. The ‘Beauty 101’ series is a compilation of videos that show basic techniques like foundation routines, blush tutorial, winged eyeliner techniques, and even getting the perfect red lips. The ‘Skincare Sunday!’ series of videos showcases Alvillar’s skincare routines every Sunday.
Cora Alvillar also freelances as a makeup artist and has worked for brands like Sephora and MAC in and around California.

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