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Crawfish Vs. Lobster: Difference Between Crustaceans Revealed!

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Crawfish are smaller in size, whereas lobsters are much larger.

Crawfish or crayfish is a saltwater species that resemble smaller lobsters that live in streams and rivers. The European lobster is larger than crawfishes that live in oceans and hide behind rocks and weeds.

Crawfish are also known as 'crayfish.' Lobsters are very delicate animals even though they have a knight-like appearance. They can grow up to 2-6 in (5-15 cm) long. They are found in freshwater almost all over the world. Crayfish or crawfish have powerful claws, which they use for object defense, manipulation, and gathering food. Rock lobsters or spiny lobsters are omnivores and prey on decomposed matters, live animals, and plants, and they also eat crabs, clams, mussels, snails, sea urchins, etc.

Both the crustaceans have a few differences and a lot in common. For example, the crayfish in Australia is known as yabby. Another widely found large species of crayfish without claws is called Murray. 

What is the difference between crawfish vs. lobster?

The European lobster species are large marine species from the order Decapoda, found in saltwater in murky environments, hiding behind rocks almost worldwide. They are invertebrates having a hard protective exoskeleton. They have long muscular tails, large front pincers or claws, ten legs with claws, compound eyes, and antennae which they use as sensors.

They have blue blood like snails and spiders because of the hemocyanin content in their blood, which consists of copper. Lobsters are greenish-brown in color. Lobsters eat small fish, prawns, snails, and clams. Lobsters have a lifespan of about 40 to 50 years. On the other hand, crayfish, also known as crawfish, are small crustaceans that also look similar to lobsters. They are also called crayfish, freshwater lobsters, lobster crayfish, mudbugs, and many other names.

They are a part of the Parastacoidea, Superfamilies, and Asteroidea. These species are found in freshwater, brooks, ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Others are also found in swamps, paddy fields, and ditches. They cannot live in polluted water. Crayfish catch and eat live fish. In addition, they eat living and dead plants, animals, worms, insect larvae, and sea urchins. They have sharp snouts on their heads. They, too, have a hard protective exoskeleton, legs without claws, and compound eyes on movable stalks. 

They can grow up to 2- 6 in (5-15 cm) long. They have a lifespan of about 1 to 20 years which also depends on the different species. They are of many colors and can be found in green, brown, orange, red, and dark green. Both the crustaceans have a few differences and a lot in common.

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Are crawfish and lobster related?

The crayfish and lobster are very closely related to each other. However, the most talked-about lobster is of a specific type called the 'clawed lobster.' They are not similar to the other spiny lobsters.

Therefore, these clawed lobsters are closely related to the three crayfish families. These clawed lobster species look very similar to the crayfish. They have the same number of limbs used for swimming; they also have the same antennae and long tails. The crustacean family has a few differences and a lot in common, like their appearance, which is very similar, the food they eat, their body structure, eating habits, etc.

Crawfish are considered fishes but taste like a bit of shrimp, lobster, and crab mixed.

What tastes better: lobster or crawfish?

Both crawfish or crayfish and lobster taste good in their own way as they are known as divine taste seafood. One is of delicacy whereas the other is of home-style cooking. They have their own unique, delicious flavor, which is distinct and does not taste 'fishy.'

Crawfish tastes a lot like a lobster which is also very savory. The lobster shell is not edible because it is hard and pointy and difficult for human beings to chew. Lobsters are usually more intense, whereas crawfishes are subtle while cooking. While being cooked apart from the red color usually, lobsters lose their pigmentation.

What is the best tasting lobster?

Many people can't usually tell the difference. Lobsters of any kind are very flavorful, but Maine lobsters are considered the best tasting because of their texture and flavor; it is also said to be very juicy and has the most succulent meat. The whole of the Maine lobster is either roasted, steamed whole in a shell, or stuffed. Its tail can be eaten in several ways, like roasted or wood grill. You can tell the difference by tasting the different types of lobsters or crawfish.

Canadian lobsters are cheaper because they live in cold water, and the temperature affects their shells to be thicker and denser, and it also affects the softness and sweetness of the lobster meat. You can really tell the clear difference by its taste.

You are not supposed to eat the claws and shells part of the lobster.

Crayfish or crawfish catch and eat live fishes, which is why they are called active hunters.

Crayfishes prefer a freshwater habitat, whereas lobsters prefer a habitat of saltwater.

Crayfish or crawfish and lobster are divine taste seafood. They are of very high protein, omega 3, and healthy fats, which can be very good for over body health.

Crawfish or crayfish are scavengers because they actively feed on decomposed plants and animals.

Lobsters live in the ocean, while crawfish don't. Crawfish live in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.

Crawfish are preyed on by large fishes, great blue herons, raccoons, minks, etc.

Lobsters are large crustaceans related to shrimps, crabs, etc., and are also known as shellfish but not fish.

Lobsters are more expensive than crawfish because of their taste due to color, food, texture, and flavor. They are usually boiled or steamed for eating purposes.

The common crayfish in Australia is known as yabby. Some other common large species of crayfish without claws are called the Murray.

A crawfish's front two legs are called claws or pincers. Crayfish utilize their pincers to grasp, cut, and crush their prey as well as to defend themselves or dig into the surface.

Lobsters are closes relatives to insects which is hard to believe.

While being cooked apart from the red color usually, lobsters lose their pigmentation. As a result, lobsters are generally more intense, whereas crawfishes are subtle while cooking.


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