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Cornish Hen Vs Chicken: The Curious Difference Between Meat Explained!

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Chickens are a known domesticated bird breed closely related to the red jungle fowl family.

Chickens are bred for eggs and meat. Chicken is one of the most popular food in the world to be eaten meat-eaters.

Chickens live up to the average age of 10 years. Different types of breeds of chicken are bred for the purpose of meat. A male chicken is what is called a cock or a rooster, and an adult female is known as a hen. The hen is bred for the production of chicken eggs, which is the most common type of egg consumed.

Chicken meat is one of the most widely used meats in cooking. One can cook chicken in multiple cooking styles like roasting, boiling, and frying. Chicken can be cooked whole, however some recipes only use some parts of its body such as the breast or leg. Chicken breast is known to be a greater source of protein and is extremely healthy and popular in all diet cultures. Due to this huge market for chicken meat, farmers breed different breeds of chicken for meat production. Cornish chickens are also the result of this demand in the market for chicken meat.

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What is the major difference between a Cornish hen vs a chicken?

The female is known not just an egg-producing bird, but is also produced for its meat. Even though Cornish hens are a type of chicken, there are some significant differences between them. The Cornish hen is usually miniature in size compared to a chicken. This bird only weighs around 31.7 oz (0.9 kg), whereas chickens can weigh around twice that. A whole chicken can weigh around 63.4-77.6 oz (1.8-2.2 kg). The skin of a Cornish hen is also thinner than a chicken, which makes the skin more prone to tears during cooking. You should be careful while putting stuffing in a Cornish hen while preparing it.

Hens have much shorter legs and broader breasts than chickens which make them an excellent family dinner. Cornish hens are sold whole in size in a frozen or a fresh state, similar to the way a whole chicken is sold. Due to their popularity and slow production rate, Cornish hens are more expensive than regular chicken whether they are brought fresh to be cooked at home or ordered in a restaurant. A Cornish game hen can cost a little more, while a chicken, on the other hand, is relatively cheaper.

Cornish hens also age faster than chickens on farms. A Cornish hen can reach adulthood in a matter of 28 days. Due to a smaller weight and being younger in age than chickens, Cornish hens have tenderer meat than chicken. Due to the slow rate of productivity of a Cornish hen, poultry farmers developed a hybrid hen known as the Cornish cross. A Cornish game hen, because of its body structure, finds it difficult to reproduce which is why there is a lower number. A female Cornish game hen also produces only 160 eggs a year compared to chickens that produce around 250 eggs a year.

Are Cornish hens healthier?

Because of their small size and lighter weight, Cornish hens have less fat and fewer calories compared to chicken, making them healthier.

Like all kinds of poultry, Cornish hens are also rich in protein, but they are also a good source of B12, which helps prevent cataracts, skin diseases, and heart disorders. This breed of chicken also contains vitamin A and D, which are good for bones and eyesight. It is essentially due to their size that Cornish hen meat is a healthier choice than chicken as Cornish hen meat contains lower calories but tastes the same as regular chicken.

Chickens are a known domesticated bird

Do Cornish hens taste different than chicken?

Cornish hens are a variety of chicken and therefore do not have any difference in taste from regular chickens. Although to some people, Cornish hens taste a little more refined than average chicken due to their tenderness. Some people even opting to cook Cornish hens instead of turkeys for Thanksgiving due to their small size and similarity in taste. Turkeys, which are usually larger in size and difficult to cook, taste quite similar to Cornish hens, making the latter a good replacement. Unlike struggling with a turkey, you can cook two Cornish hens on one roasting tray in the oven.

A Cornish hen, due to being small, is served whole. The hen should be roasted in the oven by being covered in aluminum foil and dressed with oil and herbs. Roasted Cornish hen is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Restaurants usually cook these hens in olive oil to further maintain their healthy image. A Cornish hen is usually served as whole in one serving. They can be divided into two servings. Due to their servings size, it is advised that you should cook as many Cornish hens as people invited.

Why is it called a Cornish hen?

Cornish chicken is a breed in the chicken family that was developed in England. These hens were earlier known as Indian game birds. They were developed in the 19th century in Cornwall and Devon. The name was changed to Cornish in the early 20th century America after their origin, Cornwell. Initially, these chickens were used as game chickens but later became popular meat for cooking.

The demand for meat made farmers further develop a cross between a Cornish chicken and a Plymouth rock chicken, known as a Cornish game hen or rock Cornish game hen. A Cornish hen became a popular type of broiler chicken. The Cornish hen later became a term that was used for all chickens that were younger than five weeks in age, weighing around 31.7 oz (0.9 kg) or less. Even though they are named Cornish hen, these hens can be either male or female.

There are also hybrid Cornish game hens known as the Cornish cross or rock Cornish. These are specifically raised for poultry purposes. These hens are a cross between a Cornish game hen and white rock chicken. These are all different varieties of Cornish game hens and are developed only for commercial purposes, unlike the Cornish game hen, which was developed for the purpose of show and game.

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