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Crecer Germán is a singer from Mexico.
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About Crecer Germán

Crecer Germán is a singer from Mexico.
He is 25 years old, and his songs have made it to the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Top 20 list. Born in December 1996, this musician became a musical sensation after uploading his songs on social media.
Not only did he gain fans, but he also connected with a band with whom he made music during the first half of his career. In 2015, the Mexican regional music singer released his debut album and signed a record deal with Coco Records or Fonovisa. Today, he continues to craft and perform chart-topping melodies in Mexico.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Crecer Germán’s net worth?

Crecer Germán is a popular Mexican singer with a net worth of $1.5 million.

How much does Crecer Germán earn per year?

The annual earnings of Crecer Germán are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Crecer Germán?

The height of Crecer Germán is not known.

How old is Crecer Germán?

Crecer Germán was born on December 13, 1996, and is 25 years old.

Childhood And Education

On December 13, 1996, the singer was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. However, he was brought up in Tijuana by his family. Not much is known about his family life.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Crecer Germán dating?

Crecer Germán's dating life is not known.

Career And Professional Highlights

Crecer Germán started his career in Mexico at a young age. His fascination with music led him to learn to play the guitar and craft songs. He uploaded his performances on YouTube. These videos attracted the attention of Alta Consigna, a banda group. As a result, he joined the band as a leading man and songwriter. They uploaded their videos on YouTube, which garnered a lot of attention. He started his solo career in 2015 with the debut album 'Si Soy Infiel.' He signed a record deal with Coco Records or Fonovisa. Some of his popular songs are 'Lo Que Te Amo', 'Quién Te Entiende', and 'Vuelve'.

Best Known For…

Crecer Germán gained fame as a singer with his ballads and narcocorridos. His second song, 'Quién Te Entiende,' was so popular that it remained for 17 weeks on the songs chart for Mexican Regional. It also grabbed a spot on the Top 20 chart of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs in 2016.

What awards has Crecer Germán won?

Crecer Germán has achieved important accolades since his debut. In 2017, he bagged the Revelation Artist or Group of the Year award, for which he was nominated at the Bandamax Awards. He was nominated for another critical award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in the same year. It was in the category of the New Artist of the Year. At the Lo Nuestro Awards in 2019, he was nominated in the category of Sierreño Artist of the Year.

Other Interesting Crecer Germán Facts And Trivia

  • He is pretty popular on social media and regarded as an Instagram influencer. On Instagram, Crecer has over 700,000 followers.
  • His Facebook group has 1.1 million followers.
  • Crecer was invited to sing a duet along with Grupo Codiciado. This was for the 2017 remix version of 'El Disney.'

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