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About Cory Williams

Cory Williams is a popular YouTube star known as 'Mr. Safety'.
His music video, 'The Mean Kitty Song,' was a hit across the United States of America and some other parts of the world. In fact, his music video was aired on 'The Early Show' and gained unmatched fame because of its uniqueness.
He also created another song named 'Hey Little Sparta.' Both of these songs were written through the inspiration of Cory Williams' cat, who was named Sparta herself. Cory Williams is also famous for his comedy sketches and his short films. He shares details about his daily life with his fans, and his channel LiveEachDay is one of the places that people go to when they want some inspiration and motivation.
The channel was previously named DudelikeHELLA, but Cory Williams changed it to LiveEachDay to motivate his fans and followers to live life to its fullest each day. Many of his YouTube series inspire people to have fun and live a meaningful life, which is quite noble!
Cory Williams also showed his interest in reality TV shows at some point but is still waiting for the right opportunity to step into that track so that there are no setbacks. However, his content is no stranger to television shows since his 'The Mean Kitty Song' was aired on many channels and on some of the most viewed shows of the time.
In fact, Cory Williams and his wife Kristen Swift have also been a part of a reality show episode, wherein they talked about the birth of their first child, Chell Marie Williams. Even though this YouTuber owner has refrained from sharing details about his early life, he is rather vocal about his personal life now and is quite active on social media. Please keep reading to learn more about Cory Williams, his kids, and his career as a professional YouTuber!

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cory Williams’ net worth?

Cory Williams has been working as a professional YouTuber for a long time. He is famous for his comedy sketches and unique music. He is recognized as one of the pioneers in the world of YouTubers and has been named a great content creator by some great platforms such as The Comedy Network.
Born and brought up in California, this YouTube creator spent most of his career in Los Angeles and has now bought a house in Alaska. Over the many years that Cory Williams has been working as a content creator on YouTube, he has amassed a significant net worth of around $1 million.

How much does Cory Williams earn per year?

Cory Williams' annual salary range is unknown since the artist does not share such details with his fans and followers. However, we do know that he earns a lot of money. Most of his income comes from his YouTube channels, which have thousands of followers each.
Cory Williams' annual income is also highly variable since he is a content creator on YouTube. His income is entirely dependent on how well his videos do after being released. Cory Williams also makes money through sponsorships and promotions.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cory Williams?

Cory Williams is quite tall. He currently stands at the height of 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)!

How old is Cory Williams?

Cory Williams was born on August 5, 1981. He is about to turn 41 years old in 2022 and is still successfully running more than one channel. Cory Williams is also the father of two beautiful children and lives with them and his wife in Alaska!

Childhood And Education

Cory Williams was born and brought up in Merced, California. Not much is known about his early life or the family that Cory Williams grew up with since he refrains from sharing any such details with his fans and followers.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cory Williams’ partner?

Cory Williams is married to Kristen Swift. The couple decided to tie the knot in 2015 and have been happily married ever since. They also have two children together. Their first child is named Chell Marie Williams, and their son is named Atlas Cade Williams. One of the most interesting facts about Cory Williams is that he named both of his kids after the characters from his favorite game series, Portal.
He was previously married to Stephanie Roby, who is also a YouTuber. Cory Williams and Stephanie Roby separated shortly before he met Kristen Swift.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Cory Williams is best known as a YouTuber and singer. His YouTube channel, LiveEachDay, is an excellent platform for those who want to relieve themselves from some stress or simply want to have a good time. Cory Williams believes that each day needs to be utilized, and hence, he renamed his channel from DudeLikeHELLA to LiveEachDay.
Cory Williams is most famous for his 'The Mean Kitty Song,' which several television channels and shows aired. He became an internet sensation through this song. This music video has over 50 million videos on YouTube to date. He also wrote another song named 'Hey Little Sparta,' which became equally famous. Interestingly, Cory Williams wrote both of these songs for his dear cat, Sparta, and performs them along with other songs as mini-concerts.
Cory Williams has two cats, Loki and Sparta. He is known for his impeccable capability of comforting animals, and when he was invited to 'The Bonnie Hunt Show,' Cory Williams found the perfect opportunity to showcase this talent. His comfort tricks became very popular, therefore adding to his fanbase.
He is also known as Mr. Safety and uploads songs through an alternate YouTube channel.

Cory Williams’ Hobbies And Interests

Cory Williams loves animals and has two cats of his own. He also loves singing and composing music. He is great at making comedy sketches and is also known for his ability to calm animals down!

Other Interesting Cory Williams Facts And Trivia

  • Cory Williams was born in Merced, California.
  • He recently moved to Alaska from California.
  • Cory Williams attended many of the 'As One' meets, one of which was held in San Francisco.
  • He was once one of the highest-viewed YouTubers ever!
  • Cory Williams was recently named in some rumors which stated that he would quit the platform.
  • He has lost quite a large chunk of his viewership over the past couple of years due to unknown reasons, and hence, rumors of him quitting the platform came up.
  • Cory Williams claims to be the first professional YouTuber, and while there is no evidence to substantiate this, it cannot be denied either!
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