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Craig Melvin is a journalist who has worked for several prominent news outlets such as NBC News.
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About Craig Melvin

Some of the unspoken heroes are journalists.
These are the brave people who work to deliver truth through the medium that is news channels. Among these, and perhaps one of the most influential, is Craig Melvin.

Craig Melvin's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Craig Melvin’s net worth?

Here is a look at the financials of Craig Melvin, with details of the net worth and annual income of the journalist who worked for NBC News. The net worth of Craig Melvin is estimated to be somewhere in the region of $9 million and is wealth that has been accumulated over a lengthy and prestigious career.

How much does Craig Melvin earn per year?

The news anchor who has worked for NBC news earns $3 million dollars every single year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Craig Melvin?

Craig Melvin is 6 ft (182.8 cm) tall.

How old is Craig Melvin?

Craig is 42 years of age. He was born in the May of 1979. Melvin turns 43 in the May of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Craig Melvin was born on May 20, 1979. He was born to parents Lawrence Meadows and Betty Melvin in Columbia. This is not the Columbia that you may think of, but a different Columbia. This is Columbia in South Carolina.
Lawrence Meadows and Betty Melvin had two other kids. Craig has a younger brother by the name of Ryan, as well as an older half-brother by the name of Lawrence. Lawrence had an untimely passing in 2020.
He went to school at Columbia High. For his college, Craig Melvin chose to pick one in South Carolina. He went to the Wofford College in South Carolina. At the Wofford College, Craig would obtain a bachelor's degree in government.
He would play the role of senior counselor at South Carolina's Palmetto Boys State program.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Craig Melvin’s partner?

Craig Melvin's partner is Lindsay Czarniak. Lindsay Czarniak was his girlfriend, and Craig Melvin would eventually go on to marry her. The pair got married in the October of 2011. Lindsay Czarniak has worked as an ESPN sports anchor. In addition to her work as a sports anchor, she has also worked at WRC TV. At WRC TV, she would work in a similar position. Lindsay worked as a sports reporter at WRC TV. The couple lives in Connecticut.
Craig and Lindsay have two children, Sybil Melvin and Delano Melvin. Delano Melvin is the older of the two siblings and was born in the March of 2014. Sybil was born in the November of 2016.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The American journalist began his career very early on. During his years at Columbia High, Craig would work as a reporter for a local news channel, WIS News 10. It was one of the things that instilled a love for journalism that he carries even today. While he did pursue a bachelor's degree in government at his college in South Carolina, he did not choose to continue a career in the field and worked with WIS News after he graduated from college.
At first, he would work as a weekday anchor, then worked as a reporter, and eventually would receive the role of a weekend news anchor. He found popularity for the 'Craig Cam' shows that he would be a part of.
In 2008, he parted from WIS and chose to join WRC TV. For the next three years, he worked as a reporter as well as the weekend news anchor.
2011 would see Craig Melvin move to New York City. Here, he would work as Dayside Anchor at MNSBC. He worked as a co-host for the MSNBC Live weekend and MSNBC Live. In addition to his work as a co-host, he also worked as an anchor.
He has been at the forefront of many different significant events, Asiana Airlines 214, the George Zimmerman trial, and has interviewed Bill Clinton.
The following year saw his initial work with NBC News, where he would later become a news anchor. Among the more popular shows that he was a part of was 'Weekend Today' for NBC News, and it ran for a period between 2015 and 2018. In the August of 2018, he was named as the co-anchor of the show 'Today' on NBC.
In addition to his work as a news anchor, Craig Melvin has been on the other fronts of NBC news. Among the NBC reporters that were sent to cover the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Craig Melvin was at the head of them.

What awards has Craig Melvin won?

Craig Melvin has led an incredibly prestigious career as a journalist. These are the honors that have been deemed fit for Craig Melvin.
The first award that Craig Melvin won came when he was in his teen years. At this time, Craig was working as a teen reporter for WIS News 10. When he was a high school student in the year 1996, Craig Melvin covered a story about the innovations that were made in the world of teaching and was subsequently awarded an Associate Press award for it. It was this award at such a young age that fostered a long love for journalism.
Following his graduation, as Craig Melvin began working for WIS News, Craig would share the station's Emmy Award. They received this award for Best Newscast not only in 2003 but in 2005 as well. Craig has also won an individual Emmy award. This was in the year 2006. He won the Emmy for the news anchor work that he carried out. Apart from this, Craig would also be named as Best Anchor by the South Carolina Broadcaster's Association.

Other Interesting Craig Melvin Facts And Trivia

  • Craig began his career in the world of journalism early on.
  • He worked as a teen reporter for a local news channel by the name WIS News 10 and worked as a reporter during his high school years.
  • One of the stories that he covered saw him win an award.
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Craig Melvin Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Craig Delano Melvin

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




182 cm

Child Star?



Journalist, News Anchor


Wofford College

Net Worth



Lindsay Czarniak


Lawrence Melvin, Betty Melvin


Rev. Lawrence Meadows, Ryan Melvin

Annual Earnings

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