Corn Snake Colors: Learn All About Their SSsenssational Ssshades! | Kidadl


Corn Snake Colors: Learn All About Their SSsenssational Ssshades!

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Snakes have always held an important place in Indian culture since times immemorial.

Rat snakes have always held a remarkable place whether it be historical times or the present times. They are one of the important contributors to the food web.

These snakes act both as a predator and prey and maintain balance in the ecosystem too. Snakes are present in a variety of species. One of the well-known species is the corn snake. Normal corn snakes are a well-known species of snake that are found mostly in the United States. Talking about the structure of corn snakes, their belly or their elongated body has some maize or corn type of pattern on them.

Corn snakes have scales on their belly. Their average life span is around 20+ years. Corn snakes are known to be very good climbers and are around 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 m) long. The corn snake is also known as the red rat snake. Corn snakes are not venomous. Corn snakes feed on a wide variety of prey. A regular corn snake is 2-5 ft (0.6-1.5 m) in length. Some of the species found in South Carolina are the ghost corn snake and the turbo corn snake.

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Most Popular Corn Snake Colors

Corn snakes have some maize or corn kind of pattern on their elongated body. Corn snakes are very large in size and are powerful too. Corn snakes are very colorful snakes and hence display a wide array of colors whether the snake is younger or older.

The body of a corn snake resembles a pattern similar to the Indian corn and this might be the reason for its name. These are known as corn snakes as they have a distinguishing corn-like pattern.

Do you know that there are around 800 corn snake morphs? Have you ever thought about what a corn snake is? What are corn snake morphs? Why is this specific name given to this particular species? Do they really exhibit varying colors?

As we have already discussed, corn snakes are known for their unique pattern of colors and designs on their body. Corn snake morphs refer to those corn snakes that are bred by the breeders and a unique pattern and combination of various colors are formed on their bodies. Some corn snake morphs are made professionally while some are naturally beautiful combinations of colors. However, it is a known fact that the professionally bred corn snake morphs are more popular than the natural pattern variations as different patterns and different colors can be embedded in them.

A corn snake morph is however different from a normal corn snake. Corn snakes come in many different colors and are commonly known as morphs. Here are some of the most popular corn snake colors:

Lavender corn snakes - These snakes are well known because of their beautiful purplish pink color. The base is colored pink and these corn snakes also contain lavender blotting. The lavender corn snakes are non-poisonous.

Black corn snake - These corn snakes are some of the popular pet snakes. Black corn snake's other name is Black Devil's Garden corn snake.

Orange corn snake - It is one of the species of rat snake. These snakes are non-venomous and have some orange coloration. They are distinguished mostly by the orange pigmentation of their skin.

Red corn snake - Corn snakes are also known by the name of red rat snake and red corn snake and have many red blotches outlined with black lines.

Medium brown corn snake - The medium corn snake is a known species of corn snake. This corn snake has some reddish-brown patches on the skin.

Rare Corn Snake Colors

Talking about some snake colors, we already know that corn snakes are found in a wide array of colors. They are some extremely startling and beautiful combinations. Some are created by professional breeders, however, some corn snakes are completely natural and come in naturally beautiful colors.

Corn snakes are very small snakes and usually need a simple diet. Do you know that there is a corn snake by the name of ghost corn snake? There are a number of color morphs of corn snakes available, some rarest include -

Amelanistic corn snake - The amelanistic corn snake is among one of the popular color morphs found in corn snakes. It is a rare corn snake. These corn snakes are usually yellowish-orange in color. They are well known because of their particular distinguishing color as well as a morph.

Blood red corn snake -  The most important thing about a blood-red corn snake is that a blood-red corn snake has no such specific pattern or markings on the body. Blood red corn snakes are mostly known for their distinguishing blood-red color or deep red color. Blood red corn snakes are one of the unique species of corn snakes and are known by this deep red color only. Blood red corn snakes are very light in color when they are young and darken with age.

Albino corn snake - The albino corn snake is a kind of amelanistic corn snake. The albino corn snakes have no melanin in their body. The albino corn snakes are not just white but also have scales on their body. Albino corn snakes have red and white scales. The albino corn snakes have red eyes. An albino corn snake is one of the unique species of a corn snake. An albino corn snake is a naturally occurring morph. Summer for an albino corn snake is completely blind.

Scaleless corn snakes - Scaleless corn snakes are one of the rare species of corn snakes found. Basically, these snakes have no scales. There is no such thing that these have no scales since birth, however, it is a matter of gene mutation. These snakes are not completely scaleless. These snakes do shed their skin but not scales.

Motley corn snake - If talking about a motley corn snake, the first thing to be noted is that a motley corn snake is not a type of color morph. The motley corn snake is a kind of pattern morph. Motley corn snakes maintain one of the best temperatures. They have dark lines in the spine and also have lateral patterns.

Snow corn snakes - The snow corn snakes are a combination of beautiful colors. The snow corn snake is made up of white and pink patches. It is the same as the regular corn snake. The snow corn snake is known as a complete albino corn snake.

Texas corn snake - The Texas corn snake is another rare species of corn snake found in Newton country, Texas. Maybe these snakes got the name Texas due to their availability in a particular area. These have a caramel color and have a base of yellow-brown color.

Turbo corn snakes - One of the rare species of corn snakes is turbo corn snakes. The turbo corn snakes are well-known corn snake species. They are a hybrid of a corn snake and a Pituophis species, known as a gopher snake.

Ghost corn snake - A ghost corn snake is one of the other species among the corn snakes. A ghost corn snake does not contain a red pigment. Apart from this a ghost corn snake also has melanin in low amounts only.

Factors Affecting Their Color

As we already know, there are around 800 morphs of corn snakes. There are many pattern morphs of corn snakes. So do you want to know how the corn snakes get such diversifying colors? What are the basic factors that affect the color of corn snakes?

The corn snakes get different colors due to gene mutation. Different corn snakes have different factors that affect their body color. Like - angry corn snakes are dark-colored. Albino corn snakes lack the black pigment called melanin. There are many patterns morphs of the corn snakes too. One of the most important reasons for these different colors is that they want their predators to avoid eating them. Some corn snakes get their individual colors when they are professionally bred, however, some gain those specific colors naturally. Many pattern morphs of the corn snakes are available. The corn snakes come in a wide range of colors including orange, blue, brown, and gray.

Does their color affect their lifespan?

The corn snakes have various patterns and colors. Some of them are professionally made, however, some of them are naturally made. What do you think is their color that decides their lifespan? Do the colors decide the lifespan of corn snakes? Let us try to understand.

The corn snakes live on average 20-25 years and this is a well-known fact. However, wild morphs of these corn snakes do not normally survive for as long as this. The reasons for this may vary. But those corn snakes living in the wild survive for 7-8 years. However, it would not be right to say that their color individually affects their lifespan. There might be many other reasons for this including their surroundings. These different colors enhance their beauty and make them even more beautiful and marvelous. The colors range from orange, pink, blue, and brown.

Orange corn snake crawling on a branch.

Corn Snake Size And Physical Appearance

Corn snakes are very good pets for beginners. The reason for this is that these corn snakes do not bite and even if they do, these snakes are not poisonous at all.

Have you ever seen a corn snake? So how does a corn snake look? What is their physical appearance? Are they long or small? Are the corn snakes colorful or colorless? How will we identify a corn snake?

Corn snakes come in a wide array of colors ranging from orange to other brownish colors. These corn snake bodies have different types of patterns and patches. Their color is yellow or orange. These corn snakes have slender bodies with different kinds of patterns and patches that distinguish them. Black and white markings are present on the belly. Their size varies from the day they are born to the day they die. The basic lifespan of this corn snake is around 5-10 years. However, they can even live for longer than this if they are given proper care and attention.

How many corn snake morphs are there?

A number of corn snakes are available in the world. Corn Snakes come in a wide range of colors and patterns. These come in different pattern morphs. The morph of every corn snake has a unique pattern. The corn snake morphs are bred. The most popular corn snake morphs are color morphs and not pattern variations.

A number of corn snake morphs are available in startling and distinguishing colors. These corn snake morphs beautify the overall physical appearance of the corn snake and as a result their sale increases. Moreover, these corn snakes are non-poisonous. Some of these morphs include Amelanistic, Anerythristic A, Anerythristic B, black, blood red, blood-red pied sided, blue, butter, candy cane, caramel, coral snow, crimson, eastern, Florida, ghost corn snakes, hypomelanistic, lavender, Miami, motley, okeetee, opal, palmetto, pink, pewter, scaleless, snow, sunkissed, Texas, and zigzag.

For beginners, corn snakes can become beloved pets.  It is because of the wide array of colors in which they are available that these corn snakes are in such huge demand. As already explained, they come in a wide array of colors. Want to know more about some of these beautiful corn snakes? Well, here they are-


Lavender corn snake morphs are one of the most beautiful corn snakes found. These have beautiful variations and a beautiful and enriching light pink and purplish color.


Butter corn snakes are illuminating and a beautiful corn snake species. They are buttery yellow in color and these colors range in a wide array from light yellow to dark ones.

Pied sided bloodred

These snakes have white stripes all over the body and are beautiful and enriching blood-red in color.


The blizzard snakes are one of the unique species of snake available. Their body is bright white in color. It looks very similar to an albino corn snake.


One of the unique species in the many other species of corn snakes is Anerythristic corn snakes. These snakes are a mixture of black and gray with a little bit of white.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for corn snake colors then why not take a look at are corn snakes poisonous, or corn snake facts.

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