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Craig Robins was born in Miami Beach.
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About Craig Robins

Craig Lewis Robins is famously known as an American businessman.
He was born in Miami Beach, Florida, on February 15, 1963. The 59-year-old businessman is also known as a philanthropist, investor, and art collector.
He founded the real estate development company Dacra Development back in 1987. As the CEO and president of the company, he has always strived to develop a creative community that includes a combination of architecture, design, and art. This, in turn, enriches the urban life and accelerates the asset value of his creations. The company became famous when it got involved with one of Ocean Drive's very first mixed-use projects. They partnered with some local developers to preserve historic landmark hotels, like The Tide, The Leslie, The Marlin, The Netherland, The Kent, The Cavalier, and more. The entrepreneur is also a co-owner of the international design fair, Design Miami, and the developer of the Miami Design District.

Craig Robins Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Craig Robins’ net worth?

Craig Robins's net worth is estimated to be around $7 million.

How much does Craig Robins earn per year?

Craig Robins is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He has been quite successful in his business, but it's not known how much he earns per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Craig Robins?

Craig Robins is 5 ft 9 in (176 cm) tall.

How old is Craig Robins?

As of 2022, Craig Robins is 59-years-old.

Childhood And Education

Craig Lewis Robins was born in Miami Beach, Florida, on February 15, 1963, to a Jewish family. His father is Gerald Robins, who, similar to Craig, was also a real estate developer. His father became successful when he came to Miami Beach, Florida, from New York back in the ’50s. Craig Robins has always named his father the greatest influence in his life for success. He learned everything from seeing his father work extensively in Miami Beach. His parents divorced in 1972, and his father remarried. He has three siblings, a sister Gina and two step-siblings, Scott and Stacy, from his stepmother Joan Benjamin. He, along with his siblings, grew up on Star Island.
Very little is known about his childhood, so it's not known which school he attended as a young boy. However, in 1982, he went to the University of Barcelona. He has said many times that his time in Spain as a student inspired him and ignited his love for architecture, design, and art. After he came back to America, he got his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1984 from the University of Michigan. He also attended the University of Miami School of Law and graduated in 1987.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Craig Robins’ partner?

Craig Robins has been happily married to Jackie Soffer since 2015. They met each other over a court case where they were fighting against each other. However, soon, they fell in love and realized that they didn't want to fight any more and settled. Since then, they have been together, and back in 2015, they decided to tie the knot.
Jackie Soffer, along with Craig Robins, is a co-owner of the real estate development company Turnberry Associates. She is the daughter of the famous real estate developer Donald Soffer and oversees Aventura Mall.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

When Craig Robins was still studying in 1986, the New York real estate developers Mark Soyka and Tony Goldman approached him about renovating the Park Central Hotel in Miami Beach, Ocean Drive. He attended the meeting, which was a success, and turned into a discussion about renovating the entire South Beach. Robins has many times stated that after his father, the second big influence in his career was Tony Goldman.
He branched out in 1987 to establish his separate company, Dacra Development, Inc. He then began purchasing and developing the real estate at South beach. The next year he formed Dacra Construction. During these early years of his career, he was mentored by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records and his business partner back then. The two renovated a few properties together on South beach. Those were then repositioned as some Island Outpost Hotels. This work ignited a sort of renaissance in the area at that time.
He bought Chalk's Airlines in 1997 and renamed it Pan Am Air Bridge, but he sold the airlines the very next year. In 1999, his company Dacra obtained 8.5 ac (3.4 ha) of land on Allison Island and created a new urban community named Aqua.
He launched the very fast collectible design fare for Design Miami in the design district just alongside Art Basel. Every year since then, the fair has become a premier venue that brings together many people from around the world to celebrate commerce and design culture. The Miami Design District has now evolved into a spectacular luxury shopping centre that offers brands like Cartier, Hermés, and Louis Vuitton.
Craig Robins is best known as the CEO, president and co-founder of the real estate development company Dacra Development.

What awards has Craig Robins won?

Craig Robins has won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 from Urban Land Institute Southeast Florida/Caribbean.

Craig Robins’ Hobbies And Interests

Craig Robins is an art collector with a thousand art pieces in his private collection, including masterpieces by Richard Tuttle, John Baldessari, Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, and more.

Other Interesting Craig Robins Facts And Trivia

  • Craig Robins is a trustee for the Perez Art Museum Miami. He and his wife Jackie Soffer, donated over 200 artworks in 2013 to the Miami museum from their private collection.
  • Craig Robins was born in Miami Beach, and he has been working in Miami as a real estate developer since the beginning of his career. He has been trying to improve the neighborhood by including art in his architectural designs.

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Craig Robins Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Craig Robins

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Miami Beach



176 cm

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Real Estate Developer


University of Miami School of Law

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Jackie Soffer


Gerald Robins, Joan Benjamin


Gina, Scott, Stacy Robins
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