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About Crystal Denha

Crystal Denha is a host, comedian, and actress from Michigan.

Her full name is Crystal Marie Denha. She was born in February, making her zodiac sign Aquarius.

Crystal Marie Denha started her career in the entertainment sector by taking part in Gillette and Napster ads. The Assyrian movie 'Cousins' gave her the starring role after that. Crystal has been working on numerous projects for theater, big screen, YouTube, and television. She has appeared in sketches from the Funny Or Die channel on YouTube and is connected to the 'What The F Facts' and 'The Yo Show' on Yahoo.

Crystal Marie Denha has experience working for numerous media companies that cover sports and entertainment, including Holly scoop, Daily Share, Fox News, Rank Boxing, and The Fumble. Crystal Marie Denha hosted 'Sunrise Australia,' one of Australia's most well-liked morning programs. She made notable appearances on TV shows and movies, including 'Jane The Virgin,' 'The Flip Side,' 'Real Husbands Of Hollywood,' 'Spider-Man 3', 'Quality Problems,' 'Iron Man,' and 'Cousins.' She is also an accomplished performer with experience in stand-up comedy.

Net Worth, Earnings, and Spending Habits

What is Crystal Denha's net worth?

The net worth of Crystal Marie Denha can be estimated to be $1 million, which Denha made from her career as a television host, actress, producer, content creator, and by being a stand-up comedian.

How much does Crystal Denha earn per year?

It is uncertain how much Crystal Marie Denha earns in a year, although based on her career, we can presume that she earns a fair amount and lives comfortably.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Crystal Denha?

Crystal Marie Denha is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Crystal Denha?

Crystal Marie Denha was born in 1984 and is 38 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Crystal Marie Denha was born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 8, 1984. It is uncertain where she completed her education, although she graduated from a reputable university with a degree in broadcasting. She finished her education in Detroit and then relocated to Los Angeles. She was a jokester when she was younger, and her professors encouraged her to join a local theater group.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

It is uncertain who are the parents of Crystal Marie Denha, and we can presume that she is a private person who doesn't like to share much about her personal life with the public. She has an older brother, Chris.

Who is Crystal Denha dating?

Crystal Marie Denha dated American actor, screenwriter, stand-up comedian, and television producer Jamie Kennedy in 2010 and professional freestyle motocross and snow bike cross rider Ronnie Faisst in 2005. It is unknown who she is dating as of July 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Crystal Marie Denha is best known for being a TV host. In the world of sports and entertainment, she is well-known. She has experience working as a host for channels including entertainment news series Holly scoop, Daily Share, Fox News, Rank Boxing, and The Fumble. She is a multi-talented entertainer who has appeared nationally and internationally as a stand-up comedian.

She also worked as an actress and had a few minor television and film appearances, including 'Jane The Virgin,' 'The Flip Side,' 'Real Husbands Of Hollywood,' 'Spider-Man 3', 'Quality Problems' and 'Cousins.'

Other Interesting Crystal Denha Facts And Trivia

  • Denha's teachers encouraged her to pursue an acting profession.
  • Chris Denha is her older brother.
  • Crystal Marie Denha is active on Instagram with more than 130,000 followers.
  • Her parents are Iraqi immigrants.
  • Crystal Marie Denha is also a licensed EMT, a medical technician, and a medical specialist who offers emergency care.
  • Her primary interest has always been humor. She always strives to be as humorous as she can, whether hosting a big TV program or working on YouTube.
  • Crystal Marie Denha has a niece named Scarlett.

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