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Cute Morkie Lifespan: Purr-fect Designer Dog Breed Facts To Know!

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The Morkie is a mixed breed dog.

The Morkie is a crossbreed of the Maltese and the Yorkshire terriers. These dogs are small, super cute, and a little silly.

These dogs have also inherited some of the best qualities from their parents. This crossbreed is commonly known as the Morkie, but sometimes they are called the Morkshire Terrier. They are also called a designer breed, despite that, they are still found at shelters and rescue homes.

These adorable dogs make amazing pets for urban dwellers, and these dogs thrive in small and single-person households. Morkies are also on the talkative side, just like their parents. They are filled with energy and are very loving, they always want their owner's attention.

The Morkshire terrier is a mixed breed dog, they are not like their parent breeds, such as the Maltese or the Yorkshire Terriers. Morkies can vary in color, like black, brown, white, or all these colors mixed. Their colors usually change as they grow. Grooming must also be done so their coat is healthy.

The Morkie dog has existed naturally for years now, but the designer breeders started mixing the Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers in the late 90s, mostly in North America. The breeders mixed these two breeds to get a result of a friendly lap dog with low shedding. Later, they continued to create these Morkies as the demand for adorable pups had increased.

In spite of getting their breed start-up as designer dogs, these dogs are still in shelters and in rescue groups. If you ever plan to keep a dog as a pet consider adopting, they can be found in the local shelters or rescue groups located near you, or you can look up the breed-specific Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier.

There aren't a lot of standards when it comes to the Morkie size as they are a new breed. that is said as a mix between their parents, Morkies are more on the small size. Morkies weigh about 8 lb-13 lb (3.6-5.8 kg) and their height is 4-8 in (10-20 cm) at the shoulder, some may vary in size.

When it comes to the Morkie's personality, many lovers describe the dog as loving fluffballs that love their humans and who love socializing with other pups and people as well. Despite their small bodies, the Morkie puppy has a big personality with high energy levels. Due to the Terrier present in them, this small dog is also very stubborn. Training the Morkie puppy may be a little hard, but can be accomplished with a little patience. A Morkie will then learn to obey their owners and listen to their commands. Morkies are known to be great watchdogs, if they catch a glimpse of anything they will let their owners be aware. If you need great watchdogs then the perfect choice is the Morkie as they would immediately let you know if someone is at the door.

When feeding a Morkie, their ideal diet is formulated for toy breeds with high energy levels. Like any other dog or human, they can gain weight if they get overfed, so one must stick to a regular feeding schedule and must not forget to leave food out during the day. Their amount of treats should be limited. Just like all the other dogs the Morkies' dietary needs change from a pup to adulthood and will keep on changing in their senior years. Again, your vet can give you the help needed for the diet of your pup or dog, as their diet includes a lot of variation from weight to health and also their energy.

The Morkie's color of their coat is very commonly a mix of their parents the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. Their coat varies from different colors of white, brown, black, or sometimes all these colors mixed. Many people also know that the color of their coat can change over time as they keep growing, it stays healthy with the help of grooming. Both of the Morkie's parents are considered to be nonshedding breeds, as they have hair on their bodies and not fur. To prevent their hair from knots, they will need a proper schedule for brushing and even baths to keep their hair soft, this also gives their coat a more smooth look. These dogs are known to not shed a lot and would be a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. It's very important to know that these breeds are hypoallergic.

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What health issues do Morkies have?

It is very important to know about the health issues of a morkie before having them as pets.

The very common issues in their health are ear problems, oral health, and eye problems. They are exposed to many other health issues like reverse sneezing, collapsed trachea and portosystemic shunt are known to be diagnosed in this breed of dog. These issues are not very common in these breeds, and only a few are affected by them. These few breeds that are affect them are hereditary problems. A good way to make sure that they are healthy is to keep them happy and have regular monthly checkups. These dogs shouldn't be left on their own as they are very playful and need attention. Some issues can also arise due to animals that are poorly bred, like many other scam backyard breeders. When it comes to health issues, the Morkies are predisposed to the same conditions that the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier face. Even though most of them are healthy, they may face a few health problems. Some of the common health issues are collapsed trachea hernias, glaucoma, dental disease, and reverse sneezing.

morkie sitting in lawn with head cocked

What is the average life expectancy of a Maltese Yorkie?

The Maltese Yorkie mix lives for about an average of 10-17 years.

The longevity of the life of a Maltese Yorkie depends on the factors like genetics, diet, and lifestyle. Their average lifespan is about 14.5 years, which is around 74 in human years. It is nearly impossible to predict their lifespan, but the genetics can give you a close guess. Most of this breed will live as long as their parents or their grandparents did if only bred by a responsible breeder.

What is the longest a Morkie has lived?

Just like all other dogs, the Morkie should keep up with regular veterinary check ups for detection of any health concerns. the vet can create a care routine that can keep the dog healthy. They are stubborn and their energy levels are high, to prevent them from getting bored. They also have a very destructive behavior, so make sure that tour Morkie gets a good one hour or 30 minutes of walk per day. These walks should include active play sessions and maybe short walks also. They don't need much exercise due to their small size and too much exercise could injure them. When it comes to children and other pets, the Morkie's are small dogs and can get easily injured by small children as the Morkie's body is small. Morkies love being around older children or adults who know how to play with them in a gentle way. The Morkie puppy will have a great companion if a child known how to be gentle with the Morkie puppy. The Morkie puppies are also very good at socializing, this adds to their friendly nature. These dogs don't need to exercise a lot, even a little amount will be enough exercise for them. They live longer with better care.

The Maltese Yorkie mix has an average lifespan of 10-17 years and could live for as long as 17 years. As the Morkie is a small dog it gets included among the dogs with the longest lifespan. Their average life expectancy is 14.5 years and normally live for about 10 to 17 years. However, if they are at their best they can live for about an average of 17-18 years.

Can Morkies live for 20 years?

Morkies are known to be small dogs and have a larger life expectancy than other large dogs. The researchers have found out that this is because small dogs age slower than larger dogs. The breed of the dog can also be a factor, their size only counts when it comes to their life expectancy, as they are small lap dogs, they come under the dogs with large lifespans. They reach a maximum of 17-18 years in their best health. It is still unknown if a Morkie can live for 20 years.

The puppies can be very prone to developing respiratory problems with many other infections. When the Morkie is aging the owner must look out for running nose, coughs, or sneezing. Many times respiratory problems can be caused due to allergies.

Just like any living being, this pup is prone to heart disease, this makes it more likely that the pup has inherited it from its parent. Heart disease can be spotted when the dog shows a shortness of breath or loosing weight and appears very tired after short periods of exercise.

As the Morkies are a small breed, they can be easily injured. They would do a lot better in a home that has adults or older children, as young children would not know how to treat them. Morkies are known to have big dog personalities because of their high energy and stubborn behavior. Morkies need a lot of attention and will do much better in a single person household, as the person will have much more time to spend with their dog. These dogs can socialize from a very early age, thus making it easier for them to get along with other pets and humans. The other type of dog breed is the toy Morkie, and they live for 10-17 years. Morkies have separation anxiety, because of this separation anxiety they do not like to stay alone, this would lead to the Morkie barking a lot. Usually the Morkie temperament is happy, Morkies are never known for a sad temperament, they are happy dogs because of their socializing at an early age. They can live longer if they are treated well.

Their ears must be regularly checked for pests and debris and cleaned on the recommendation of the vet. Their nails should be monthly trimmed about once or twice before they grow too long, their long nails would lead to a clicking sound on the floor, if not possible by you, a groomer can do it. The main concern that should be in your mind is how fragile they are. They must be gently cared for even though they are very playful and energetic dogs. To prevent trachea collapse you must use a harness and not a collar when taking them for their regular walks, and make sure to handle them with care. The teeth should be brushed daily or once every two days as these small dogs are prone to dental issues, the vet can give you proper instructions on how to clean their teeth properly.

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